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On photo door to unknown house in the Unknown Object challenge (1 comment in total)

looks like a WW2 observation post one finds on the S and E coast of the UK

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What a coincidence! I was about to enter a similar photo when I noticed yours: far superior to mine, taken with the 'compact' I had at the time (2005). I was with a friend whose father was in charge of laying the rails on the T-B Railway. We were with an Australian friend of hers who has set up a museum near the Commonwealth War Graves at the bottom of the Railway. After years of research she is writing a book on the subject.

Awesome; eerie too.


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On photo Bergen, Norway in the - Rooftop Vista - (Border, Title, Date) challenge (4 comments in total)

Cubist? Squint your eyes and it might be.

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On article Nikon publishes Nikkor lens 80th anniversary video (32 comments in total)

Who was that designed to impress? Dreadful 'musak' and hardly informative. Having watched the video I still know nothing about how lenses are made, let alone Nikon's. Maybe the makers of the clip did not know either.

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On Challenge:7907 (1 comment in total)

Old and new. The memorial at Albuhera, Spain, on the 200th anniversary of the battle there, fought during the Peninsular War. The 'Duke of Wellington' is 3 from the left.
Admiral Smyth

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On Challenge:7529 (1 comment in total)

Do real gentlemen advertise themselves? Methinks not!

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On photo Whoops! in the Beware of rotors! challenge (1 comment in total)

Along with the title, I forgot to add a short description: ''Helicopter in Tree'' perhaps (?)

Admiral Smyth

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On photo Mystery in the What Is This? challenge (14 comments in total)

Old fashioned soldering iron?

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On photo Venice cruise in the Cruise Ship challenge (1 comment in total)

I really should have titled this ''Venice Peril'': 100 of these huge ships visit every month, navigating a narrow waterway through the middle of the city. An accident waiting to happen.

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