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When there is zero mentioning about flight time or autonomy at any payload, you know it's another Sony battery fail launch, with limited run time. Sony specializes in that, esp. in mobiles.

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People underestimated computational photography 5 years ago and look where we have come already. Pocket cams are dead. APS-C & 4/3rds are dying.

Full frame and bigger with real big optics are left.

Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon are laggards.

Unless they SERIOUSLY invest in ML, DSP design and computational algos, or their market will keep on shrinking. It is HARD to get back on the game when somebody with an inferior off the self sensor and optics can produce 90% of the image quality for 1/10th of the price.

What will be left?

Ultra-high end professional gear with exorbitant prices and shrinking volumes/sales.

Look, nobody would have thought you could photograph a magazine cover with a cell phone camera. Not to mention make a whole video for broadcast.

Both milestones have been passed already.

Japanese are trying to outcompete each other and are battling over a shrinking pie, instead of concentrating on where the real competition is: Apple & Google.

I don't even have an iphone.

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Clearly they need more time to creatively adjust the books. Olympus at least has a proud history in that kind of shenanigans.

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medon78: Sony lenses these days seem pretty good, if not great.
Anybody has an idea if they (Sony) do the lenses by themselves?

Yes they do. Design and manufacturing, both.

Ref1: https://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2016/02/04/sony-raises-the-bar-we-talk-with-sonys-top-lens-designer-about-what-makes-t
Ref2: https://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2017/04/10/Sony-Chonburi-Factory-Tour-The-source-of-all-Alpha-goodness

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santamonica812: I have no idea yet about the actual quality of the images (naturally, since the camera is not yet available). But the price point is extraordinary . . . I'm one of the consumers who thinks spending $1,000 (USD) on a phone is insane. And I suspect a lot of people feel the same.

At this price, this phone something I'd definitely consider. Am definitely looking forward to seeing an in-depth review of this main camera.

The 6GB/256GB version of Redmi Note 8 Pro sells currently for 275€ + your local customs + VAT at Aliexpress.com.

Yes, more expensive than the Chinese 195USD 64GB version, but still cheaper than $1000+USD phone by a long shot.

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cosinaphile: i suspect no sd slot ... i hope im wrong

edit elsewhere im reading it has a slot

if so sd + 3.5 jack+ 1.1.7 sensor giving appx 16 decent pixels + computational tricks + wide angle + fair price means this is the new everyman[and woman ] phone to have

with a camera that looks to be as impressive or more impressive than anyone

Redmi 8 Note Pro has a microsd slot (uses the 2nd SIM card slot):

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Try to download the Insta360 stitcher and you get:

"Only Pro users can download,
please enter the Insta360 Pro serial number to verify :"

So much for that.

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Hellstrom: I'd much rather have one simple affordable high-capacity drive e.g. 20TB or 30TB (and one backup) rather than muck around with complicated, expensive, cumbersome NAS devices.

And HD/SDD makers would love to build that 20-30TB drive for you.

Unfortunately, for the prices you or other normal people are willing to pay, it is not here for quite some time.

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paulfulper: I'm waiting to buy the Note 10 ,but this one is very tempting ,that fast processor.....

+ 120 Hz screen
+ 3.5mm headphone jack
+ 240Hz touch input sampling
+ 6000mAh battery
+ 2 x USB-C ports
+ cooling that makes the phone NOT throttle under heavy use
+ stereo actual speakers (front firing)
+ 30W charging

None of which the standard (non-plus) Note 10 has...

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User1234567890: Sharp and Sony have been using 120Hz screens for years.
More should do it too.

Well that's not the whole story.

Sony XZ Premium had a 120Hz capability, but it was never officially turned on. Also, when turning it on, it would downgrade the display resolution from 4K to 1080p.

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Way too expensive, way too small battery, horrible video stabilization and low memory storage options.

Sony is in the smartphone market, because it feels it has to, not because it wants to make its best effort.

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I can hear the cries of all the Canon denialists, who wouldn't believe 5 years ago when many of us prophecied that Sony will take over the markets.

Canon is a slow, old, dying giant, living on legacy.

It's (photo)camera division is unlikely to exist within 10 years.

It just can't innovate enough and Canon's sensors are way too slow to advance.

Time and attrition will do it's job - once old Canon diehards die out, there's very few to replace them.

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Shepherd90: It’s sad to see so many racist comments here. Do some Chinese cheat? Yes. Just like some people in any country. I’ve seen my fair share of trashy people in US. And believe me, none of them are Chinese.

DPR has better do something about these comments, I’m losing interest in this site.

Well, the American brainwashing is pretty powerful.

It used to be Russians. Now it's the Chinese.

Flavour of the month.

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LOL, typical RED.
Can't trust them any farther than you can throw them.

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Sample gallery of Pureview 9 shots at DropBox:


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On article Huawei joins the "hole-punch" game with the Nova 4 (50 comments in total)
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DiffractionLtd: When you buy the phone, make sure your first text message praises China, that way they probably won't be monitoring your calls after that.


If you read _any_ of the Snowden revelations, that is exactly part of what NSA does. Industrial espionage.

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On article Huawei joins the "hole-punch" game with the Nova 4 (50 comments in total)
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CanonSharpShooter: One has to wonder where did these Chinese company get the same tech as Samsung to make these panels?


From BOE Display China, which was founded in 1993.

Not everything comes from Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

And not everything needs to be or is stolen.

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On article Huawei joins the "hole-punch" game with the Nova 4 (50 comments in total)
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DiffractionLtd: When you buy the phone, make sure your first text message praises China, that way they probably won't be monitoring your calls after that.

Just like NSA/PRISM monitor EVERYTHING you do, incl. all SMS, FB, Whatsapp, calls, email, location, bank use.

Pot calling kettle...

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On article Huawei joins the "hole-punch" game with the Nova 4 (50 comments in total)
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mahonj: What the f**k do you want a 25 Mpixel FRONT camera for ?
OK, 2-4 Mpix should be enough to show any skin blemishes you need to show

Because you are not the manufacturer trying to sell this to the Asian market, where selfie camera Mpix count is a selling factor (silly, yes).

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On article Sony a7 III vs. Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6, which is best? (1228 comments in total)
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KW Phua: Sensor collect dust when lens changed. Good sensor also useless.

Yes. That's why, esp. if high Mpix count is important for you, you pick the company that has the lenses you want, for the work that you do AND that can actually resolve the resolution of the sensors.

Most Canon/Nikon/Minolta legacy lenses cannot resolve optically the resolution of a 38Mpix sensor, esp. fully open . Not in the center, not at the edges.

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