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My ten year old metal Gitzo had worn out shims between leg sections, Gitzo was pretty good about fixing the tripod. No complaints from me.

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On article Teardown reveals Sony image sensors in iPhone 7 (189 comments in total)
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Turbguy1: So?

This is a hardware review site.

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Pretty much agreed with the tongue in cheek article. I was a Canon user for most my photographic life, with my fondest memories being the amazing EOS 5. For the past decade we've seen a largely predictable and boring release of DSLR bodies with the occasional non-DLSR utter joke (the first two M interations, anyone?)

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(unknown member): This screams "STEAL ME".
I wish it was a less conspicuous.

Seriously? It's a black rectangle. Pray tell, how would *you* suggest making it 'less conspicuous'?

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noirdesir: Comparing the P9 with the latest iPhone, the P9 shows more JPEG compression artefacts as well as more sharpening. It appears to be sharper and higher contrast but some of it is probably due the more aggressive sharpening. At the same time the P9 looks fuzzier on the non-patterned part (ie, the green 'plant' areas), indicating more NR.

Especially for smartphones, how images look at default setting is very important but I feel that there are so many confounding factors that it is hard to say how good the actual hardware is. On most phones, third-party apps can access and save images before the JPEG compression, on many phones something akin to a linear DNG (ie, a TIFF with almost no NR and sharpening) is accessible as well. With the P9, even a full RAW capture is possible (but then without the benefit of the second sensor).


I use raw files from a phone. Raw files are automatically uploaded to my PC and once a month I dump the ones worth keeping (i.e. family, child photos) through a raw processor and move them into my collection.

Obviously I don't process casual snapshots of what I've eaten for lunch, etc.

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I came across an exhibition of P9 photographs in a mall (part of a Huawei markerting campaign). Typical urban jungle work that was okay if you like that style of photography, but the technical limits of the camera were very obvious even at A4 sized prints- there were problems with sharpness caused either by resolution or processing (I'm guessing they were shot jpeg, but maybe they were shot raw).

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No rear screen, fair enough, I guess that might to some people be points for simplicity and retro. But all they could think of to use that space for was a butt-ugly ISO dial that only goes to 6400?

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luxor2: " interior pocket, perfect for passports, travel documents, phones, cash, credit cards, travel papers, small notebooks."

Great idea, put passport, cash and phone in the same bag with the cameras, when it disappears, you lose everything at once.

Too many eggs in one basket!

I don't like the bag for design reasons, but I have to disagree with your sentiment.

Keep one small primary bag for all the important stuff (expensive camera, important documents, credit cards, cash) so you can keep it close and keep an eye on it.

Other bags you can afford to lose to varying degrees of inconvenience, but loosing those bags won't result in a cancelled trip.

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lescrane: well, no matter how you slice it, it's good news if you own the lens as opposed to having to buy a whole "II" new/improved lens.

That being said, although I paid for the dock and don't agree w/the previous posters "I'll buy and return from Amazon" notion, Sigma , for their own sake should just include this with the lens (even if it means inc. price20.00). Assume the dock costs about 10.00 tops to make. How much will it cost them to receive, repair and send out hundreds, if not thousands of lenses for those who choose to go that route?

A lot of people who are not inclined to buy the dock would probably mess it up somehow or just get confused by the idea of firmware updates.

If someone buys a dock, they're likely not to screw it up!

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Steven-T: The Copper 13 Slim looks nice. But 1.2Kg is just WAY too heavy for travel, particularly for high altitude extended hiking.

I use an old small shoulder Domke (replaced by F-5XB?), weighs less than 0.6Kg, carry a M9, A7Rii, four M-lenses (WATE, MATE, 35Lux, 90/2.5), adapter, cards, passport, etc. Every milligramme counts.

For high altitude, extended hiking, how do you carry spare clothing, several litres of water, and food in a 0.6kg shoulder bag?

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maxnimo: Why don't they make such bags out of polypropylene? It's supposed to be the most durable, indestructible soft material on earth. And it's light too.

And its color should be "leafy camouflage" so when thieves approach they don't notice it after you toss it under a bush, thus your $15K of photo gear is saved.

Climbing ropes are made of polypropylene and come in every colour imaginable. And are fairly UV resistant.

Nylon is the standard synthetic material for bags though, and it's not used when the manufacturer wants to give an old school, premium feel.

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On article Ona launches Clifton leather backpack (120 comments in total)

How do you access the bottom half of the bag? The product photos don't show that bit.

Considering how pricey a lot of other photo backpacks are, I can't really fault the price of this one if leather bags are your thing.

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Shake Reduction: Why do most camera bags need a big camera bag manufacturer logo to let everyone know it's a camera bag?

If it bothers you that much that an obscure brand is visible on the bag, you can fix it in five seconds with a pair of scissors.

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gizmowiz: The big flaw with all of these sports cameras is the lack of zoom. I have gone to places like Pirates Cove, beaches, etc and the grand kids are too far away to capture things up close and personal. And I'm too old to keep up with them!

That's not a 'flaw', you should just be looking at a completely different class of device. Like a video camera.

The clue is in the name of "action camera" which isn't exactly filming kids on a beach.

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"Western Digital upgrades its My Cloud NAS system with multi-tasking processor"

What does that title mean, that the previous CPU somehow wasn't capable of multi-tasking? Pretty hard to imagine these days.

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On article A look at the Lomography Petzval 85mm F2.2 lens (185 comments in total)
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Fri13: Blank has two reasons:

1) You can make your own bokeh style just by carving own shape.
2) You can do manual exposures by setting camera to bulb mode and you do exposure by opening/closing the aperture like you would with lens cap.

It's because the best photos are taken with the blanks.

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PhalaNik: My god, this is the product I have been waiting for! So exciting!!! If only it was made from the leather of Crocodile scrotums, then I would gladly pay double the price.

Did you ask the vendor why the kangaroo had to carry coins around?

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Betico: All these "American companies", like GoPro and Apple, make all their cameras in China. It is normal that the Chinese now are able to produce similar or better cameras for a fraction of the price. They get the technology for free and they are experts in manufacturing anything, a win-win situation.

Have you tried any of these other cameras? They are not that good.

The same way that none of these Chinese companies have produced phones comparable to iPhones.

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On article Heavy hitter: Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM first shots (349 comments in total)
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ChuckTa: Any reason there are no landscape shots at 24mm? Just wonder if it has the same edge softness problem as the Zeiss 24-70mm at 24mm.

I suspect that someone's bedroom and a boxing gym are 'out of the conference' :)

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Michael Ma: It seems like a lot of people's only issue with this is that it was a composite? If it was a composite of his own two images, his original idea, and the contest didn't say composites weren't allowed, I'd have no problems with this. I see more talent when one imagines a plane to be somewhere where it had never been before, rather than a "causal photographer" having a camera out pointed at the right hole at the right place at the right time.

Big part of art is the creativity. It's about creating something out of nothing. It would have the power to inspire many people to grab their cameras and start shooting through tunnels. Just like it inspired Yu Wei.

That's one of the problems. The other problem was he didn't tell the truth about how he created it when he said he didn't have to take long to capture the shot.

He claims that this was a joke, but he wasn't upfront to Nikon about it when they announced the prize, and choosing not disclosing this could hardly have been accidental.

A second problem was this image was pretty much an exact copy of one taken previously.

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