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  • Oh what a wonderful way to tell the story!  That is great - thank you for showing me.
  • Thanks, I'll look into that.
  • I have no issue at all with anyone critiquing the photos or the lenses.  It was the comment of "Maybe all he wants is everyone to just say wow...." that I took exception to. I jump to his defense ...
  • He didn't comment on the discussion at all, others did. I don't know why you would say that about Ben.  All I have seen him do is quite politely answer questions.  I personally love seeing his ...
  • Thank you.  I can manually set white balance, by kelvin or by using expodisc etc.  Since I shoot RAW, I generally have not bothered as I can change it in post just as easily I thought.  Is there a ...
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    That's very nice, thank you!  Blue sky, but still a little gradient.
  • Very nice!  I did also shoot 15 minutes after sunset, I had read up about that. If you are willing, can you tell me some more about color balance adjusting for windows?  Although you have ...
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    I completely agree, angle is not correct on that photo.  I had a ladder, but that's all I had - camera is propped on top, but it is not high enough.  I didn't have anything that I could get higher ...
  • These are so interesting!  Would you tell me something about the story - who and where are these people?
  • Thank you, I appreciate it.  I haven't heard of the Mitakon, I will have to look that up.  Probably something else horrendously expensive for me to want haha.
  • I keep thinking I want one of the 85mm 1.4 lenses - kind of been lusting after the 85mm 1.4d actually.  I am curious why you prefer this one?  I shoot with a D810 in case that makes any difference.
  • Oh that is beautiful! For this particular photo, they want the gray front to be lighter, they think it looks 'creepy' dark.  I think this is lovely though. But - you've given me a great idea, ...
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    What is up with you? People have helped, and I have thanked them, and I am trying to learn more about editing.  While I have to do what I have to do with this particular photo, I will also learn ...
  • Oh that is a beautiful sky!  I went out several days in a row trying to get a pretty sunset sky picture, and I sure didn't get anything like that!
  • That is very nice and natural looking.  Thank you.
  • Sabrina, I hope I did not accidentally offend you. I agree with you, that what you did looks better.  I did the photo very similarly myself.  Unfortunately, they did not care for it, and wanted ...
  • Wonderful - I will practice that!  I know how to do the mask, and brush in with the white or black.  The next part is where I got stuck.  Thanks so much!
  • Good thought!  And I actually own that software, just haven't used it much.  I certainly should learn.  I think my brain melted, trying to get this done under pressure.  I will check those brushes ...
  • Very kind of you, thank you.
  • Thank you.  I have been looking at a few sky replacement tutorials.  Usually I can do it, but for some reason, these trees defeated me. I got something done by strange fashion that they think is ...
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