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Caleido: I don't see it. Enlighten me. The thing is huge and has no strap. Obviously it needs big lens elements and a big cube as a "sensor". And yet it still only delivers 1 MP of resolution. It has no flash and low light performance is not good so I have read.

The time and effort you "win" by not focussing, you lose afterwards with fiddling through the different images. Parents using it for their children now have to chose which of their infant will be in focus or use different pictures. I did not hear them complaining about having everyone in focus with the big dof from the usual compacts cameras.

Unless they can put something together which has at least the size of a regular pocketable digicam and at least some resolution from beyond the 90ties, this is merely a niche gadget for very very early adopters.

I did see some potential for professional studio or macro photography when they announced it couple of months ago, but not with the toy with only two buttons we see now.

Well, in English, a couple means two. So yes, the official limit to a couple of months = 2 months.

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