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magpiedom: Just sold my Sigma 35mm Art. Soulless piece of crap. The sample photos from the 40mm don't inspire me either. They too look clinical, with poor contrast. And 1.2kg, that's as much as my Gitzo traveller! Insane.

I found the Zeiss 35mm Distagon f/2 is a far superior 35mm lens. The images have waaay more depth, better colour, it's lighter to carry, and a touch sharper through equivalent apertures across the entire frame (Sigmas have a tendency to be sharp in the centre frame only). Some will say Sigmas have the advantage of auto focus, but I found my copy often missed focus (no I did not invest in the dock, why should I have to do that?). My copy was also too slow to focus for my liking. With practice some practice and stopped down to f/4 i found I got many more keepers on the Zeiss.

Maybe the rare focal length of the 40mm is attractive to some.

yeah, when you say "color" that's PP. Contrast is subjective when it comes to terms of color shifting or sharpness. There are 2 schools of thoughts here. But corner to corner sharpness, and distortion is objectively measured. "More depth" is another subjective terminology that is loosely used. Is it the "bokeh" rendering? If that's the case, then it's a highly subjective field where different lenses will have different "bokeh" rendering characteristics. Because we know that the longer the lens, the more compression you create with the geometry (i.e. shooting something at 200mm f/2.8 vs. 85 f/1.4) But yes. Blind test would be great! There are some crappy zeiss lenses, but the brand does say a lot. It's like when apple comes out with a new phone/watch/tablet/computer we all expect it to have the "apple" quality. Take that for what you will, some people will say "I can do this with an android" just like people are saying "sigma can do that".

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On article Alpha-better: Sony a9 versus a7R II (507 comments in total)
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Samuel Gao: hm... is it weather sealed? That made me shun away from the A7RII and opted for the 5D4

Yeah I remember taking my 5D2 to the desert, and that same day, I had so much dust in my camera as I was battling 20-30 MPH winds... Anything with sand will find its way in... And heavy rain... anyways, weather sealing is a big deal to me...

I would also like 240 FPS 1080p video too :D

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On article Alpha-better: Sony a9 versus a7R II (507 comments in total)

hm... is it weather sealed? That made me shun away from the A7RII and opted for the 5D4

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wonder if they're going to fix the hold control + mouse scroll. in Windows 8. It works for windows 7, but windows 8. it doesn't work. It just scrolls the FIT 1:1 1:16, etc. But not the thumbnail Size. Windows 7 works beautifully.

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people still can make decent prints off of compact cameras. Phones still can't really compare just yet...

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On article Instagramers start class action lawsuit (19 comments in total)

Well, they should say starting Jan 16, all NEW photos will be used. That way, it's up to the users to take down their own things..

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wow... the link has a virus!!! (ESET picked it up)

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