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Mariano Pacifico: Bring back Ektachrome for ART SAKE !!! Digital pictures are for the lazies and artless !!!

How are your daguerreotypes going?

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Photo Pete: Try taking some images of a busy, tree lined street on a windy day and see how that veil comes back down again.

Strange how that problem was just briefly mentioned in this glowing Sony review but was made the focus of a whole article for the Panasonic G9.

I can only think of architectural interiors devoid of people in addition to those BBQue mentions. See my post above, movement is portrayed in a most disturbing fashion.

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Unclear how long one pixel shift exposure takes to complete. Take the image above, in the closest building on the right, look at the third row of windows down, six windows in from the far end of the building, there's a person who is neither present or absent.

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BadScience: Tangerine was shot with an iphone S5.

And it looks amazing.

Photography has changed and will continue to change. Nerds with their massive cameras aching over distortion and resolution graphs are on the wrong side of history.

I haven't seen Tangerine and it's not available on Netflix in Australia but I did look at the short. What immediately stood out was the very restricted dynamic range of the camera(s) used.

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On article Sharp's new 8K camera is $77,000 (167 comments in total)

I want to see a shootout with an iPhone X :))

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dmanthree: I know that phone cams can't compete with real cams, but it is nice to see they're making improvements. Beats the alternative. Someday, I may actually use the cam in my phone.

But not today.

Well, I did. I recently went to Greece and weighed up the advantages/ disadvantages of taking either my D500 with a couple of lenses or my HTC U11 phone. Eventually, and with the advice of my son, the phone won out. I don't think I've enjoyed a holiday so much, unencumbered with a heavy weight hanging off my shoulder. Sure, I missed not having a telephoto option a few times but otherwise, I was stunned by the quality of the images, all in focus, no motion blur, perfect exposure, white balance and stunning detail at 100%. I really tested the camera in high contrast, low to very low light level and macro photography. Not only that, the camera app sprung into action almost immediately and even performed admirably taking photos from a bus travelling at high speed. Sorry, D500, no holidays for you.

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Mssimo: I would not call heart and star shape bokeh "professional-looking"

Shapes to mimic a 5, 6 or 7 etc bladed aperture might produce a more professional bokeh appearance

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In the old days, cinematographers used to rub vaseline on an optical flat that sat in front of a lens to achieve a soft focus, dreamy effect. You can buy a lot of vaseline for $6500 ($8500 where I live)

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On article Hands-on with new Tamron 100-400mm F4.5-6.3 Di VC USD (79 comments in total)
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1Dx4me: wonder how much plastic is used in the construction of this lens to make it light?

Or helium-filled beryllium.

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2116 comments in total)
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rekky: Interesting that the weight of the D850 is featured prominently as an issue in the review, multiple times. But it doesn't appear in the 'Cons' category.

Ignoring mirrorless why does the D850 have to be that much heavier than lower end DSLR cameras?

Pentaprisims weigh a fair amount compared to pentamirrors

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ZeBebito: A score of 100. And now what? They need to change their rating system since every year will be more and better cameras.

Who said 100 is the upper limit. Even some people get to live longer than 100 years.

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I have an HTC U11 and have just returned from Europe after taking almost 3000 photos under a very wide range of lighting and imaging conditions. I've just closely inspected the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus images on DXO's site and I'm happy to let iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners believe that they have the best camera.

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walker2000: Dxo said the guy waving hand photo has motion blur problem. What's the problem with that?

I couldn't work out what they were getting at either

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Mariano Pacifico: Leica is a luxury brand. Meaning, it is to be bought to be showed off not to be used for its IQ.

How about Huawei and Zenit?

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georgievv: Lets be honest here. How many amateur photographers were actually buying LR and PS before the subscription model? Most were using illegal cracked copies. Look at some old prices here:
The $700 PS6 comes to almost 6 years of LR+PS subscription.

The reason Adobe is making such profits now is that the product is actually affordable and much more people are using it legally since it is not longer worth it to "buy" it from questionable virus infected web sites. $10/month - wow! This is the cost of less than 2 films + processing from the film days. In return one gets the best photo editing tools available with the biggest user base and available resources.

Lucky you. In Australia, Photoshop CC costs $28.59/month

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On article Incredible microscopic close-ups of a peacock feather (110 comments in total)

Peacock feathers must be among the most incredibly awesome things on the planet

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My smartphone can take up to a 2Tb micro sd card. I think it will be some time before one appears on the market, before I need one or can afford one.

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(unknown member): Maybe it is a great camera which they took into orbit because it:
1. Didn't leak oil. 2. Didn't fail on focusing? They were even willing to put-up with the 2kg it weighs (which is a major deal in space flight) because they knew it wouldn't be a flop when they tried to use it.

NASA has always taken Nikon professional cameras into orbit, some specially modified for particular purposes and that doesn't mean drilled out to reduce the weight.

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Scottelly: Holy cow! Craziness!


I wonder what the image quality is like. Maybe I shouldn't even ask about that, huh? I mean you don't care about image quality so much, if you're seriously considering using a super-zoom, right?

I've extensively used Nikon's frequently disparaged 18-200mm lens and I've got many, many terrific shots with it, even when printed to A3 size and viewed close up. Sure, they might have been better if I'd used a tripod and a bag full of primes but in many cases, I would have missed the moment altogether.

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On article Canon granted third most US patents in 2016 (145 comments in total)

Canon is more than just cameras

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