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noisephotographer: What I would like to know:
How did smartphone companies improve the lens quality? As far as I know there is nearly no article about this.
10 years ago it was usual to get an f/2.8 lens and a 1/3.2" (or even 1/4" sensor like the first iPhone) camera sensor. Despite only ≈2 megapixels one could notice soft images. Back then the lenses also couldn't handle sunlight very well, resulting in a strong loss of contrast.
Nowadays there are f/1.6 lenses which are much better than the old f/2.8 lenses.

I would like to know more about smartphone lens design as well. I'm constantly amazed that such a small thing can resolve incredibly fine details and do so without obvious distortion. Some have amazingly good OIS too.

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Kodak colour photo paper is in my experience, the worst there is. I've got wedding photos from 35 years ago, stored in an album mind you and they are faded as hell. Extralife it's not! Their inkjet print paper was no better, the coating disintegrated and separated from the base in an even shorter time.

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On article Film vs Digital: Fashion photography shootout (401 comments in total)

It's clear to me that highlights in the digital images tend to be blown out in comparison with the film images. I'm not just talking about the images of the model in front of the window either but more subtlely, the white shirt front and frills.

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turvyT: It's difficult to see why anybody but pro users would need something else than a good phone camera nowadays. And I am talking about making very good pictures too.

That is somewhat true. Having used a similar quality smartphone camera exclusively for a recent three-week tour of Greece I felt that the only limitation was the lack of or limited focal length choices. Even low light and photos taken from fast-moving vehicles came out well. People sneer at the appearance of images inspected at 100% but that is no longer the case, they look every bit as good as images captured with large sensor cameras.

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If, as someone suggested the bitcoin miner is rated at 1.5 KWh then, where I live in Australia, it would consume $3200 worth of electricity per year running continuously.

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entoman: It seems to me that 9 times out of 10, people who enter crowdfunding schemes end up either with a completely duff product, or lose all their money when the company goes bankrupt.

I think dpr should review its policy of publicising (=advertising) crowdfunding projects, as most are inevitably doomed to failure.

There are a few success stories where both the company and the customer benefit, but the majority of these photography-related crowdfunded schemes fail because they are run either by unrealistic dreamers, or by confidence tricksters.

I've purchased four crowdfunded products. One was as you say, duff, the rest were pretty good to very good. One has even been taken up by a major global industry.

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I think they are pretty good ideas. We have a tradition of giving homemade gifts at Christmas. Some of these ideas fill the bill nicely.

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Eric00: Any room on this list for an iPhone? Just saying.

Especially where I live, the iPhone X is $1829

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My thought when I saw the camera array was: I wonder if this is how insects see with their compound eyes. And, if so, it's not surprising that a fly can easily see me coming to swat it.

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upptick: If you want to blur the background, can't you just use (free) software for that effect?

I've got lenses that blur the background, foreground and the subject. You can't beat that!

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Adam Palmer: This thing weighs more that the canon and mitakon. I bet its pretty nice wide open though.

Why stop down and lose the advantage of those $13,000.

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rrccad: Original source of the patent was here. Canon rumors even had the link on their page.


the patent goes into how they have designed the LED portions to prevent light leaks.

"PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a light emission button mechanism that enables a letter or character on the surface of a button to emit light uniformly with a simple configuration without providing any dedicated separate member for light guiding and light shielding, and can prevent light leakage to the inside and outside of the device."

you kind of missed the important part of that sentence, don't you think?

The curious part of the patent is the 7D or 5D chassis that is shown (AF joystick, fixed LCD) which would suggest that canon is looking into this in a 7D Mark III or a future 5D release.

Also you are missing the patent application number so people can view the patent

Japan Patent Application 2017-147019

interesting......if it prevents light leakage outside the device then surely you can't see the backlit buttons in the dark :(

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Turbguy1: Automobiles have had illuminate,d buttons for years...nothing really new here...

Next, someone will patent light leak seals...

Or shutter release buttons...

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GodSpeaks: Other cameras have illuminated buttons already, such as the Nikon D850.

And the D500 also the D4

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Mariano Pacifico: Bring back Ektachrome for ART SAKE !!! Digital pictures are for the lazies and artless !!!

How are your daguerreotypes going?

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Photo Pete: Try taking some images of a busy, tree lined street on a windy day and see how that veil comes back down again.

Strange how that problem was just briefly mentioned in this glowing Sony review but was made the focus of a whole article for the Panasonic G9.

I can only think of architectural interiors devoid of people in addition to those BBQue mentions. See my post above, movement is portrayed in a most disturbing fashion.

Link | Posted on Nov 12, 2017 at 23:54 UTC

Unclear how long one pixel shift exposure takes to complete. Take the image above, in the closest building on the right, look at the third row of windows down, six windows in from the far end of the building, there's a person who is neither present or absent.

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On article Cinematic 4K footage shot with the Apple iPhone X (310 comments in total)
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BadScience: Tangerine was shot with an iphone S5.

And it looks amazing.

Photography has changed and will continue to change. Nerds with their massive cameras aching over distortion and resolution graphs are on the wrong side of history.

I haven't seen Tangerine and it's not available on Netflix in Australia but I did look at the short. What immediately stood out was the very restricted dynamic range of the camera(s) used.

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On article Sharp's new 8K camera is $77,000 (203 comments in total)

I want to see a shootout with an iPhone X :))

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dmanthree: I know that phone cams can't compete with real cams, but it is nice to see they're making improvements. Beats the alternative. Someday, I may actually use the cam in my phone.

But not today.

Well, I did. I recently went to Greece and weighed up the advantages/ disadvantages of taking either my D500 with a couple of lenses or my HTC U11 phone. Eventually, and with the advice of my son, the phone won out. I don't think I've enjoyed a holiday so much, unencumbered with a heavy weight hanging off my shoulder. Sure, I missed not having a telephoto option a few times but otherwise, I was stunned by the quality of the images, all in focus, no motion blur, perfect exposure, white balance and stunning detail at 100%. I really tested the camera in high contrast, low to very low light level and macro photography. Not only that, the camera app sprung into action almost immediately and even performed admirably taking photos from a bus travelling at high speed. Sorry, D500, no holidays for you.

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