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OlyPent: Maybe it is a great camera which they took into orbit because it:
1. Didn't leak oil. 2. Didn't fail on focusing? They were even willing to put-up with the 2kg it weighs (which is a major deal in space flight) because they knew it wouldn't be a flop when they tried to use it.

NASA has always taken Nikon professional cameras into orbit, some specially modified for particular purposes and that doesn't mean drilled out to reduce the weight.

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Scottelly: Holy cow! Craziness!


I wonder what the image quality is like. Maybe I shouldn't even ask about that, huh? I mean you don't care about image quality so much, if you're seriously considering using a super-zoom, right?

I've extensively used Nikon's frequently disparaged 18-200mm lens and I've got many, many terrific shots with it, even when printed to A3 size and viewed close up. Sure, they might have been better if I'd used a tripod and a bag full of primes but in many cases, I would have missed the moment altogether.

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On article Canon granted third most US patents in 2016 (145 comments in total)

Canon is more than just cameras

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SushiEater: Watched it twice. Still don't see anything ridiculous.

Nor do I

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Lock them up :)

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On article DPReview Asks: What was your first camera? (766 comments in total)

My first camera was a Pentina. Aiming high I thought at the time. It was pretty crap actually, a conclusion that really gelled when I replaced it with a Nikon F Photomic FTn

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Joed700: How about Nikon's first consumer DSLR, the D70?

Even so, the D70 came with Nikon's Creative Lighting System and the camera functioned as a controller for multiple Nikon Speedlights. in other areas it offered plenty of options for creative photographers.

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Sirandar: Camera battery charging is optimized to prolong the life of the battery, not charge rapidly. Olympus camera batteries charge so slowly I need three just to keep up.

My Samsung Note 4 has a very useful feature called Adaptive Fast Charging which literally charges the battery to a decent level in 15 minutes. It is incredibly useful and wouldn't even consider a phone without it..

The Note 7 had a new version of this charging system and this is why the batteries are self destructing. They are charging to 100% in a half hour from zero. This is inherently risky but they got it exactly right on the Note 4.

This is critical phone technology that significantly improves user experience.
It is also the future.

IMO there already has and there is going to be more real and virtual blood split over it. In 5 years nobody will buy a phone that doesn't charge fully in 10 minutes.

Camera batteries aren't going to explode unless obvious gross errors in manufacture or user handling occur.

Agree. I replaced a battery in the on-dash receiver of a reversing sensor with a cheap Li-ion. It eventually failed due to extreme on-dash temperature (Australia). I couldn't believe how puffed up it was, but it never caught fire. I have taken the battery out of the receiver and wired it in a much cooler location

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On article Throwback Thursday: when studio lenses retire (205 comments in total)

I've got a 55mm f3.5 micro Nikkor with an aperture fork that I get great results with
when used on my APS-C digital camera

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Rooru S: What can I say... China.

Chinese also invented the printing press, silk fabric, the compass, bone china, multi-stage rockets and heaps of other stuff.

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Clint Dunn: That's so unlike a Chinese company to mislead the public or try and cheat. This is the same manufacturer who isn't even allowed to sell Node B cellular equipment in the US.

That's so unfair. American companies aggressively sell their hardware worldwide while suppressing competition from abroad. Reference NSA backdoors embedded in Juniper routers.

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On article Sand and sky: Photographing Morocco (48 comments in total)
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nsng: Morocco is a fascinating country for photographers. The medinas of Marrakech and Fez with their labyrinths of narrow streets and lanes are a photographer's delight. But many of the people are reluctant to be photographed and at times can even get aggressive. What I loved is the Sahara desert with the undulating sand dunes and in b&w can be surreal. Here is the album with some images from my trip to Morocco in May 2015, http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/9320079530/albums/morocco

I agree with what you say. I saw a local in Marrakech get very angry with a person in our tour group. I don't know what he did but likely just take a photo and he was threatened with having his throat cut. It was a very scary incident.

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I don't understand why the author thinks portrait orientated portraits shouldn't be grouped with landscape orientated portraits when landscape orientation is frequently used to show the subject of the portrait in an environmental setting. I also don't understand why sharpness should be given a higher priority than aesthetics. Some of the most revered photographs are not particularly sharp.

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Pixel shift looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing its effect at ISO other that 100. More to the point, how does it perform at slow and fast shutter speeds.

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donsdavid: Dear DPP,

I have done similar color tests between my aging 1DX and my new 1DX Mark II. While the colors from my Mark II seem to be a little different from my 1DX when compared in ACR, in DPP 4 they are almost identical. I also noticed in the EXIF data that your 1DX raw files are from July 2014. As we all know, studio lights whether strobe or continuous degrade and change colors over time. The printed photos in your "studio scene" setup may also do the same. I can provide raw files from both my 1DX and 1DX II using the same subject, lens and lights taken within the same hour if you like.

Best regards.

ACR is a problem when it comes to interpreting Nikon RAW files, so much so that I convert my RAWs to JPEGs using Nikon software if I want to do anything with them in Photoshop.

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Sounds like an amazing advancement. Hopefully, it will come to fruition.

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On article Taking it easy: Canon EOS 80D shooting experience (292 comments in total)
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Coyote_Cody: Hard to fathom why Canon can not do 4kHD in this cam.

80D is large enuf for the heat (heatsink), and if the A6300 as small as it is can do full or almost full sensor 4kHD, why not the 80D ??

Wonder if a marketing issue or a purely tech inability issue or BOTH ?

Likely would require a more capable video processor

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PKDanny: Does Canon and Nikon allow Sigma firmware in Canon/Nikon camera dslr? Others not allow.

The firmware is for the lens, not the camera. The firmware on some Sigma lenses can be updated by the owner with a USB dock that attaches to the lens.

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On article Nikon releases D500 4K UHD sample video (203 comments in total)
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coody: Not practically useful because of its limited recording time.

The movie 'Russian Ark' is a single 96 minute Steadicam take. Don't bother watching it, it's a 96 minute yawn.

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On article Nikon releases D500 4K UHD sample video (203 comments in total)
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bluesrockfan: I've just bought a UHD (3840x2160) 4K monitor and although the footage is really detailed and high definition, it's jerky and keeps stopping to buffer all the time. Could it be that I need a better graphics card (got a 1 GB Asus Radeon R5 230 at the moment), a faster broadband connection (12MB at the moment, although it's slower during peak times), or both? Or could it be something else? It's even a bit jerky when played at 1080p, and obviously not as detailed. Thanks in advance for any replies from those more tech savvy than me ;o)

It also looks jerky in places like where the grass is blowing in the wind. Probably they shot the video at a highish shutter speed to avoid blurring when panning that some might think is a lack of equipment resolution.

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