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Charles C Lloyd: Maybe if the photographer joined in, it would truly be a dp-review.

My mate calls this place dp preview and has done for years haha.

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primeshooter: Left side is better.

Pretty sure right side is the filter applied mate. My point was the left side is better imo.

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Left side is better.

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NikonJunkieGirl: I also find this a curious release--some years after the 24 and 85 f/1.4s, they introduced a bunch of Made-in-China f/1.8 versions, and now it looks like they are primed to be launching E versions of the 1.4s? Okay I know there was no 28 f/1.4 that this replaced. But I do agree with others... kind of a wasted focal length. The business strategy here seems a bit muddled.

John why is it like nigh on impossible to find this stuff on nikon's site despite multiple searches on google and nikon's site directly I cannot find this? I know it's there, I've glanced over it before!

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On article In praise of shooting monochrome landscapes (342 comments in total)
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Saurat: I agree on principal to everything stated in the article but the images are HDR with the color removed, over contrasty and over sharpened. For beautiful black and white landscapes look at the work of Robert Adams or Awoiska van der Molen.

Obvious HDR tends to have little contrast, but you also say too contrasty? Oxymoron. I think these just need more contrast and a little less pulling. Some great compositions. He seems to love the over HDR look, YMMV on that::

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noflashplease: $500? Really? Why not just buy a Shanny or Yongnuo for around $100? These days, I even see professionals using Yongnuo speedlights.

Note the inconsistency and recycle times.

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Mister Joseph: If I'm using company money, I'll buy this. If my own money, I'll go to Amazon and buy those Neewer brands that does the same for about $50

Actually most are not the same, I used the Meike, the variance in TTL in terms of exposure was ridiculous, as was the recycle time.

Seems like you do get what you pay for in this world...

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On article Fujifilm GFX 50S Review: Modern MF (905 comments in total)
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Raist3d: I still don't buy dpreview's technical editor explanations in the comparison wholesale (but agree partially) because of two key issues:
For image quality - no real effort was made to compare color sensitivity. This is an area I would expect the Fuji will pull ahead and will matter for those who this camera is for. Would like to see if Dxo ever measures it.

Two- you can't say FF cameras offer most of what The medium format Fuji offers by combining each brand and model strength together in a mythical FF camera that doesn't exist. You could say that maybe perhaps in theory you could build such model but that doesn't exist today.

Waiting for a brand to build exactly what you think you need or want today is a bit of a fools errand

Where is this cityscape shootout RIshi? Would like to see it? Link?

Link | Posted on Apr 6, 2017 at 12:07 UTC
On article Sigma 135mm F1.8 Art Sample Gallery (123 comments in total)
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Mateus1: Is it me or the bokeh is quite boring and overall rendition is flat?

I loved my Zeiss C/Y 135/2.8 rendition, same with Canon 135/2... but this 135mm Art dissapoints me...

On the positive side, a good lens for shooting sheet metal though.

Link | Posted on Apr 3, 2017 at 15:44 UTC
On article Sigma 135mm F1.8 Art Sample Gallery (123 comments in total)
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fPrime: Flat rendition compared to both Canon's 135L and Nikon's 135DC IMHO.

Welcome to the land of flat.

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On photo 001_6328-2 in primeshooter's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Yes. I shot this wide open. Yes there is coma. Yes you should not loose sleep over it and yes, I don't mind, maybe even like it. ;-)

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Don't get too excited; they were going to concentrate on high end DSLRS in 2008:

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D80 (245 comments in total)
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Don Sata: CCD sensors are great with color, too bad they can't keep up with high ISO.

The way camera's are going you will see daylight and night cameras. Look at how the D5 has worse DR than the D4 and D4s, in order to obtain better high ISO. It's the way it's going, everything is a compromise. Me? I'd rather have a great low light camera, and a daylight one that has accurate punchy colour. There are no free lunches.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D80 (245 comments in total)
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pierre1: Always loved the D80 and yes it's CCD sensor, one of the best dslrs ever for natural skin tones. Those who complain about the noise at high ISO just use your current modern great available light camera. No law says you must only one, especially now since you can get a backup D80 for $200.
More than 1/2 of these were taken with my D80.

And a great lens too, enjoyed looking through.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D80 (245 comments in total)
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zodiacfml: I have seen better photos from throwback compact cameras with CCD sensors compared to sample photos in the D80 review. Good thing is, I found it and it is there and evident on one sample photo. DPR should do a definitive image quality guide between the two sensors.
MF CCD sensors takes that IQ even higher. The MF CMOS sensors underwhelms.

Good read that link, luminous landscape is very informative in these matters.

Link | Posted on Feb 17, 2017 at 23:51 UTC
On article Hasselblad CEO Oosting to leave next week (164 comments in total)

Don't worry Hassy, plenty of future CEO/engineers on this very board!

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But my biggest question, is why?

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(unknown member): Well at these days someone with a medium knowledge of photoshop can get the same or better results. On the other hand this is a photo community.Probably if we sum the money everybody has given here we will end with some millions and as the time everybody has given here for studding and practicing we will end with some years...So because no one can take a single shot photo with such a big moon , and also because if the moon was so close to earth I guess no one would be able to read this because everybody would be dead... The photographer has to give the link of the raw file.

Fairly over processed work to my eyes, but I tend to favour less is more.

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FantasticMrFox: 2012 I bought a top of the line MacBook Pro 13' with almost maxed out hardware (i7, 8GB Ram, but no SSD etc.) for what I remember to have been between €1,500 and €1,700. The recent 2016 MacBook Pro 13' configured to maximum specifications now runs €3,279.

Have they gone insane? A price increase of 100% over just four years?! Who is supposed to be able to still afford that stuff?!

@Photouniverse it is slow compared to a laptop based on windows as I can get a much faster processor with more ram. That's why. Sweating because if youve used it a few days you arent meant to be able to return it randomly. Time to dongle up..

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falconeyes: I am seeing the expected comments here.

I am awaiting comments from real users of Photoshop with a new MBP if they observe any increase in productivity using the touch bar.

Moreover, I wonder if Apple has any plans to sell an external keyboard or touch pad with a touch bar. After all, many pros use MBP in clamshell mode with external keyboard and monitors.

Unable to afford? I bought it. It was a piece of style over substance; highly overpriced for the slow speed of the system garbage! Returned to store. Feel like I dodged a bullet. I was literally sweating the whole night they wouldn't refund me and I'd be stuck with it.

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