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Jock Elliott: Hooray! I'm in.

Finally a manufacturer who understands that, if you can't see the rear screen in the bright sunlight to compose the shot, you have to rely on "Go full wide; spray and pray." (This isn't theoretical; I've been there, done that, trying to frame a shot one handed while holding on to a kayak paddle.)

I can also see this as a backup camera for anyone who will be in extreme conditions and absolutely has to get the shot . . . just in case the "big gun" camera gets splashed with salt water or exposed to high pressure fresh water.

This is very good news, for me at least.

TG5 owner here, not having an EVF is never an issue (I'm used to shooting on DSLRs). The only annoyance is lack of articulating screen, but that's probably not possible on a rugged cam

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sdgreen: Looks good but real shame no GPS & raw compared to TG5 (assuming specs correct). Should be obvious that some users of this would want to geotag directly (eg mountaineering)

TG5 owner here. It's totally pocket-able despite having GPS. And having RAW is a big advantage and one of the reasons I chose it.

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J A C S: "Instant film fans"... Never seen one, I mean, this century.

Challenge accepted.

I am an instax fan. I bought an instax wide back in 2009 when I went on a big road trip. The idea was to take portraits and give the snaps away. It was fun on the trip, I still have the camera and sometimes I bring it out at parties. Let's be clear: the instax 100 is a huge ugly plastic monster that takes low quality pictures. That said, it's fun to use, gets people's attention, and the physical act of sharing that it enables is really cool.

So no it's not a serious camera in terms of colors or resolution, but that's not the point. I take tons of digital pictures like most people. I have a full lens system and I try to take high quality pictures when I'm using the "serious" digital cam. However, when I go to my friends' houses, what pictures are still on their fridge? Digital printouts? No, those blurry faded instax snaps. And no, these aren't hipsters.

I love the square format (the instax wide is roughly 4:3) so I'm excited about this

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Mirrorless Crusader: This is nothing special at all. All they did was make a stop-motion video out of long exposures taken at sixty-second intervals so that you see roughly an hour of time elapse per second. Anybody who's rich enough could do that with barely any skill at all.

I totally know this is nothing special I could do this with my iphone posed on a beercan. And it isn't even in 3d, what a ripoff!

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Wildbegonia: I would suggest: 'Please submit a thought provoking photo/images' After all, this is a photo challenge not a writers' challenge. The image should speak for itself without the need of elaborated titles to explain it or support it. If words are need here, the image is poor.

A good image speaks for itself, but a title can help suggest the photographer's intent, which may be more subtle than the first thing you notice in the photo

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AlbertoSchu: I won't vote your photo. It's great, there is a sense of order in the way the boat and the ships are aligned. It's NOT caotic. It's beautifil!

Point taken. I think the subject matter is rather orderly, but visually, the photo is full of diagonal, intersecting lines and dense details and is what makes is chaotic for me.

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Peak25500: The killer combo with OM-D for concert photography...

Hey Ross,

If you're referring to the pana 50-200, don't bother. I bought one and had to return it because after 120mm it was so soft that it might as well have been made of plastic.

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