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Mirrorless Crusader: This is nothing special at all. All they did was make a stop-motion video out of long exposures taken at sixty-second intervals so that you see roughly an hour of time elapse per second. Anybody who's rich enough could do that with barely any skill at all.

I totally know this is nothing special I could do this with my iphone posed on a beercan. And it isn't even in 3d, what a ripoff!

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Wildbegonia: I would suggest: 'Please submit a thought provoking photo/images' After all, this is a photo challenge not a writers' challenge. The image should speak for itself without the need of elaborated titles to explain it or support it. If words are need here, the image is poor.

A good image speaks for itself, but a title can help suggest the photographer's intent, which may be more subtle than the first thing you notice in the photo

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AlbertoSchu: I won't vote your photo. It's great, there is a sense of order in the way the boat and the ships are aligned. It's NOT caotic. It's beautifil!

Point taken. I think the subject matter is rather orderly, but visually, the photo is full of diagonal, intersecting lines and dense details and is what makes is chaotic for me.

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Peak25500: The killer combo with OM-D for concert photography...

Hey Ross,

If you're referring to the pana 50-200, don't bother. I bought one and had to return it because after 120mm it was so soft that it might as well have been made of plastic.

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