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  • Which goes to this issue. If you want to shoot video get a video camera. Leave still cameras for still photography only. I hate to think how much I am paying for useless video features in...

  • I have no clue what DPAF is and frankly I don't care. All I know is that it has nothing to do with image quality.

  • Sigma is largely making up for the Sony lens deficit. And yes, Sigma Art lenses are as good, if not better, than Canikon glass. Almost Leica stuff, I know because I use them both.

  • And Olympus even before. Pity that they got stuck with that small sensor .

  • I always thought that some people were too harsh on the salespeopl...sorry, editors, who run sites such as this one, claiming that they are prone to double standards. I began to re-think my...

  • "The Nikon is just as big as it needs to be, not a pinch bigger. I think Nikon nailed the ergonomics."

    A one-person opinion, with the same statistical significance as, for example, I being very...

  • I'm with you. I could not fathom the reason for that one comment either. On my A7 family I don't even think where my fingers are, ergonomics are just right as they are.

  • Correct, forgot about the Minolta 7D - thanks!! There is some Minolta DNA in Sony...

  • There are those of us who think that the difference between the photographer "getting the shot", as opposed to the camera, does indeed matter. I think they call it self-respect. And I also think...

  • Five years, by which time Sony will still be five years ahead. The other dinosaur will be even further behind, if it has not died out by then.

  • I would add, "Why is AF of any importance whatsoever?". And since we are talking about pointless features in a device to produce photographs, why are such devices now expected to shoot video? I...

  • And Olympus did before anybody else, in their defunct E series.

  • Dude.....those early mammals were more like voles, say an Olympus MFT first generation. Apes come in much later.

  • Look at Sigma's SD Quattro and Quattro H. It is really not that difficult.

  • Ran out of characters.
    - Autofocus and speed of. Even if there is a significant difference (which I doubt) - who cares? Some of the best photographs ever were made way before AF existed. Perhaps...

  • Am I mistaken, or have I already read this same article, with the exact same lame comments by the exact same salespeop...uuuhhh editors, about every single camera that has come out in the past 10 -...

  • Will I let go of Sony bodies? Almost certainly not, as all I care about is the sensor and as you correctly point out there is no meaningful difference there, and I am so used to the Sony ergonomics...

  • Gotcha - no worries. My point is more or less the same as yours, with some subtle differences perhaps. I don't really care all that much about the camera, cameras will come and go, become obsolete...

  • Did I touch a raw nerve?

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