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Ben Herrmann: Bingo! Just what I discovered and wrote about after getting the X-A3. I'm a RAW shooter only and in the end, regardless of the issues I discovered (slow and difficulty AF in very low light situations, a 1st generation horrible touch screen, and the inability to view the LCD in any type of bright conditions - whether in sunny or bright cloudy scenarios) I was still very much impressed with the superb IQ I've gotten from mine.

I only hope (yet doubt) that Fuji can release FW updates to correct any of this as there is only so much a FW update can do.

The IQ and DR (well, at least in RAW as I never shoot in JPG) were superb - so this baby is stayin' in my vast collection of goodies.

But yes, when you want to compare (overall) against its various competitors, there's lots to choose from. My entry level Micro 43 cameras blow this X-A3 away with regards to AF speed and touchscreen capabilities.

But "Ah luv's Fuji in general," so it's stayin put!

I agree Michel. I didn't buy this camera because of this review (I bought a used X100T instead). Upon further research, I'm not finding any evidence of sub-par JPEGs looking at these samples, the samples from other reviews, and Flickr JPEGs. I think this reviewer's judgement of the JPEG quality is too harsh. If my X100T ends up not being 100% functional, I'll return it and buy one of these.

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The Squire: Great post.

It struck me that the plus-points for DSLRs are diminishing quickly, and even those pluses hardly beat the benefits of mirrorless.

We will very soon be at the point that DSLRs sell just because 'I like the *feel* of DSLRs'.

'I like the *feel* of DSLRs' is a perfectly good reason to keep using them.

I've tried Olympus OM-D (twice), Fujifilm XE-1 and Sony ILC, and I'm back to full frame DSLR. Why? Because I couldn't bond with those cameras - I like the feel of an actual grip that fits my hand, and I like the OVF.

I've liked many things about all of the mirrorless cameras I've used, but ultimately, it's MY choice, and I choose DSLR.

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On article Google+ houses healthy community for photographers (88 comments in total)

I wish I understood why people whine so much about Flickr. Flickr shows EXIF data too, and it's very easy to communicate with other photographers. I do it every day. I like G+ very much, and I wish more people used it. But I don't think it's some kind of Flickr killer.

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Michael Doleman: Is it just me, or is Canon's output in anything except their DSLR line increasingly yawn-worthy? As a former S-series owner & fan, this is disheartening. I'm now a Sony RX100 owner and have to say (hopefully without going too far down the road with the hype bandwagon) that it's now difficult to view these tiny-sensor enthusiast compacts as anything but irrelevant. My assumption was that Sony just happened to be lucky enough to be first to market with a large(ish) sensor in a pocketable form factor. I expected the next round of compacts from Canon, Samsung, and Panasonic to all sport larger sensors and be very significant upgrades to each respective model series... Instead: minor refreshes only, right across the board.

Canon's S Series cameras are not yawn-worthy to those of us who DON'T have $650.00 to spend on a compact camera.

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ThomasH_always: My take is very, very simple, and consistent:

No RAW, no interest, no buy.
No viewfinder, no interest, no buy.

Got that in Japan at last? You delivered a half of "must have" features,
its a no buy.

Hey RAW snob,

THIS CAMERA WAS NOT MADE FOR YOU. It was made for people who DON'T shoot RAW, which includes A LOT of people who don't comment at dpreview.

Got that at last?

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Lots of people have a lot to say about these two cameras, and I suspect a lot of the negative comments come from people who don't use cameras like these. I have a PowerShot SX150 IS, and I can tell you that even though it has a CCD sensor, the image quality is EXCELLENT. Yes, there are limitations, but overall these SX series PowerShots are GREAT picture takers.

I'm surprised they didn't up the resolution on the SX160's LCD screen, but other than that these look like nice cameras. They wouldn't make them if they didn't sell a lot of them.

It's not always a race to see who can have the latest features. Sometimes it's just about selling cameras.

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