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Just an Amateur. Been taking photos since 1979. First cameral was a Mamiya NC1000s. Loved it.

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  • Sigh !
  • I guess that if you think I am a troll then it must be true, right ?
  • Oh good. I see you have found someone else to annoy.
  • And you still have not managed to answer this question. Which App are you referring to. I am only familiar with Lightroom. I would suggest that that is exactly why it can be improved upon.
  • Not at all. You can work with either RAW files or Jpegs in Lightroom. As I have said previously, if your idea could be "improved" to enable the software to be updated from time to time then it ...
  • No what I mean is do you capture the RAW data and use use computer software to develop that RAW data or do you allow your camera to convert the RAW data. I have not dismissed your idea nor judged ...
  • So tell me. How do you convert the data you capture with your camera into a viewable image. How ironic. Judging by the number and content of my posts it would appear that I have expressed the most ...
  • It is not my craft it is my hobby. I am sufficiently proficient in Lightroom and Photoshop to be able to get the best out of the latest tools. I would suggest that your time would be better spent ...
  • More accurate RAW conversion processing algorithms, improved noise reduction, improved sharpening, for example. You could do all this with Lightroom 1.0 and the results were good. But not as good ...
  • haha yes it was getting quite colourful I get what you are saying. In most things I do I do not have the latest and greatest. My cars are usually 2nd hand, my phone is usually a couple of steps ...
  • Replied in Yawn! n/t
    Very true. If someone finds a particular post uninteresting then they should just ignore it. Its a sad reflection of todays society.
  • Thanks for the feedback. Contrary to the impression I obviously gave I have not lost interest in taking photos with my DSLR. I love taking photos with my 6D. I shoot exclusively in RAW usually in ...
  • Because when I am editing I want the best result possible. That amounts to a combination of my editing skills and the capability of the software.
  • Having an outdated system would not be for me. However it was possible to update the editing software from time to time whilst maintaining the independence then that would be worth considering. By ...
  • If you thought my remark was condescending then perhaps you are the one that is being overly sensitive. It was not intended to be condescending in the slightest. Lol. Pot / Kettle ? I am commenting ...
  • Never said I didn't like your response. I detected a little unnecessary hostility. This is a public forum open for all to comment within the rules of the forum. Good luck with your project.
  • Lighten up a little :)  I admire your intentions. However, I’m not sure I would be happy to for evermore be using an outdated computer with outdated software that gets more outdated by the day. ...
  • Created discussion thread Using DSLR less and less
    I have found myself using my DSLR less and less these day. I am much more reliant on my phone camera. On my last 2 vacations the DSLR did not even get out of the bag !!! Anyone else ?
  • Absolutely right. There are also those who have sat on both sides of the great divide. Before signing up for CC I was totally against it and said never... But since signing up I see the ...
  • Well if you go back to film and a darkroom you will no longer be a slave to computer makers and software developers. You will of course be still a slave to the camera maker and the manufacturer of ...
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