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Horshack: Q: One thing we’ve seen with DSLRs in the D5500 and D3300 class is that as resolution gets higher, AF accuracy becomes critical. With higher-end DSLRs we microadjust focus routinely, but this feature is not available on the D3000/5000 series of cameras. How are you dealing with this issue?

A: We don’t have micro-adjustment on that class of cameras. We do have stringent quality criteria and standards, and based on these standards, we don’t see any problem with not having micro-adjustment for that class of cameras.

So by inference this means Nikon professional and prosumer cameras with the AFMA feature have less stringent quality criteria and standards vs $400 entry-level bodies that don't have AFMA. :)

@Horshack....that's exactly what they implied. Unintentional of course, but this is what happens when you aren't honest. I can deal with the stonewalling, etc...but when they are just going to give a "pat" answer and not even think about the implications, then I'm really turned off.

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random78: It might be the engineering team but these were typical marketing answers. Standard responses like "DX and FX are equally important to us", "we don't see DX as consumer and FX as professional", but "we won't talk about whether we are working on a high-end APS-C model". Similarly "our quality control is great and we don't feel the need for AF tuning on D5000/D3000 type bodies", even though the higher end bodies which should have at least as good if not better quality control do have this feature. etc. Not unexpected at all of course. Canon/Nikon rarely reveal anything about their product plans. Perhaps the only thing of substance was the admission that we were slow on D600 response and learnt from it.

Exactly. I just posted earlier about the whole MF issue. They tried the typical company line, but then got tripped up and sent a mixed and incorrect message regard micro-af.

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tonybelding: My impression. . . Well, obviously getting any kind of useful info out of these guys is like pulling teeth. That seems to be typical of most Japanese corporations, though. It's not unique to Nikon.

The other thing that strikes me is. . . It seems like they're still struggling to work around the limitations and problems of DSLRs: micro-focus, mirror slap. And yet, when the subject of mirrorless cameras comes up, all they can say is that DSLRs have the "advantage" of an optical viewfinder that lets you take pictures "as you see them". That's a disadvantage, dammit! It's much more useful to know what my camera is capturing. The image my camera captures is the one I'm going to have at the end of the day, and I need for it to be good.

Not only this, but they said they focus on highest quality tolerances for cameras without microfocus, instead of admitting the issue. So I guess they don't focus on highest accuracy for the cameras with MF adjust? Of course that's not the case, but when you dodge the question to the point of not making sense, I lose respect.

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nikkornikon: Oh how many remember the President of Nikon ...Akihero Nikon saying...way back in 2007ish...We are not going to play the MP War with Canon...Canon was sitting there with their old dusty 21mp...and bam..Here comes Nikon's D800 with a fresh clean Sony 36.3 MP Sensor.

Now...Canon Announces ...their new 50mp Cameras...but will not be delivered until the last week of June..but most folks will not see theirs until Oct and Nov.

But hang onto your wigs and keys...Sony has produced their own 50mp Sensor..NOT being used by Canon...But for their own A9 or A7rll and plus...Nikon's D900. Yep. D900.

...and Canon is doing what has been done before over three years ago..D800/E.

But I am not a Nikon Fan all the time.. Nikon Shot themselves in the foot..along with Canon..of not delivering a True Blue Mirrorless Camera with the goods in it. IE..24mp plus at the beginning...10mp? Really Nikon..Really? That was a fail from out the gate. Oh Well Sony Got FF.

How is Canon doing what Nikon did three years just said yourself they're about to come out with a 50mp camera. So it appears Nikon, Sony and Canon will be on equal footing in that one narrow metric.

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D1N0: Sony should bring out a compact 18mm super wide, which kan make optimal use of the short flange (but it is probably difficult due to angular vignetting) A FF mirrorless should problay have a somewhat wider flange distance, like 35mm.

If it's shorter, you may be able to design some wider to mid length lenses a bit smaller. If for your design, the shorter flange distance doesn't help you can simply move the design forward within the lens.

If you can use the shorter distance then the overall depth of camera lens combo is also smaller.

So with a shorter distance there's no downside as you have the flexibility to do it either way. If you have a longer distance to start with, you have no advantages and possible disadvantages.

Those were the aspects that we were discussing here anyhow. There's more.

D1N0 is having a hard time with this for some reason. I'd imagine if we were discussing some other consumer good, and told him that product A could do options 1 and 2, with no penalty, and product B could only do option 2, he'd not be making such a stink. For some odd reason people take what camera they own very seriously and interweave that with their personality.

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Randy Veeman: I am a bit shocked by the prices. My 85mm F/1.4 was $750. I am sure the argument is the Zeiss name and quality, but a lot of potential buyers are going to be shut out. These do very little for the NEX owners looking for $300-$800 lenses with wider apertures.

Yes, he continually exposes himself, and quite shamelessly at that. Of course he wasn't ever going to answer me...I hit too close to home.

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Angrymagpie: Steve Huff claims the optical performance of the 35/1.4 easily surpasses the FE55/1.8. He did not specify this beyond "rich rendering" in his preview, but do you guys think we might soon be able to get a 35 AF lens that's both faster and visibly sharper than the FE55/1.8?

@Bhima78 and Angrymagpie....micro-contrast and bokeh can indeed be objectively analyzed. As can aberrations, flare, fact most of the things I know of that contribute to "rendering" can be observed and quantified.

Of course are preferences are subjective as well, but that goes for sharpness as well.

@enenzo How close-minded of you to denigrate others for valuing one parameter over an other. The fact that someone prefers a sharp lens for their needs and ways of using a camera, whether it's for expressing themselves, documenting, or whatever else, doesn't make them any more or less likely to be an amateur.

I love these folks who pretend to be on some sort of "purer" higher ground or somehow more "professional" or "artistic" lash out against what they see as some limited and close-minded understanding and then in one fell swoop expose themselves as showing the same bias and narrow view that they thing they're exposing.

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tom1234567: You pay for the name always the same Sony is one camera I would never buy


I take a picture with innovation every time I use a camera, lol.

Even a film camera....

What a joke.

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D1N0: Sony should bring out a compact 18mm super wide, which kan make optimal use of the short flange (but it is probably difficult due to angular vignetting) A FF mirrorless should problay have a somewhat wider flange distance, like 35mm.

D1N0...take a deep breath and reconsider your position. You are very wrong on this and your replies are lacking in logic.

How can a mount that allows things to work both ways be inferior to one that has the "tube" built in and doesn't allow anything else.

You clearly flipped what you saw as advantages and disadvantages in order to continue arguing with your pre-conceived notions.

It's always funny to see what happens when people only use the information available that happens to support the conclusion they already came up with without critical thought, is brought to it's knees with logic.

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WT21: I've been buying m43 because I don't care at all for Sony lens options. I hope the 28/2 is good. That would be great on my NEX6.

Woah, wait a minute WT21...start comparing EQUIVALENT apertures in your argument, not to mention sensors and your argument completely falls apart. How is this so continually lost on people?

What do you think 1.8 and 2.8 are equal to on APS-C?

Talk about sharpness, bokeh, etc...if you care to make those arguments, but adding in aperture is just plain wrong in many cases.

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Joseph Black: So the "chicken and the egg" scenario in this case puts the chicken before the egg. Many comments discuss Sony innovation as the pinnacle of human accomplishment in photography, but what they're actually talking about are Sony sensors and Sony bodies, but then if you want a lens you'll have to jump through some hoops. If you want to avoid a ton of gimmicks and glitches and difficult menus and that Sony color, go elsewhere. Nikon gets the lion's share of the praise for Sony sensors because they also have a lot of great lenses. And the company with the most lenses, the best lenses, and the most usable bodies has different sensor priorities and won't use Sony except in their point and shoot cameras, so they exist in a realm all their own that people either understand and agree with or revile and denigrate as unimaginative. I don't envy people who have to decide on a camera these days, but I don't regret moving away from Olympus back in the 80's and making the 10D my first DSLR.

PS3 was a failure? Check again....

PS4 got it right because of price and not content? PS4 is crushing XBOX out of the gate because of the momentum built by you really think it could have been such a massive hit if the PS3 was a stinker and only did so because MS made a pricing blunder by including the Kinect? Not to mention that including the motion control device is the only way to get wide-spread development of titles for it, so you're point fails there as well.

Not sure why what any of these companies, camera or otherwise really bothers you so much to go on a crusade about it. Try being brand agnostic and not attaching any personal feelings about material items. I find it makes you much happier.

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Randy Veeman: I am a bit shocked by the prices. My 85mm F/1.4 was $750. I am sure the argument is the Zeiss name and quality, but a lot of potential buyers are going to be shut out. These do very little for the NEX owners looking for $300-$800 lenses with wider apertures.

If you're right then Sony sales will hurt (they aren't) and people can move on to something that does meet their needs. If you're wrong, they'll stay...none of that effects you and your choice.

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Randy Veeman: I am a bit shocked by the prices. My 85mm F/1.4 was $750. I am sure the argument is the Zeiss name and quality, but a lot of potential buyers are going to be shut out. These do very little for the NEX owners looking for $300-$800 lenses with wider apertures.

I don't see anyone lying but you Lab D.

Furthermore, you're calling people out for personal attacks and are doing the same yourself. I don't care if they are as well, that has nothing to do with the fact that you did yourself. So who's reading comprehension is at fault now?

I honestly feel sorry for you if your life is so empty and you feel so out of control that one of your pleasures in life is coming on forums to fight about inanimate objects made by multi-national corporations.

Why anyone attaches any of their self-worth to a camera brand is beyond my comprehension. I use whatever brand allows me to accomplish my vision, meets my needs the best and at the price range I can afford.

I don't agree with your premise or any of your thoughts really, but let's suppose you are correct for a minute....WHO CARES....why do you care and why should any Sony user care???

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Scorpius1: These will be sweet on the next 50mp A camera.. I'm seriously tempted to buy into this system!

Not true. Why do people keep repeating this nonsense?

Diffraction is real, but you aren't ever worse off with it.

Noise...c'mon. I thought that talk was over long ago in the days of people screaming about the MP wars....oh wait, they still do that.

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Cane: Why does Sony let Zeis make almost all their FE lenses. It's like Ford having Ferrari make all their engines. Just because a camera is FF doesn't mean only $1000 + lenses are the only thing you should attach to it.

Maybe this is such a great plan that Canon should follow and only sell L lenses.

So much misinformation here and above..."approved by"? C'mon...believe me, I'm very skeptical when certain products get a label slapped on them, but this is not the case here. The Sony/Zeiss lenses are DESIGNED by Zeiss and before you start saying that's some marketing non-sense as well and doesn't mean anything either, let me ask all of you this...something no one has mentioned for some odd reason:

Many beloved Zeiss lenses, in fact most of them at this point, are made by Cosina and designed by Zeiss and for Zeiss!!!!

How do you feel this is any different than designed by Zeiss and built by Sony?

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Is this a hybrid cat? Margays are endangered or threatened no?

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