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I need a high zoom camera with high resolution at full zoom. If I were to put a Nikon 300 mm zoom lens on this camera how would the pics compare to a bridge superzoom such as Nikon P510 or Sony HX200V? If I were to test the two I would shoot a car license plate at 1,000 feet and compare the sharpness and brightness of the photos.

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I own the Olympus SZ30MR. Its main advantages are a 24X zoom in a body small enough to fit in a pocket, decent image quality even in low light, easy to use menus, and a super macro mode that is like using a ten power stereo microscope. I use it to take pix of items I sell online and I take it on mountain trail hikes. I plan to buy a second larger camera to supplement this one, not replace it.

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(unknown member): If it is "freeze proof up to 14 degrees fahrenheit" does this mean it will function at absolute zero? I would have thought the quantum mechanical effects would even overcome an Exmor processor. Also what happens between 14 and 32 degrees? I would have thought resistance to cold nearer freezing point would be more useful.

I do love all this new camera spin. The big breakthrough in corporate selling is manufacturers realising that investment in marketing is much more effective than investing in sensible development and quality control. The most important thing is to engineer a perception of quality and this is far more cost effective than wasting money on actual quality and performance.

They should have said "down to 14 degrees F". Obviously they mean that the camera should not be used below this temperature. Higher temps that do not exceed the max temp are fine.

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