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  • Consistent with the trolling would be the explanation that these people have nothing to offer in the way of good photographs, or constructive commentary, so to "level the playing field", so to ...
  • Thank you for tending to that little detail. Here is a link to the overall challenge:
  • Commenting on a winning photo which received one 0.5* vote, one 2.0* vote and all the others above that, as high as 5*, barb_s wrote I say to that voter, "Really? 80% of the pictures in that ...
  • That's also probably how the names got changed from IMG_... to those other names.
  • Commented on photo Untitled in the Old challenge

    These two are no spring chickens, but this says "Tired" to me more than "Old".

    I think I'd have cut off the top 1/4 or 1/3 of the picture.

  • Doing this by hand would be an exhausting and error-prone task, taking a very long time. If you can extract the EXIF data, and you (or someone you know or can hire) has some programming skills, you ...
  • Commented on photo Holly! in the Her challenge

    That was fairly predictable, but it did say "female", not "female human", so (assuming Holly is a she), you were within the rules.

    It remains a wonderful picture, a great mix of colors.


  • #1 After Challenges finish, the results come up, and for each entry a histogram of the votes it received is displayed. I wish to suggest that a digital (this is Digital Photograpy, after ...
  • Commented on photo Waiting in the Her challenge

    One of the more interesting entries in the Challenge -
    her expression shows a lot of tension (which posed portraits don't).

  • Commented on photo Angel in the Her challenge

    Nice to see something quirky like this, breaking the monotony of a bunch of glamour portraits. Thank you.

  • In a photography competition, it should just jump out at you, and if you need that much explanation, then most (including me - after several tries) are not going to see it. That said, ... Uh, no. T ...
  • While many of the other entries might be technically superior to this one,
    it surpasses them in warmth and emotion, which is at least as important.

  • Commented on photo Caught in the Her challenge

    I too gave you high marks on this photo because it is so unusual - and fun!
    Absolutely no consensus on this one - 2 or 3 votes for every level up to 4 stars.

    Good to see others appreciate...

  • Commented on photo Aimee in the Her challenge

    It's a completely natural pictures, and she is showing a lot of expression
    (something you cannot say about some others that placed well above this one).

    Nice shot.

  • Commented on photo Holly! in the Her challenge

    That picture would make a perfect Christmas card!
    (crop out the fence and whatever that thing in the back is, though)

    In the context of the challenge, it's 'outside the box', and in a good way....

  • I have been here at this site for just a couple of months, and my impression is the orientation here is very much toward the high end. A $500 camera is not considered "expensive". If that's where ...
  • A couple of extra points: If you are doing a bunch of these, you can try out the various suppliers (who all have pretty much similar prices) one each, and then use that one for the rest of your orders.
  • What are those things?

  • Commented on photo Portrait in the 100mm or greater.. challenge

    Thank you very much for your comment (I think that's the first one I've had on any entry so far - of about a dozen). It is kind of you to offer that encouragement, because I am rather dispirited...

  • "wish I could post a full picture."
    You can - just not in this challenge.
    (Forum post and your gallery are two places.)

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