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ekaton: Give me a break. The LX100 scores 85% and the GM5 77%. According to DPR even the IQ of the 12MP sensor, zoom lens equipped LX seems to better the GM5 with the 45mm/1.8. I had the LX100 and returned after one week. Its IQ is noticeably and clearly inferior to the GM1/GM5 with any of the mft prime lenses. The "Leica Vario Summilux" (what a mouthful) glued to the LX100 is actually a pretty disappointing performer and especially fully open at its wide an long ends not good enough and easily bettered by most zooms of other compacts (e.g. RX100III). I picked up the GM5 last night and with either the 15mm, 25/1.8 or 45mm primes its so much more serious as a camera as compared to the DPR hyped LX100.

I agree that the LX100 has a poor lens (or maybe what we're demanding of it is unreasonable..?). Either way, the lens is sharp in the center, but is poor at the edges of the frame, especially at the wide end (24mm equiv), and overall at the 70mm end. You can see all this in the DP Review image gallery (I have bought two and returned them, couldn't believe the softness at the edges), but I think anyway there's way too much focus on all the features on the camera and not enough on the optics which create the image.

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SSantana75: I remember reading this 'review' sometime ago before buying my x30. I have also had the Sony's RXs and currently also own an LX100 as my other compact. I'm almost certain that if you ask anyone who's owned this camera, or any of the x10/20/30 they'll tell you that although at times the sensor size does make a difference these cameras are a joy to use and shoot and the experience just makes you want to shoot more and more which is not something you hear often about any other cameras. My LX does noticeably better in low light but comes second in the 'fun' category to the Fuji. Handling is fairly close (for me) with the Fuji just edging the Pana out. If the Fuji had better low light performance I'd probably sell the LX so I think a larger-sensor X40 with similar lens specs and body size would take the crown in this category.

I'm curious to know how you find the image quality of the x30 compared to the LX100. I have the LX 100 and am disappointed with the lens once you move away from the very center....? Also, it doesn't seem to get any better as you stop down (about f/4 or wider is best, but f/8 is definitely overall worse!)

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I agree also; a bunch of random happy snaps is not useful to see the image quality of a lens.
All you need are about 8 or 10 images, of the same subject at a few different apertures, so you can compare apples to apples, and then a few difficult situations (flare, backlight, etc.)
If you're going to pay all that money for an f 1.8 lens you probably want to use that aperture, so it's useful to have images shot at 1.8, 2, 2.8 at the least! In this day and age, any plastic kit lens should give you a decent image at f8.
Too bad, waste of time really.

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