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Dietrich Reinhardt: At 100 ISO, looks to me that D850 out-resolves the competition. Also, can't say that I see much difference between the two Sony's.

Pretty clear to me ...
In RAW, the D850 out-resolves all 3 other cameras at any ISO.
I do not understand why the Sony a7rIII is softer than the Sony a7rII (lens ?)

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1633 comments in total)

One the positive side, Adobe’s decision made me search for alternatives to LR (I’ve been using LR since 2007 …)
I’m currently evaluating C1 (which I didn’t know before), and I am already finding quite a few advantages to LR.
In particular
- The image quality you get with minimum PP (I use D810 raw files )
- Ability to use multiple layers (not a substitute for Photoshop), but enough capabilities for my kind of work
- PP possibilities especially regarding colors and levels
- Intuitive interface

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Rishi, I do not share your views.

For Adobe, the Cloud represents a good very opportunity to increase their revenues; after the introduction of subscription only applications, there is now on the horizon a fee to access your photos; the more photos you have, the more you pay, month after month; what a wonderful business model.

I could live with a subscription based application (I already have a CC subscription); I will never pay to store and access my photos.

And you say that there is no plan to stop Lightroom CC “classic” : remember when Adobe made the commitment, 3 years ago, to keep Lightroom as a standalone application with a perpetual license ?
Lightroom CC classic will be gone in 3-4 years (the planned obsolescence is already in the name of the product)

I’m currently evaluating Capture 1; so far so good; I will most certainly stop my CC subscription, and will keep my “old” LR6 for my exiting LR catalogs; the sooner the better.

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They started with the application and they continue with the data.
Adobe does not see the Cloud as a way to offer new services, but as a cash machine

As its name implies, Lightroom CC Classic is already legacy; Lightroom CC will become maintream in one or two versions.

As for me, I have absolutely no intention to move my 20+ catalogs and 2+ TB to the cloud (even not possible with the current CC version).

I will assess C1, and if it suits my need will migrated to it, and drop my current Lightroom subscription

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