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On article Walmart sues photographer's widow over family pictures (164 comments in total)

Entitled, non-achieving, despicable inheritors who are American aristocracy doing the only thing they know how - bullying the little guy. 90% of the "American Dream" is actually inheriting the work of one fortunate family member and acting like you did something to earn it.

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On article 900MP portraits show human face in extreme detail (284 comments in total)

Just because it's picture of a human face, doesn't make it a "portrait". I'm seeing ultra-high tech passport photos with no real value other than pixel peeping of pores.

This is akin to saying if seared tuna is delicious then heating tuna to 5000 degrees Kelvin must be even better! What an enormous waste of resources and time.

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More typical behavior. PS used to be upgraded when they made actual improvements, now it's a revenue event with minor updates at best, given the "fixed" 18-month cycle. Stage 3 of the greed initiative is to reward subscribers ate the expense of purchasers - obviously creating an incentive for moving to the most favorable revenue model for Adobe. Just annoying that valuing the customer is a distant second behind $$$.

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On article Just deployed: New forums system (699 comments in total)

It's just too narrow. I'm on a 24-inch monitor which is about 20-inches wide - 14 is wasted and about 6-inches is used for posts with tiny text. I know the old DPR was narrow too but this just feels much worse.

I like many of the features, but this one issue is a real challenge.

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Jeff Morris: Tokina is the only 3rd party manufacturer that I have real respect for. The only negative about Tokina lenses are their propensity to demonstrate higher than normal levels of CA. However, build and performance are usually on par with the big boys.

@tkbslc - Nonsense. Sigma is a cheaper ALTERNATIVE to the "big boys", their lenses don't beat any top Nikon or Canon glass. Unfortunately, I've owned far too much Sigma (and later sold it all) to know first hand. Inconsistent AF (not a calibration need but a variable misfocus) is the biggest problem followed by marginal wide open sharpness on the 1.4 or 2.8 lenses (although the 50 and 85 seem to be better - at a much higher price than their value lenses).

Now don't misunderstand, Sigma fits a very important niche - good value, good performance. This is their strength and they are a valid choice for many. But to say Sigma beats the "big boys" is utter nonsense. You get what you pay for - cliche as it is - never more true than with Sigma.

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