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On article Fujifilm announces affordable XC 35mm F2 prime lens (283 comments in total)
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DanMcG: I wish they'd release a pancake version of the 23mm, basically just like the Canon EF-M 22, at a sub-$200 pricepoint. That Canon lens is the reason I bought into the EF-M system rather than Fuji, it makes the camera so easy to bring everywhere. The current XF 23 is a bit too large for that.

Personally I think the 41mm equivalent FL is perfect for snapshots - less distortion than 35mm and better indoors than 50mm. Many of the old fixed lens rangefinder cameras had 40-42mm lenses.

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On article Seagate is planning to release 18 and 20TB HDDs in 2020 (114 comments in total)

I have a 4-bay NAS enclosure with two 4tb WD Red drives mirrored and haven't come close to filling it. If I need more space I can add another two drives and run RAID 10. I only keep my raw files and backups of lightroom catalogs on the NAS. I work off lightroom catalogs with 1:1 smart previews on a SSD. Everything on your NAS should also be backed up on the cloud and 20 TB of cloud storage is pretty dang expensive.

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This seems like a gimmick. I've certainly had regular SD cards survive a trip though the washer.

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The rear display is the same as a top lcd but with more options for customization. It doesn't *have* to show the film simulation and speed. And probably 99% of the time I use a flip screen is to to see down low. If you do street it's amazing how differently people react to what looks like a vintage camera vs. more modern styling. If you shoot film people often ask questions and want to be photographed.

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lots of folks use a cheap midi controller with open source software for lightroom. the cost of these things is crazy.

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On article Nikon D3500 vs. Canon T7: Which is better? (275 comments in total)

I have a Pixel 3A and it won't let me change the lens, what am I doing wrong?!

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people are the worst.

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On article Hands-on with the new Peak Design Travel Tripod (309 comments in total)

peak design is a mature company that doesn't need startup funding. their kickstarter campaigns are basically paying for the pleasure of being a beta tester. no returns or refunds if the product doesn't work for you. I got one of their backpacks that wouldn't physically fit me and they refused to take it back.

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It feels like mirrorless FF is a couple generations from the technology leveling out and user experience becoming the biggest factor. Sony will be at a disadvantage when that happens.

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On article Widen your window: a message to landscape photographers (240 comments in total)

I say kudos to anyone who would post pictures and subject themselves to the animals in a dpreview comment section.

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On article Video: first impressions of the Canon EOS RP (408 comments in total)

I'm really interested in this camera, but not interested in the R at all due to size and cost. I had been shooting entirely with a 70D, but the last couple years have been using mostly a Fujifilm X-E2 with 27mm pancake. I have a fair amount of ef lenses that I could put back into service with the RP (35mm f/2 non-is, 50mm f1.8stm, 100mm f2.8 macro, 70-300mm L). Especially the macro and telephoto, which are niche lenses for me and not worth investing in Fuji's expensive glass.

The ef 40mm macro is intriguing to me because it's the same view as my fujifilm setup, but I would really like to see what compact RF lenses are planned down the line, especially wondering how big a RF UWA zoom would be.

But one of the big advantages for me would be to use my vintage lenses without a crop factor. Unless I'm shooting something moving, I have more fun with the older manual lenses. To me that's the coolest part about mirrorless.

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On article Fujifilm X-T3 Review (2480 comments in total)

I'll probably wait for a price drop, hoping $1700 for the kit.

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I'm still in love with Morgan Webb.

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On article Study: people don't actually like looking at selfies (196 comments in total)

People are generally self-absorbed. They care more about their problems than other's. They care more about their kids than other's. They care more about their selfies than other's. Not really surprising.

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I'll keep using my Moskva-5 for $2300.

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