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  • It is a stupid design flow from Sony, since day one. Olympus don’t work that way : it is BUTTON activated. It it is stupid to disable power save by eye sensor, because ANYTHING can pass by. If you ...
  • Their supposed ML features are USELESS because they need Liveview.

    Those mirrorless haters will probably prefer to use their DSLR display in the sun, like a smartphone or compact camera , to...

  • Not.
    It is Nikon pretending a DSLR can be a mirrorless.
    Whereas it is impossible... because there is a mirror in front of the sensor 😁

  • There is no "mirrorless" in a DSLR body.
    It is a SCAM : ALL supposed ML features work in liveview only.

    And after that, ppl complain about "bad EVF" on ML...

    Try to use liveview outdoor this...

  • I use Sony A7 and Olympus too.
    Olympus is for the system (amazing lenses,IBis..) and reach.

    Sony is for adapting shorter/fast lenses, like Canon 58mm f1.2.
    Use Apsc crop : 85mm f1.8 equivalent 😁

  • When Olympus tried to simplify EM10 III, Olympus users complained about it (me included).
    EM10 is going to disappear.
    And EM5 may be just after.

    You want simpler camera ?
    Buy a PEN or a second...

  • Sticker is a good option. With non marking tape : model, focal length near aperture ring. And may be blend it with Prof Hank D idea : sticker with QR code.
  • I was thinking about an "hybrid" solution, like Allan's app : taking a smartphone pic of my lens WITH the right aperture. But as the front ring and aperture ring are not on the same side ... it ...
  • hi ! I need a simple iOS app to display manual legacy lens model AND current aperture. So when I mount a new lens and/or set a new aperture, I just have to take a pic of my phone πŸ˜‰ Something ...
  • I will respond to my own post, it may help someone ;-) Spring plate was just too hard. VERY hard. I thought i was hitting a metal tab. I removed mount plate and "softened" the spring plate on the ...
  • I'm happy not being a total noob ;-) I thought it was something like that, but as i never mounted any Nikon lens ... I will buy a different shape Nikon F adapter and see. Thanks !
  • Photoshop all over the place is already common practice.
    Humans looking like robots.
    Next step ?
    Full virtual models. Unlimited pixels.

    On the real human side, I don't see ANY benefit.
    some of...

  • Try website : howmuchblur
    CROP factor is 0.8 or so. It is indicated.

    If you search razor thin DOF, nothing beat 50mm 0.95 on Full Frame at reasonable price.
    Like an A7 with speed master III 0.95.

  • Hi ! I have an MF Samyang 85mm T1.5 Cine lens, sold as Nikon F mount (with aperture tab). When i try to mount it on a KF Concept Nikon G adapter, I can insert the lens mount ... but I can't turn it ...
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