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Aoi Usagi: The crop of the 400MP pixel shift shot doesn't look very sharp. Maybe its just me?

Focus is probably on windows ;)

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Knock Knock Who is There: 400 Megapixel images is pretty cool, but...

I see lots of use for archival photography and still studio scenes, but the feature is hardly suitable for daily use imho.

An average RAW file from the GFX100 is appr. 120MB.
For this feature to use it takes 16 images / 2GB of images per 'photo'.

Now if you have ever have processed 16 images for stitching a 2GB file then you know this is going to take you a lot of time per image to convert to DNG RAW.

Another challenge in daily use is the fact that the GFX100 does an average of 4.5 frames per second. However with this feature you of course want to avoid any shutter shock. So for the best result a 1 to 2 second pause between each of the 16 shots is to be preferred. Therewith will take you appr. 20-40 seconds per full image. Therewith the use outside the studio seems pretty limited if you ask me.

That said for those who use this camera every extra feature is always a bonus.

As your subject don't move and you ALWAYS use remote/tripod for such situations, i don't see any problem.
No need to wait between shots.
Apart memory card saving.

On Olympus, it takes less than 8 seconds for the whole process (RAW save AND in-camera JPEG generation).
You can expect 15 seconds on Fuji just for card save.

Another bottle neck is flash charge time, of course (1 to 2 seconds full charge X16)

We will see :D

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Camillo: What if you are shooting strobes in a studio? theres a flash recycle time of a second sometimes at full power, how does this affect flash duration?

In Olympus, there is a delay setting if you don't use Olympus compatible radio command (ex. sync port only).

When using radio command, flash tell the RC when it is ready.
And RC tell the camera, as usual :D
So i don't need to set anything when i use Godox system : it shoots WHEN ready.

Probably the same with Fuji ;)

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j3ffw: Not sure the usefulness, until third party software such as Capture One or Lightroom support pixel shift

It is ALREADY converted to DNG with provided software.
No problem.

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obsolescence: Gonna have to upgrade the computer, otherwise you're often stuck with watching the progress bar.

GFX 100 is around 10 000 bucks ... without lens :D
For half lens price, you can buy a decent computer

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panther fan: Fuji first pixel shift implementation. They could have done it in the Olympus or Panasonic way, with in camera processing and motion compensation.
Or the Sony way, with incredible long capture times, annoying external software and high storage requirements.


Resources are multiplied by pixel count AND picture count.
Olympus use 8x20MP images
There it is 16x100MP images

It is 10 times more (160 vs 1600)

That's why you are not going to see Olympus Pro Capture on Fuji GFX at 60 fps :D
100mp sensor and 400 shift is ALREADY an amazing power demonstration.

PS : i love Olympus AND Fuji, the TWO most innovative makers

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On article Hands on: Olympus 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x (716 comments in total)
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Kona Mike: For all the folks "High" on full frame. Full frame will eventually go the way of the DSLR.

Medium format was the king because of the large negative gave superior prints. Now everyone shoots wedding at 35mm full frame. Give it some time & crop sensors will chip away at the full frame. If you want small convent lenses, the sensor needs to be smaller. All the advances in sensors & processing will enable crop sensors to be good enough.

To me it looks like the sensors are generally plateauing, with any gains being that higher density sensors are improving. I see this trend continuing. Look at what current crop cameras can do compared to some older full frame ones.

yea, yea I know, you only shoot raw full frame with the best primes & switch brands every 2 years to get the best dynamic range and noise free shadows in your 30 stacked frame HDR images. Just remember 99% or the world is happy with cell phone quality right now. Give the sensors another 5 or 6 generations and we'll see

Here we speak about 1 000 mm equivalent lens.
And for the price, it kicks EVERYTHING else out.

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Guldmann: How horrible of Sony, limiting it to A7r4 is just plain out evil.

Sony is well known to not update firmware.
And even release a new camera instead.

Look at Fuji and Olympus : they regularly update their fw giving you almost a new camera for free.

So IF camera need to be updated to use this adapter, you will NEVER see it supported on older cameras.

That’s why there is a plethora of Sony second hand cameras selling for peanuts some years after their release.
They are thrash able cams.
I know it : that’s how I bought NEX 6 and A7 for peanuts, to adapt legacy lenses.

Want new supported features and accessories ?
Buy a new camera.
SONY !!!
Angry Photographer ;)

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On article Nikon D780 Review (1193 comments in total)
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patfish: I bet a lot of D780 buyers will look very soon like absolute fools because they will start to shoot their camera more and more in Live-View-Mode :D ... and will think, why can't we have all that stuff directly in the EVF ? :D

For me the D780 feels and looks like a camera from the past which should had came at least in 2016 on the market.

Why not just use the Z6 with the F mount adapter?

Their supposed ML features are USELESS because they need Liveview.

Those mirrorless haters will probably prefer to use their DSLR display in the sun, like a smartphone or compact camera , to those horrible EVF 😁

You want mirrorless features ?
Remove the mirror.

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On article Nikon D780 Review (1193 comments in total)
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Mister Anders0n: So it's crap in a DSLR package? Got it, thanks.

It is Nikon pretending a DSLR can be a mirrorless.
Whereas it is impossible... because there is a mirror in front of the sensor 😁

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On article Nikon D780 Review (1193 comments in total)
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Satyaa: If this model serves well into future, I might buy two of them in two years...

I currently use a D7200 and D810. They are both doing a good job and will last another two years before they rack up shutter counts where I feel the need to replace. I bought D810 only because I got a 'like new' piece for less than D750 refurb price, not for the MP count.

I got more into video in 2019 and my FZ2500 took most of that work load. I like some aspects of video with D's but their AF is practically unusable. With better video, 780 might be my answer... will wait for reviews.

I am not bothered by the missing flash (I use it for 0.1% of my shots) and I have the external bounce flash that I need.

I like that Nikon did not take away one of the card slots.

Overall, it is what I need... only when the price comes down a bit. I can happily reuse all my lenses until they last.

I'm old school... I like the guts of ML in a DSLR body (as DPR states it) rather than the other way around.

There is no "mirrorless" in a DSLR body.
It is a SCAM : ALL supposed ML features work in liveview only.

And after that, ppl complain about "bad EVF" on ML...

Try to use liveview outdoor this summer with D780.
Good luck !

Nikon just tried to be smart, using ML argument.
But WHO will use liveview and look / feel like using a compact camera or smartphone in the sun ?

Not at that price.
This is a DSLR. And just a DSLR.

You want ML features ?
Buy a ML

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BennoFG: I'm so excited for this.
I can have the 40-150 f2.8 and this body for incredibly compact, high quality reach with great dof and now with great resolution (I rarely crop shots from a long zoom).
AND I can keep the A7riii with the 24 f1.4 attached with it's amazing dof as well.

If i need to swap a lens, then I can choose either the Sony 55 1.8 or the brilliant Oly 50 f1.2. to have a flexible 2 body wide to medium to long setup.

For the price, size and weight I think I'll have the most versatile and compact professional-quality kit ever made. Could not be happier.

I use Sony A7 and Olympus too.
Olympus is for the system (amazing lenses,IBis..) and reach.

Sony is for adapting shorter/fast lenses, like Canon 58mm f1.2.
Use Apsc crop : 85mm f1.8 equivalent 😁

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arjunmehta: Olympus is a funny company. With every iteration they seem to make their cameras more unsightly with more complicated form, and much more complicated to use. This trend seems to go back to their original OM film days.

The OM-1 (35mm film camera) was a marvel of design. Simple, elegant and classic. Then the OM-2, a few more dials and buttons. OM-3 more dials and buttons. OM-4... more dials and buttons, seemingly slapped on. Not to mention their consumer OM-*0 line...

The OM-D line is the same. The original EM-5 was simple and actually quite sophisticated. It let me take a photo without getting in the way. The EM-5 MII got a little more complicated with more switches, dials and buttons. The Mark III now looks like a Frankenstein.

Look at this:,594,835,wa,t

It's become Homer's Car.

When Olympus tried to simplify EM10 III, Olympus users complained about it (me included).
EM10 is going to disappear.
And EM5 may be just after.

You want simpler camera ?
Buy a PEN or a second hand OMD gen 1 😁

Because when you add features, you add complexity and buttons. And when you remove features... ppl don't buy.

Compare Sony and Olympus ergonomics.
And tell us back πŸ˜‰
PS i own Sony AND Olympus cameras. And owned Fuji too.

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TheGrammarFairy: Fantastic, but.... How can we prepare our loved ones for the sight of their faces in ultra-high resolution pictures that show every pore, blemish, stray hair, and capillary 10 times more clearly than any human eye can see?
What is the photographer's responsibility to protect his or her subjects from their own imperfections? I wouldn't shoot anyone unless he or she was wearing at least one coat of makeup applied with an airbrush, but not everyone has that luxury.
Should this camera even be used for people photography without diffusion filters and a frank discussion about the perils of too much resolution?

Fortunately the people in the gallery shots are all extremely photogenic and thanks to the short summers up there do not have the sun-ravaged look of more southerly peoples...

Photoshop all over the place is already common practice.
Humans looking like robots.
Next step ?
Full virtual models. Unlimited pixels.

On the real human side, I don't see ANY benefit.
some of my fav portraits shooters use M43 20mp.
And some even printed bill board size.

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abe4652: What's the depth of field on this camera for any reasonable f stop?

At f/5.6 on this, how does the DOF compare to a Sont A7r3's DOF at that f stop?

Try website : howmuchblur
CROP factor is 0.8 or so. It is indicated.

If you search razor thin DOF, nothing beat 50mm 0.95 on Full Frame at reasonable price.
Like an A7 with speed master III 0.95.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1X review (2392 comments in total)

I will try to be objective, as an Olympus user for years.

-no top plate (usual reflex user complain), whereas a simple push on viewfinder button can display the famous SCP permanently on back screen.
With more infos than any top panel ever πŸ˜‰
About missed shots, Olympus let too many choices on user side. I would be very interested to see settings used.
Like afc shutter priority or not.
And comparison between AFS and AFC.
With AFS, Oly could win.

Olympus need more settings than any brand to get a consistant result. It is a valid complaint.
But there are too many reflex users complaining about things totally different with mirrorless.
Like AFS being sometimes faster than AFC.

This test would have been better with both a Nikon AND Olympus balanced point of view πŸ˜‰

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attomole: I was trying to think what this would be good for and came to the eventual conclusion micro four thirds users.
it seems to be missing from the MFT lineup is longish teles with fast aperture which tends to be biased toward relatively slow 45/5.6 zooms. as well as the TC Fuji should do a MFT adapter and Pana/Oly customers can go shoot wildlife seriously for the first time

Olympus users started shooting with amazing lenses like 150mm f2. 300mm f2.8 . 90-250mm f2.8 ... on Four Third LONG before Fuji even created X mount system. With teleconverters too.
And speaking about adapter, you can use them on M43 EM1 mk1 and Mk2.
Your fanboy attitude deserved Fuji.

Link | Posted on Aug 3, 2018 at 13:59 UTC

As computer tech, i'm used to bugs all over the place.
I seen 4.2 update, searched...and found this article and Denjw report ;)
Thanks ! I will wait 4.3

Link | Posted on Dec 4, 2016 at 23:35 UTC as 22nd comment
On article New kid on the block: YI M1 review (717 comments in total)

May be they will solve things with firmware updates...or not ;)

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1395 comments in total)
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gLOWx: M43/43 key element are "lenses".
You can use most of them fully open, and get sharpness you would get closed by 1 stop, or even 2, on FF/APS-C.
And so, you need less ISO bump.
It may sound strange at first, but until you really need very thin DOF or very high ISO, there is less need for bigger sensor.
I see many ppl with FF almost always stopping their lenses, to get more sharpness/DOF. Even with portraits, where FF lenses are supposed to be wide open.
And what happen to the 2 stops ISO FF advantage, when you need to close by 1 stop to be sharp ? It is now only 1 stop ;) And even less on APS-C.

43/M43 lenses are the key. Sharpness wide open, giving you enough DOF and light. And the new 25mm (50mm FOV equivalent) f1.2 is going to prove it, again :D

On my side, i will keep my mk1...and buy more 43 legacy phase detect lenses :D

@Marcus Stormwind
Yes, it is an economic reason about 43 lenses with E-M1 phase detect ;)
I got my 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 for a lot less than M43 equivalent.
And there are more ;)
But you need an Olympus Phase Detect. To me, it is the best argument for E-M1 (MK1 and MK2).
1 you can use old 43 lenses at their full focusing speed (still slower than most M43 ones)
2 Continuous Focus works with Phase Detect on both 43 and m43 lenses :D
No more Contrast Detect jumping back and forth.

About M43 being not sharp in the corners...i supposed those ppl never looked at MTF charts. And even less vignetting ones ;)
exemple : Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 USM L is at 1300 corner @f 1.6 (and f1.2)
Pana 20mm f 1.7 (old and cheap) is at 1900 corner wide open f1.7

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