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abi170845: It might not appeal to people who gave negative comments, but for the Y and Z generations,who thinks that uploading from Blackberry, listening to compressed mp3 is AWESOME, I think this gadget should sell very well

Yes, but how many people can spend $500 on a 'gadget'? and you're absolutely right, it is a gadget, nothing more. Not that it won't evolve in the future, but they have a long way to go before it can become a serious photographic tool - I suspect the money will run out long before then.

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Lukino: no fast 35 yet. I wanted to like Nex system, but without a fast (and possibly compact) prime, it's not my game. And btw, 50mm on apsc IS NOT a prime!

I agree, I have a 50mm prime on my Nikon APS-C and it doesn't get used that often because at 75mm it is too long for a general lens. The Zeiss 24mm is a great length for me, shame about the price!

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Eric MORAND: Why so big ? The NEX7 looks so perfect, I just can't why Sony is unable to manufacture a fast prime lens that is not 3 times the size of my 20mm 1.7 from Panasonic. Please Sony, I want your NEX7, badly : make a really compact and high quality lens to match such a tiny body (considering the features of course) and you'll have my money. All my money !

The reason the lenses are big is because the sensor is big, equivalent of a APS-C dSLR, the M4/3 sensors are smaller and can therefore support smaller lenses. If you want the corners black then you can have a small lens on your NEX!

In the case of the 50mm prime, I imagine it is longer than a "standard" 50mm prime because it has OSS built in.

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I think the experience with the P7000 has put me off Nikon P&S forever! I wonder if AV & Manual modes actually works properly in the P7100? Somehow doubt it, Nikon seem to think that the f-value needs to change randomly. I'm not talking about the obvious effect of the f-value increasing as you zoom in, it is much weirder than that! even if you set it manually to f/5.6 (which is available at all focal lengths) as you then zoom in and out, it randomly changes it - that's not how AV mode works in my mind, even on a P&S!

I say this as a big Nikon dSLR fan, not a Canon fan dissing Nikon products!

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