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PerTulip: I always use my F-Stop backpack as a carry on. I fly a lot and never had to check it in. 4 or 5 times I was told it's too big, but after saying it's very expensive camera equipment, I was always allowed to take it along. Ok, I never fly Ryan Air. ;)
But if I ever have to check it in: camera and lenses are in the "internal camera unit", a padded block inside the backpack I can take out and carry along (and well within restrictions). Then they can do with the backpack (flashes, cleaning gear sans liquids, chargers) whatever they want. Friend of mine does the same (take backpack along) and once he was forced to check it in. He took out the cameras and lenses, put them in a duty free bag (pullover as padding) and took them with him to the plane. :-D

And this story: I don't know. Kind of fishy. Was the camera unpadded in the suitcase next to a hard object (with an edge pointing at the lens)? Or did I fall out of the owners hands and now it's "the airline", hoping for insurance cover?

Flying from certain middle eastern airports you are not allowed cameras in hand luggage....they must be checked in!

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breth: This article is another reason that I think there should be an environmentally-sealed serious compact with APS-C-sized sensor put out on the market.
A "rugged" Ricoh GR or Nikon A.

There is one out there....Leica do one......

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Svetoslav Popov: LOL. There is a reason i'm staying with Nikon, even if the QC is lacking lately (at least they fix the issues quickly nowadays).

Canon seems to do 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward with every new model in the last years. Go figure...

I don't know, the shutter on my Df failed at less than 25k actuations! Nikon wanted to charge me £260 to repair it but after 3 months of complaining and haggling they reduced the bill to £130!

I paid up but quite frankly after my last Nikon DSLR D600 and the oil issue requiring a shutter replacement (FOC) I will not be buying Nikon again......a shame really as I've used Nikon SLR and DSLR for over 30 years!

Leica here I come πŸ˜€

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On article Leica M10 firmware arrives with major bug fix (59 comments in total)

It's πŸ˜€

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On article Review: Nikon D7500, speed and capability (531 comments in total)
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jackspra: So you can't use a d lens,you have to get a g.Great show Nikon.

Yes you can

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Chris Dodkin: If you're still buying cameras with flappy mirrors in them, you're at the wrong end of an adoption curve. Canon seem incapable of embracing change (same goes for Nikon) and are being left behind at an increasing rate of knots by more nimble companies, with more innovative technologies. Sad to see. It's another Kodak moment, and not in a good way.

Some people just want a nice reasonably priced FF DSLR with a good OVF and some nice ergonomic manual controls + a great lens lineup that they have probably already some investment in......some people don't need or indeed want the latest gizmos, toys and so called must-haves that they probably wouldn't use fully anyway, they just want to focus on taking pics and not the technology.......

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Absolutely marks from the King Penguin....

....and the good news is now Trump has pulled out of the Climate Change agreement, everybody will be able to experience and film more storms like this in the future.....(smiley sad face)

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WGVanDyck: Here I am, wearing my helmet, lathered in sun screen, sitting in my safe space waiting for something non-threatening to photograph.

.....and still 200 or so people die each year 'cos toddlers get hold of hand guns, last year, this year, next year and every year and you think my point is useless?

Just pointing out THE FACTS, old chap.......

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Apparently 7 people died last year putting on their trousers......lost balance putting a leg it and fell and hit something, I assume......

Perhaps all trousers should have warning signs printed on them or perhaps we should all go on a course to learn to put them on safely before being allowed to wear them........πŸ˜€

Sarcastic? Moi?

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WGVanDyck: Here I am, wearing my helmet, lathered in sun screen, sitting in my safe space waiting for something non-threatening to photograph.

Dear me, no need for profanities!

.......and almost 200 people die each year in the US 'cos their unattended toddlers find their mom's hand gun in their handbag or purse......funny, don't see much support for banning handguns!

Personally, I'd take my chances on a railway line than face a toddler with a hand gun!

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Dear me all theses negative Canon comments.......what about the car performance tune up market, do you criticise Ford, VW and BMW for short changing you 'cos some after-market specialist company can squeeze more horse power out of them.....I think not!

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rodkemish: Up until now, I thought American Dad was a satirical cartoon program, little did I know it was a reality show. Thanks for the enlightenment.

They 'discovered' Iceland as well......

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Vahab: I think the reason is that these devices have liquid crystal in their displays, and liquids are not allowed on board. Only US customs have realized that.

The human male body is on average is 60% liquid, females 55% liquid......therefore perhaps we should all be banned from flying as we don't meet the regulations:)

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User9180204109: The latest information via my travel agent indicates that transit passengers will be affected, so if flying from Australia (or anywhere else), via Dubai, DOHA etc, to the USA or UK, you will have to check in all your devices (including cameras, laptops, iPads etc) before your board in Australia. Of course, you cannot put batteries in checked baggage, so you will need to leave all camera batteries back home and buy new ones on arrival.

I think for most keen photographers, this means the end of global travel, at least to the US & UK, but possibly everywhere if these regulations are adopted by other countries and, by extension, for other airports.

It probably won't help the share price of airlines, starting with the big Middle East carriers (Emirates, Ethiad, Qatar), but may increase the value of private business jet companies.

I am sure we all want to feel safe when flying, but surely there is a better solution than this new ban?

It will also affect the bucket airlines passing through these airports as now people will have to pay for hold baggage, etc.

Link | Posted on Mar 22, 2017 at 05:57 UTC

Obviously as Qater / UAE / Istanbul are hub airports if you fly from say Far East / South Africa / Australia and it stops or you have connecting flights via above airports, you'll need to book your laptop / iPad / photo gear in at the beginning of your journey from Far East / SA / Australia meaning you won't have access to them for the entire journey. (Source BBC R4 5pm news)

Secondly, UK has just announced the same restriction except UAE is not on the list. (Ditto same source)

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On article Oberwerth launches Donau line of leather lens pouches (56 comments in total)
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babart: Similar pouches are available from OpTec for $10. Similarly functioning, that is, but without the glossy leather. Just saying.

Really, you've found a cheaper lens pouch that these German ones?

You should go on Mastermind......specialist subject - Stating the bleedin' obvious....πŸ˜€

Sorry friend, no offence intended, couldn't stop myself. Only posted this for amusement, it's is a line from John Cleese who played Basil Fawlty, the abrasive hotel owner in the TV comedy series Fawlty Towers.

(PS, well worth watching, shows what we Brits are really likeπŸ˜€)

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rodkemish: Up until now, I thought American Dad was a satirical cartoon program, little did I know it was a reality show. Thanks for the enlightenment.

It doesn't matter what they were called, they were still from the continent of Europe.....

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rodkemish: Up until now, I thought American Dad was a satirical cartoon program, little did I know it was a reality show. Thanks for the enlightenment.

And the Vikings, coming from Norway/Sweden are European!

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DavidsfotosDotCom: To DtEW below: If I go to France I want to experience French culture, wine & FRENCH women etc not a country overrun with NON integrating, creepy intolerant burka wearing disgruntled radical muslims! If I want that I can go to parts of india where they are killing Hindus & Christians. This has nothing to do with Trump, but a by product of half baked Globalization. ie N. African (muslims?) grouping & raping hundreds of women in Germany at a festival within the last year. Sorry if you entered this country with boundaries illegally. Don't need a bunch of fat short Mayans messing up the great Mexican cuisine & culture here.

And if you read history you'll find the the Muslim rulers in Spain didn't stop other faiths, there were large practicing Jewish and Christian communities there as well.....and they all got on fine!

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rodkemish: Up until now, I thought American Dad was a satirical cartoon program, little did I know it was a reality show. Thanks for the enlightenment.

As a European, I'm starting think it would have been better if we never 'discovered' and colonised America.......I'm sure the indigenous Indian population probably feel the same!

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