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Stollen1234: this is a site for what has a particular laptop company to do with this

i know you could use a laptop for whatever...but please keep it a photography site not a multimeia site

if you need laptop news and reviews..there are a plenty of website where you can get some great reviews and insite from real experts.

thank you

It's a hi-res retina display, on a consumer laptop. If you don't see why this is significant news for the photography world then maybe do a little bit of research.

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2812photography: I think to expect perfection from any first generation design camera is to live your life with rose colored glasses. When I first saw the specs of the X-Pro 1, my jaw hit the floor. Then experience helped me come to my senses when I told myself, "Wait for a year until they get all the nasty little bugs out before you consider plunking the money down." I'm willing to bet all the major issues will be ironed out in the second generation of this camera. That said, if you compare what's wrong with this camera to what's right with it, the problems become a matter of quibbling.

Fuji are under an extraordinary amount of scrutiny for their X cameras. You can now see why other manufacturers play it safe...

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supeyugin1: Yes, they release expensive buggy cameras at first, and then they try to fix the bugs. Typical Fuji style!

Haven't Canon just now ceased shipment of the 5dIII because of light leaks? Far worse than a few quirks from a first-generation system camera. Oh wait, the troll baited me.

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loyaldavis: Most of Fujifilm's cameras seem to me to be on the lower end. Just checking google shopping for any Fujifilm cameras and they all seem to by under or around $500. Currently I have a Leica M6 and a Contax G2. I have been waiting for a digital rangefinder like this and the specs are impressive. I held one yesterday and it is very lightweight and handles very nicely. My concern/question is, given the lower end reputation (IMO no offense intended and I am often wrong) will this camera, or maybe not so much the camera, but the lenses hold their value? With an entry price of $2300 for the body and one lens this is a concern.

Fuji also have built some very high end medium format cameras & lenses + precision medical optics.

I wouldn't in any way be worried about Fuji as a brand - they are one of the best.

With the XF lenses being a new system, no one really knows if they'll hold their value. My guess is yes, and this is a system that will be around for decades to come. If you do have concerns, and don't need AF, maybe grab an adaptor and invest in m lenses.

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