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  • Replied in More Zoom Please
    Hello, my name is Dodge_Rock, and I'm a zoomaholic.  There's never enough zoom to satisfy me. :-) Kidding aside, It'll be quite a feat if Nikon can beat the P900 and keep price within reason. I'm ...
  • Hey, I like using bird-watching scene mode.  It focuses fast and seems to produce best results on most occasions.  Use single shot mode - minimizes camera lag. But really, all settings work well ...
  • Excellent timing - it's rare for anyone to see a buck shedding velvet, much less a huge mule deer buck.  It takes less than 24 hours for all the velvet to fall off for most bucks. Next time you ...
  • Amazing your image was 10 miles.  That's just wow.  Macro works well with superzoom cameras; you can almost get to nano level with a close-up filter and high magnification. I agree with the ...
  • Replied in Least Grebe
    I think Hurricane Harvey blew this bird north several hundred miles.  It sure is small and relatively calm.  I was holding a travel mug of coffee, had the big dog on a leash, and still managed to ...
  • All your shots are great, but this one is definitely different and my favorite.  I thought the gator had a mouthful of palm-type leaves until reading your description.  Gators gotta eat too!
  • If everyone could produce final results like Aisse's, then there would be no reason for any other camera, period. I wish SOOC looked like his photos.
  • Replied in exif
    Definitely rare to find bling unless in an enclosure. There's usually a box to check in your processing software to include exif when exporting.
  • Scene mode 'bird-watching' seems to work best for me(in bright light), finds focus fast and results are usually clear.  Also drop EV to -0.3 for most shots and if using burst, choose Low and don't ...
  • Replied in exif
    Boid bling!  Great find. rat, how about turning exif on?  Might help others optimize settings.
  • Amazing that people are still discovering & posting about a two year old camera.  You would think better technology would've rendered this one obsolete by now. It really is about the reach.  P900 ...
  • Now you can see if you have a screw loose up top.  :)
  • Digital zoom can be turned on/ off in the menu. Optical/digital bar appears on display if turned on.
  • "Another three hours or so and I will finally be able to try this out." Battery should be just about ready for your first "bridge camera", or superzoom shoot. You already have the small Sony and ...
  • Replied in RAW with P900
    Great "hack" tip. RAW now available to P900. It's only a matter of time before Mr & Mrs Adobe turn this into a one button operation for all cameras that shoot jpeg only. Need someone to create this ...
  • Replied in Maybe
    As long as you understand the operational differences between the two, it's all good.  I have Sony DSLTs & Mirrorless and prefer shooting with the much better EVFs, buttons and overall faster ...
  • KJ, I'll second Marti's Marvelous!  Best eclipse images I've seen!!
  • Some of the Nikon execs saw your photos and realized this photo making machine was way underpriced. Either that or they'll run it on sale for $499 USD next week and claim $200 off! :)
  • Hey KJ, your shot gives a whole new meaning to "big bird" - what a whopper! Beautiful bird & image - I want to find some of these dudes, maybe this winter in West Texas! Great shots!
  • I've used it on Sony DSLTs and it's a nice, quick way to set exposure. P900 doesn't have it, or if it does, I haven't found the secret button yet. You could try exposure bracketing in P,S or ...
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