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  • Canon is VERY conservative about battery life ratings. For example, I get around 1400 shots on a single EOS R stock battery. Imagine what a battery grip would give me? This is pretty normal I might ...
  • No disagreement. If you’re producing, getting paid, I didn’t want to say it, but to say it, the R5 is for people who do photography for a profession. Then again it’s an investment at that point, ...
  • Very plausible. Removing the AA filter is known to improve resolution; thus an improved filter in theory will improve output resolution. Don’t forget the R5 also gets both higher quality RF glass ...
  • Have to pull up the post but a contributor around here did a RAW comparison and it’s a 99.99%+ match. Literally. Lulich or something along those lines was the poster.
  • I gather, with how Canon does patents, said patents were the designs not acceptable in lieu of the now 100-500L and 600 and 800 DOs just launched. You never know though...
  • Lord Powershoter (funny name there), There is a reason the R5 exists, and if you know it's for your photo exhibition, once again, key term, larger than A3, of course it matters, I never said it didn't.
  • It’s priced accordingly. Good problem to have if you can afford it. I have not found it lacking in any of the data I’ve sifted through today. Nor do I expect to. If it’s speaking your language, ...
  • Well, the R5 is for that :) I'm not knocking the R5, I'm willing to be lunch folks like Dave will eventually bite. However, there are lots of things I wish too: Wish I could own every RF lens Wish ...
  • Replied in Maybe ...
    Sorta like buying two Teslas and getting 10% off? Man that's a good problem to have, if you can afford the first one. Sheesh.
  • You're saying key words here: Cropping Replace 7DII and 5D IV 8K . The R5 is a wildlife champ with it's crop-ability. Zero questions. These are all good reasons to go for the R5, and it is a superb ...
  • Nope. Hardly, I'd rather have another .5 EV of low light, half the file sizes, $1500 in my wallet, (slightly) better ISO handling, and 50g savings in weight with a traditional PASM dial. Never ...
  • The Nikon Z folks have the same corundum, as do the Sony folks... 45MP or 24MP? Except for us, it's 45MP or 20MP? The answer however, is the same... https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64123484 Li ...
  • Replied in BSI vs DPAF II
    I know DPR says it's not BSI, however, are they sure about that? Nobody has said either way... Now granted, it's not a big difference for a large surface area like the R5/R6 (FF). This is also not ...
  • Replied in At f/11, yes
    Didn't catch that. Makes sense given the nature of the lens. Thanks Helen
  • 4 stops vs 5 stops of IS. 400mm vs 500mm reach. Cost. That's what I think. It's all in the spec sheets. I've seen the samples on Canon Korea, they're really, really good from the R5, and it would ...
  • Going to say I agree with the notion of using the RF 24-105 f/4L over the kit lens as it's the camera we're testing here.

    It performs (RF 24-105 f/4L) well on the R6 and in your guys...

  • Commented on a photo in the Canon EOS R6 Sample Gallery sample gallery

    Good color

  • Replied in At f/11, yes
    At f/11, they will https://www.canon-ci.co.kr/product/Lens/rf_lens/RFTelephoto-short-f/RF600mmF11ISSTM/content/C6AE9A04988ABF816DBE854109B9F6EA https://image.canon-ci.co.kr/pds/editor/upload/produc ...
  • Replied in CFAs
    How'd you get that? And that's REALLY close. Probably same or similar CFA. Cool! Super thanks
  • Thanks. Just assumed as much on all the above, but thought I'd confirm.

    Given the MSRP, I'll be retaining my Pro-10.

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