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On article Practical HDR, Second Edition (54 comments in total)

What's all this stupid argument against HDR all about? What do they think Ansel Adams did in black and white if it wasn't tone-mapping and why do you think that, just before he died, he said he wished he'd be be around for the evolution of HDR in digital photography so that people could finally "see reality."

Seems to me that one of the qualifications of a great photographer is that she be as observant as possible. So how can anyone look at what comes straight out of the camera and onto a screen or paper as being anything but sadly lacking in tonal 4-5 f-stops worth of shades of brightness and vibrance??

Now, it's also true that art is art...and all a matter of interpretation. Sometimes "leaving out information" makes what's "left over" grab more attention. But that should be the photographer's creative choice...not some excuse for not understanding the potential of technology.

Blah, blah, blah...

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I have long been wanting a "take it anywhere in any weather" camera that was pocketable, but it still lacks the one thing that it needs the most: RAW. Especially when shooting in less-than-ordinary conditions such as underwater and in crummy weather or flying dust. A slightly larger sensor would help, too.

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Will it work on the iPad2? Lots of iPhone Apps will.

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On article Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad (43 comments in total)

Given the limitations of memory and speed for a pad, it's never going to be the best place for processing images. But it's a great mechanism for communicating with your images on-line or via social media...especially when you're "on-the-run" and have no time or space for a computer. Use a camera connection kit and a portable 500GB hard-drive.

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