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  • I owned the M3, and I personally don't think the M6 feels cheaper or lower quality. As far as the dials, I can change all with my thumb; however, the ISO dial seems a little easier to change, ...
  • Replied in Milky Way
    Very nice!  What lens?
  • Replied in Correction...
    No problem!  Your pictures indicated your point beautifully,
  • Sadly my 15-45 does suffer from soft center at the long end when wide open. But my 18-55 doesn’t, so maybe that is a candidate. Indeed!
  • I usually shoot Av mode; with the 15-45 and 18-55 my tendency will be to go long and wide open, and sadly these lenses are at their worst with those settings. But yes, it's hard to beat those for size.
  • Did you mean short here? Looking at your photos below, if I were to do a single lens, I am leaning  towards a longer low light lens for the bokeh.  Longer as in 50mm or more... Definitely not!  To ...
  • Created discussion thread What lenses for wedding?
    Attending an afternoon/early evening wedding soon, and am thinking of bringing the M6. Having a hard time choosing lens or lenses. I don’t intend to photograph the ceremony or formal photos -- ...
  • As I was first reading the review, I thought “this seems cool” and was happy. Then it dawned on me that this was a April 1 joke, so I was sad. Then I realized there are products that do this, so...

  • Replied in M3 vs M6 ?
    I had the M3. I sold it and got the M6, and was glad I did. Part of this is due to the better AF (which isn’t important for you),  but part is due to generally increased snappiness and more ...
  • Yes. I have the original EVF. I do find it useful on my M6 when trying to use long lenses handheld. The Tamron 150-600, for instance, is quite the challenge to use without it. The EVF is also ...
  • Over the holiday break I brought both the 18-200 and the 22 with me; there were cases where I was glad to have the latter. Mostly lower light situations where the 18-200 hunted a bit too much for ...
  • I think there's room for both those "nerds" with their fancy equipment and those who can make great movies with their phones.

  • My favorite travel lens for the M6 (and previously the M3) is the Tamron EF-M 18-200mm. I have at times brought the 22mm with me as well, but it's definitely not as versatile so doesn't get as ...
  • I'm usually down to a single notch by 300-400, but in certain cases I have been able to eek out much more. For instance at an evening rock concert where I set the brightness of the display to low ...
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    M6, with the Tamron 18-200mm as my most used lens, followed by the 22mm f/2. I also have a Sony HX50V as my "other other" camera, sitting the in glove compartment of the car, just in case. Ali
  • Agreed with the article. I dislike the idea of paying monthly to get at my library.

  • I find the M6 with long lens (in my case the Tamron 150-600 G1) usable, provided I have the EVF attached. The EVF makes a big difference; without it the combo is very hard to use hand held. There ...
  • The few times I used my Tamron 150-600 G1 with the M6 it worked pretty well — no issues.  I did exercise the long end as well as wide. Generally in reasonable light. Ali
  • Seems fine to me for dpreview to post this. I don't get a chance to look at a lot of sites or youtube, so without this news item I would have likely not seen this, at least for a while. Yes, it...

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