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dccdp: Well, this is what you get when you promote a culture where management is a profession on its own, where "leaders" worship the myth of "managing" abstract "resources", and have zero experience in the industry/art/field specific to their organization.

Amen to that brother! That kind of thinking brought about the demise of manufacturing in North America and now when they want to bring it back it's extremely difficult to find anyone qualified.

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star shooter: Take away ALL digital devices and go back to film then see how many can produce a good photo. Those skills were lost when digital came in. Back when I was PJ we used TRI X and as a cadet, we spent 6 months in the darkroom learning the art.

Newspapers hung on to their staff. This is how they grew, not just producing good news and pics but loyalty form their staff. Not now. Kids coming out of Uni into journalism don't have to be trained in the art of photography. They just pull out their Iphone, a Blackberry or a Tablet and take a pic.

What's happened in the US is happening all around the world. Over here in Australia, News Ltd has sacked 1000's of photogs and journos. Instagram, Iphone Ipad pics are now being taken cadet journos.

The days of news print is numbered. Online news, video, streaming to your Tablet, Iphone, Ipad is becoming the norm and will be increased as we embrace the world of hi technolgy and digital imaging.

One can learn sooo much rom the few "Likes" he gets on his photos...

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Andrew Maltzoff: I used to work for Tower Records when vinyl was kicked out by CD's, which are now almost a thing of the past. Yet people still listen and apreciate music with more people being able to produce them..
Photojournalism is the same. Times are changing, the skill and passion hasn't. If anything it's an open market where anyone, if they're good enough can be part it.
The only danger is the overall standard of Photojurnalism could diminish without a level to aspire to become.
Interesting times ahead!!!!

Unfortunately, most people CAN'T do more than one thing at a time yet they insist they can. I'm driving to work every day...

Worse, the technology and the social media brought us an inability to focus without precedent in history. Nowadays the vast majority of people have major trouble focusing on doing ONE thing right.

That's the beauty of physical media. I can read a book without being bothered by Facebook status updates of people I don't even know in real life flashing insistently on a corner of my page. I might even pop up the odd LP on my turntable for a nice background and when it ends I have to get out of my chair, stretch a bit then go and flip it over so it's healthier too...

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Ak pinxit: Well , somehow I have a feeling , that after a while , the paper will acknowledge that it's need its' own man with high-end equipment on the spot .
Surely the photo-stuff will be reduced drastically , but after couple of misses ( like unfit noisy JPGs from smartphone instead of 100mm L lens...) couple of photo guys will find their way back to office .

It's the monkey behind the shutter that's important not the the actual hardware. You need people that can effectively tell a story. People who know how to get in the right spot at the right moment at the right focal length with workable exposure settings.

You might not need L glass but a properly trained you actually do.

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On article What The Duck #1390 (41 comments in total)

I never realized people in here can be THAT dense. The comments... Oy Vey!
It's a comic strip people. If you don't find it funny, move along...

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charliechappy: I've just been to a "Comsol"-seminar and learned how they make use of a subscription-system there. And this would be the only system i'd ever use:
You pay for a lifetime-licence but get only 12m of full support. After that you may pay 20% of the price again for another 12m of full support. If you don't, your programm will still work like before but if you find any more bugs you may keep them for your own. Considering that the software has major updates onces every 6m this sounds like a fair deal to me. But seriously: 20€/m is way to much for me.

Most CAD will work that way... It's still a ripoff for a single reason. The new version files are always proprietary and won't open with any of the old versions. While this is fine and dandy and one could argue there's new functionality and so on, somehow they leave out the "save as older" options out. In a supply chain, when one upgrades everyone down that chain has to as well...

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riveredger: Thinking aloud ... I think the way a lot of these posters feel is the way most people feel when they get the bill from their wedding photographer

How many weddings did you shoot riveredger? Just curious...

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erichK: I already find Adobe's monopolistic and innovation-killing ways of doing business reprehensible. I buy software to do, and continue to do, a job for me. I want to be free to move on and choose another application and vendor when appropriate.

The degree to which corporate behemoths like Adobe and Apple have been able dominate the applications market stifles competition and new ideas and already ties the computer user into endless upgrade treadmills.

Having to continually pay "rent" to feed such bloated megacorporations will only make things worse.

I will be looking hard for alternatives, and urge others to do so.

Apple? Everything on my mac is paid for and ready to go and work even if I go to Antarctica for the next 5 years (which I should, just to avoid interruptions and catch up with all the work)...

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William Carson: The above poll is frustrating in that only one option can be chosen. Actually, all except the last choice I would be selecting:

Having to repeatedly pay to retain access
Adobe's pricing is too high
The need to occasionally connect to the Internet/Cloud
Uncertainty over future of Adobe or pricing

Right on!

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1841 comments in total)

Way to alienate your legitimate users Adobe. The guys who did not pay will STILL not pay.
And this supposed difficulty in supporting two versions is total BS. Who the hell asked for the Creative Cloud to begin with? 10% of the customers? If it's soooo difficult and nightmarish to support two versions why not drop the one that's used less?
There's no truck in the market big enough to fill the gaps in Adobe's logic.

P.S. If LR goes to the cloud as well I'll bid goodbye to Adobe forever. I've always faithfully updated both LR and Aperture. Time to go mac only I think...

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Deer in headlights ?

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Great! Now I can waste ALL my time on FB !

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jm67: Ugh. Yes, I'm the only guy on the planet who's not a fan of facebook.

Count me in mate.

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"images are sharper and appear more three dimensional" ? (D4)
Never laughed harder in my life! Truly worthy to be published a day earlier (on April Fool's)

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I hoped to finally have Focus+Release priority in AF-S mode on my D3s... no such luck... :-(

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Looks mighty tasty... it will go well with my 85mm f/1.4 Sigma (another cracking lens)

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Loved it!

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