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On article Nikon D850 Review (2047 comments in total)

I have 2 questions for something that wasn't addressed altogether:

1. The D810 offered a split screen for checking global sharpness that worked only in landscape position. Does D850 offer the split-screen also vertically?
2. Focus peaking was discussed only in relation to video. I would like to know whether it can be enabled in live view still shooting?

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d10694: It would be even better if I had one that worked, I bought off Amazon, the Led unit was not recognised by the AD200, so I sent it back. And looking at the Amazon comments, I was not alone.

It works fine, after a firmware update. It can be downloaded from their website.

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tmawest: It looks like a "carbon copy" of the MeFOTO GlobeTrotter.

Mefoto is owned by Benro ;)

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zsedcft: Buy a couple of your favorite lowepro bags before these guys trash the quality. My compuday25 is my favorite backpack because you can fit a D800+16-35mm f/4 in the side bit (although I usually carry my RX1 if I'm not going out specifically to shoot) and still have space for a jacket, laptop, some food and filters. Sad day for the industry. It is built like a tank and I have used if every day for about 5 years.

I guess that this is the reason I was able to get a Gorillapod SLR zoom for $30 from BestBuy.

entoman Did you buy the new ones at ebay or locally ? If its from ebay then most likely its a fake. If its genuine - send it for repair to your local distributor.

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Tamrac... now Lowepro. ;(
Since their "merge" with Gura Gear the new line of Tamrac bags (beside the G26/32 backpacks) are much less rugged and due to new materials look rather cheap. Prices didn't change though.

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duchamp: Interestingly, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 with 88 points each were omitted from this list. Oneplus 5 with 87 points as well as Meizu Pro 6s and LG G6 with 85 and 84 points respectively are also not there. But it was important to feature the Iphone 6 with below 80 points on that "Top 10 list".
Biased opinion?! NOOOOO! :)

"one may wonder why S6 was retested first this month and not S8 as there is more interest in S8 I guess, but that is their own freedom of choice" - maybe for the purpose of this article they didn't want to show that there is any match to the new iphones?

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Interestingly, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 with 88 points each were omitted from this list. Oneplus 5 with 87 points as well as Meizu Pro 6s and LG G6 with 85 and 84 points respectively are also not there. But it was important to feature the Iphone 6 with below 80 points on that "Top 10 list".
Biased opinion?! NOOOOO! :)

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I cannot imagine their target audience. For this price one can buy 3 Godoxes AD360 that offer similar or better performance that already has a heft of modifiers and even a S-type mount for big softboxes.

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On article Updated: Nikon D850 sample gallery (317 comments in total)
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nathantw: Man, good thing the D850 is coming out. Certainly couldn't capture any of those with a Nikon FE and Kodachrome back in the day. (Rolling my eyes)

Certainly not - most likely the models weren't yet born then. ;)

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The ship from above is very nice though not outstanding and the rest is cr*p. Sorry.

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On article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X-E3 (202 comments in total)

Is battery charged by usb cable and if yes, whether it can operate while charging?

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I can understand felony offenses but why confiscate their photography equipment? Its not weapons or dangerous substances.

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On article Opinion: DJI has abandoned professionals (406 comments in total)
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Russell Evans: Someone uses a drone to break out of prison, ... I can see the manufacturers needing to protect the market by imposing restrictions.


Someone uses drones to carry explosives exactly to the enemy's locations.

It could be terrorist attacks on civilians in cities. Suicide terrorists could become history.

Let alone terrorists I would not want to be always on alert that smth that should not be there may fall on my head due to malfunctioning/pilots error.

So in my opinion if you want to fly drones do it in the middle of nowhere.

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mr.izo: how is focus breathing on this thing etc? probably something like 25-250 mm usable..

Focus breathing usually occurs on the closest distances of the bigger end. This lens is an all around lens meaning "a little bit of everything but nothing perfectly". ;) But if you care for focus breathing you will be better with a macro lens.

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Gatoraied: For people that actually use every piece of gear they own and use them until they wear out , like me, this is a very interesting travel, hiking etc lens. One lens and you can shoot landscapes and zoom in on distant wildlife. I travel the country shooting wildlife & landscapes and typically hike or canoe into remote places but also lugging heavy glass. This lens can be of outstanding value on such outings. In a few months after issue this lens will be under $600.00US which quite frankly is amazing. Nikons 80-400 won't shoot most landscapes and costs 4 times as much. This is good for both amateurs and many pros.

I think it should be compared to Nikon 18-300, not the 80-400.

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digiart: With 18-400mm zoom range, image quality will probably be low. Hope Tamron releases modern 55-300 or 70-300 for APS-C, since Nikon newest offerings are not compatible with most older camera bodies.

Why would you like a newer lens for an older body? The Tamron 70-300 VC is on par with Nikon 70-300 VR and both perform greatly on 12-16mp sensor cameras. Why pay more for resolution older cameras won't be able to take advantage of?

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On article Report: Ricoh announcing cost cuts in face of crisis (326 comments in total)
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RonHendriks: Ricoh-Imaging is a money loosing business for Ricoh. In the last yearly report they took an impairment and a write-off of 9,4 billion yen. Ricoh bought Pentax for 10 billion yen in 2011. The camera business never made so much profit in the last 6 years, so leaving Ricoh with a loss on the current camera business in Ricoh-Imaging.

Last quarter was for Ricoh-Imaging the one with the lowest quarterly sales since the ownership of Pentax since 2011.

The current quarter may be even lower. For the financial books it is going to see grim! This first quarter of the new financial year starting april 1th 2017 will be compared with the quarter one year ago. That was the one with the introduction of the K-1. It could well be that sales will be cut in half! Not something that investors like to see.

We will see soon how that works out with presentation of figures early august.

I don't know about the rest of the world but here in Israel sales of Pentax cameras goes extremely bad. From the beginning of the year the store I work in has sold only one body with a couple of lenses. This is awful by any standards. For a comparison for the same period we sold (among other bodies) 10- D810s, 20- D750s, 16- 5D M3s, 10- 5D M4s, 25- 6Ds, 5- XT2s and a great amount of lenses for them. I hope in other countries Pentax sales are better.

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Nukunukoo: Dear Cambo, can you also do the same for X-Mount? Much appreciated! =)

rdupre, is there at least a Fujifilm tilt-shift lens? Put aside the twist movement.

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tinternaut: I like it that $10 is considered hefty, for a bit of software today.

$10 for the final product is reasonable, but a beta version should be free.

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CQui: Does it take into account mountains in the way and location altitude to calculate real sun set time?
Does any one know an app or web site doing this?

I use suncalc.net for years

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