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So more evidence of water?

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Kilrah: Looks pointless - too big to be used as a phone, too small to be comfortable to use as a camera like a mirrorless is.

? It's only slightly larger than the iPhone 7+ ... which is very comfortable in my small hands. I returned a FujiFilm X-T20 for being too small and got the X-T2 instead.

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It's what we do, but our cameras cost more. Not to mention $90K lenses!

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And if you have an APS camera, look at the Rokinon 12 mm F2.0 for wife, fast AND inexpensive. Being that wide you don't need AF and IS.

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cshyde: Just what the world was waiting for. A better way to annoy people with selfies.

Crawl back under your rock

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Meanwhile the lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank

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LOVE my iPhone 7+. The 2X lens is so useful! And combined with Portrait mode it's capable of stunning results. It nice being able to instantly "zoom" in while shooting video.

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Just set your 35 mm lens to F8 and the hyper focal distance.

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Haha, already exists for micro 4/3'rds cameras. The Olympus 15 mm Body Cap lens. F8.0 and it has an optional close-up setting. It's equal to a 30 mm. I personally prefer slightly wider.

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How about using the

handheld with up to 5+ stops of IS?

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When are they going to get it! We don't want video conferencing!

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Must be reversed! Very well done

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I just want to know how much leg room I have!

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On article Nikon announces prices for 100th Anniversary products (114 comments in total)

Yawn ...

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FlyinDoc: When and if the RX100M5's OSPDAF sensor gets added to RX10M4 (which is inevitable, the way Sony upgrades products), wouldn't that be a great camera for shooting wildlife and birds, for less than the cost of even a medium telephoto FF lens?

They are getting buried by the Nikon P900 in Birding photography. I have one but am also waiting for the mk4

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On article 2017 Roundup: Enthusiast Long Zoom Cameras (278 comments in total)
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caterpillar: A surprise to see the FZ-1000 with a Gold. That and the RX10 II were my shortlist. I got the FZ-1000 because it cost half of the RX10 ii (U$520 vs U$1,080) in our country.
I am very pleased with my fz-1000. It has its weaknesses and faults, but 95% of the features and performances, in many ways, erases the negatives.

What would interest me is how Sony, Panasonic would innovate again and introduce something different using 1" sensors aside from the long zoom and the small compact RX100's/LX10-15. I wonder if a medium compact 1" sensor camera with a 24-50mm 35FF equivalent at f1.4 straight (or even f1.8) would sell?! How about an 18-35 f1.8 35FF equivalent? That would be an interesting.

That's what ND filters are for. No way to have a native 10 iso. Note that professional digital movie cameras have a native ISO of around 800 iso! That is where we have the greatest dynamic range. We shoot around 400 if we need an ultra clean image for VFX ... sometimes

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On article Pinhole Pro DSLR lens is on Kickstarter (39 comments in total)

Ordered mine. I use to make my own. Drill a hole in a body cap, glue hammered brass foil over it ... it's important that the edge of the hole be super thin ... paint black and drill a tiny hole. I had a set of tiny model maker drill bits. One could even make multiple apertures to bet a Multi image prism effects.

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But long lenses don't need curved sensors

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