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On article 2016 Roundup: Consumer Long Zoom Compacts (71 comments in total)

My Nikon P900 has replaced my spotting scope. When I'm shooting by myself it becomes my spotting partner Together with it's built-in slow mo plus some added slowing down using the free GoPro Studio support and one gets some interesting videos:

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cosinaphile: imagine what they could achieve . with a sensor bigger than ?...well tiny...
a premium phone with a 17 sq mm sensor tells me apple isn't even trying to lead anymore

You do realize that the lens would have to be much larger ... which would be a FAIL!

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Konstantin Mineev: DxOMark's Scores:
Iphone7 = 86
Iphone6s plus = 84
Iphone6, 6s = 82
Iphone5s = 76
Iphone4s, 5 = 72
Iphone4 = 50

Only two points better than its predecessor, and slightly worse than competitors, but tone of words like "awesome, great, best"

Well yeah they have to leave headroom for the 8 and onwards ...

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Jostian: sensor quality doesn't mean great IQ, unfortunately, the 7's photos are just mush with huge amounts of NR and over-processing, not impressed at all, was hoping Apple would sort out the IQ but seems not. Great on the phone screen but zooming in a bit just shows waxy/painterly textures, See here

? Shoot RAW/DNG with the free Lightroom Mobile.

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photo perzon: I recently took some pictures in a dark restaurant with the 7Plus, and was not impressed with the loss of detail. I'd like to introduce noise but sharpen the picture. Any ideas? And how to take pictures at my preferred speed, the phone is choosing very low speeds.

"Choosing very low speeds" ... well the alternative is choosing very high ISO's! I've been very pleased with the low light capability of my 7+ as compared to my 6S.

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On article Hands-on with Nikon's latest kit at Photokina (129 comments in total)

The still shooters in the movie industry are abandoning their big heavy Canon and Nikon DSLR's, which require further heavy large sound blimps, for Fuji and Sony Mirrorless cameras.

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Joe Ogiba: The new Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000 with Balanced Optical SteadyShot in 4K looks better that the Hero 5 with only electronic IS.

We pretty much only use GoPros in the movie industry. Best reliability and form factor. Only the flat'ish GoPro works for interior car window mounts. And only the GoPro allows interchangeable lenses. We used 15 on this one:

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Piotr M: Can it be attached to a gimbal on a drone and replace Hero4 ?

Give them a week ....

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HRC2016: I really dislike any product named "hero". That is a disservice to people who do heroic things to save lives.

OMG !!! Get a life ...

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Nikonandmore: Too little, too late. It's game over. The market is saturated with better offers, better cameras, more features and lower prices.. not to mention better designs because these boxie cams were heinous to start with and are dated and uglier now. And, electronic video stabilization? Are you kidding me? Stuff like the new Sony X3000R is years ahead of this in all possible ways, eats it for breakfast, burps it for lunch and s..its it for dinner. And a paid subscription service at $4.99 per month after a "free trial"? Good luck with that if they are counting it as major cash-in source of revenue. And as for their intro into the drones department, the Chinese got it covered, burried and reborn already.. no chance.

I have nothing against GoPro, maybe I am wrong and hopefully this will be the turn-around hit they so desperately need. But I really don't see this going anywhere. GoPro sat on its laurels for too long, while everyone else caught up & innovated further with lower cost offerings.

haha ... professional work is about guaranteed results. We only use GoPro's in the Biz. 24 on NISSAN, 18 on FORD ... 15 here:

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GCHYBA: Why not 1080p at 240fps?
If the image stabilization is as good as the new Sony I'd buy it. Turn my Hero4 black into a backup camera...

It's all about processing speed and heat control

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On article Petzval 58mm real-world samples (58 comments in total)
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Karroly: Not for me too...
IMHO, the purpose of blurring the background thanks to a shallow DOF is to isolate the subject from the background by :
1) creating a sense of depth
2) making the background less distractive.
Unfortunately, the swirling bokeh destroys 2)...

That's a bit of a limited view when the background can become part of the overall design

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Sactojim: Done with everything Apple. ITunes is tedious and way too slow. Last iPhone was the 6 and it was usually 2 signal bars lower than my Motorola and battery life was poor. Apple software updates have always messed up my apps. Same with iPad..poor battery, poor camera, and iTunes work around is difficult. Go visit a Apple store and see lots of people waiting in line for a tech to solve their problems. Need more storage? Sorry, no SD card slot. Combine all of this with Apple's failure to implement ANY charitable giving and you have the epitome of corporate greed.

Ah yeah ... computer anythings need to be kept up 2 date.

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Sam888: Let's get one thing straight. OIS on the iPhone 7 Plus is NOT available in telephoto mode. Come next year, it will be available in both modes on the Plus phones. The iPhone 7 is also a slower camera and not as good in low light. It's only f1.8 vs f1.7 on the Samsung.

Another thing too is that many sites have pics taken by the iPhone 7 compared to the Note 7, Galaxy 7. Many people have said the iPhone 7's pics are NOT as good as that of the 6S.

Damn ... I didn't realize the Samsungs have a faster lens!!! Too bad their batteries can only be charged to 60%

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On article Zeiss adds super-wide and tele- options to Milvus line (49 comments in total)

Must be nice ... of course those prices are CHEAP compared to what we pay for our "real" cine lenses, which is why we usually rent them! Over $20K EACH!

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On article 6 tips for shooting fall color (85 comments in total)

No mention of Enhancing filters ...

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On article 8K Helium Super 35mm sensor on the way from RED (86 comments in total)

Meanwhile almost everything in Hollywood is shot on ARRI Alexa's in 1920, LogC

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On article All about that lens: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III review (453 comments in total)
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herbert68: I'm not sure what to make of this enthusiastic review. I had this camera for about ten days and loved the zoom a lot. That is until I downloaded the first patch and looked at it on my large screen. I was not impressed. Actually I was disappointed. I guess I had expected much better IQ, coming from my a6000 with an SELP18105G attached.

But I couldn't give up after a few hours of backyard shooting, right? So I looked through the manual, to make sure I did nothing wrong. And went out again during mornings and afternoons, and spent some time shooting indoors as well, mostly Fine JPG.

Here is what I found:

They IQ above ISO 400 outdoor and ISO 200 indoor is not acceptable to me, noise becomes very visible above those thresholds. Maybe my camera was defective, but I really don't understand how your review can state "excellent low-light performance at high ISO". See for yourself and check out your studio scene in high ISO.

After 10 days the RX10 III went back.

? But the 6000 is a big failure for very long lens shots, w/o buying big and expensive. Everything is a compromise. Why would you get the mk3 and it's naturally slower lens, if low light is a big concern for you?

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On article All about that lens: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III review (453 comments in total)

I rented one of these and will try shooting some auto racing with it this weekend. Since I want to shoot wide open for best possible AF, is there any downside to using the electronic shutter, i.e. 1/6,400 in full full sun light? (400 ISO, f4.0, Sunny 16 Rule) I've gotten nice shoots shooting racing with my Nikon P900. Very sharp!

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But I want basic Black

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