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On article Behind the scenes: Shooting Lamborghinis in the snow (62 comments in total)

We did that in the dirt. It was gross:

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Swerky: I’m no pro, but one major issue that would stop me from thinking of mirrorless is battery performance. Now that Sony have brought that to an acceptable level, mirrorless could become the new standard sooner than we thought. Seeing what the image would look like instantly though the evf is a much quicker process, when we have an exposure compensation dial under the thumb.

The life life FujiFilm EVF’s combined with Exposure Simulation and a exposure comp dial at your thumb is a wonderful way to work. Plus a large full view and a smaller enlarged Focus area in the display, with Peaking Focus aid, and you can switch which one is larger. And of course it shows you ones Film Simulation looks. Shooting RAW one can always pull back to Neutral as a new starting point in post.

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Dominik84: Looking forward to it if I can use all my EF-Lenses (invested seriously) and the mirrorless technology offers real benefits or better performance (AF etc.). Much more important for me: Excellent bodies and usability. Just make a 5D mirrorless body with advantages over my DSLR and I will be happy :-)

Using our old large EF lenses defeats the purpose of mirrorless. You can already use EF lenses on Canon M bodies, via an adapter, but it’s an abomination.

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sirhawkeye64: I gotta give it to him, to make such a statement about his competitors. But I still don't believe him. Nikon has been blowing smoke about their mirrorless for at least a year or two, and probably more.... (ex. the DL line, which never showed up). Despite being a fan of Nikon, I still doubt that what the Sony exec has had will come true for NIkon. Now Canon... I've seen some rumors online, but until I see a finished product or at least a prototype, I have yet to believe that part too. But I think Canon is closer than Nikon (at least, from the consumer perspective) to releasing a FF mirrorless option. At least if they do, it might give Sony a bit of competition to maybe compete rather than "rule" another market (FF mirrorless).

FF Mirrorless defeats the idea of light and compact ... at least with the big heavy premium Sony lenses. FujiFilm is the only one to get it right.

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StefanD: Battery performance is not an issue for me. I'm not a pro either and don't mind if I have to switch batteries every 200-300 shots. I still remember the time when I had to switch film after 36 shots :-)
But an EVF is still an issue. Although it clearly has many advantages, it still gives the impression to be watching the scene via a television screen.
Let's hope Canon will come up with an EVF that's almost as good as an OVF...

FujiFilm already has life like EVF’s and the World best OVF/EVF hybrid.

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And all three will have big heavy lenses while FujiFilm continuous to improve on their jewel like, analog-centric beauties ...

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Leica wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Japanese and now Chinese collectors.

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On article Why brand market share shouldn't matter to you (551 comments in total)
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Relaxed: We make photography sounds so enticing, alluring, and complex.

It’s a tool. It does things. Buy whatever system fits you. Just like a car. You can get from most point As to point Bs in a Toyota, a Mercedes, and a Tesla.

But on say the many Facebook camera centric groups you will see “new” people, say “Moms,” asking which Nikonon DSLR to get to take “great” shots of their kids. They would be much better served with smaller, lighter mirrorless cameras ... that they don’t know about. In that regard, tech knowledge is very important.

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On article Why brand market share shouldn't matter to you (551 comments in total)

For decades I used Nikon’s as a Pro. When I realized I would need to upgrade my lenses to take advantage of their new bodies, I seized that moment to rent some Canon EOS gear. The difference was so great, I sold all my Nikon gear ... got great prices on eBay! Canon was by far more innovative. When you got to the end of a roll, it Auto rewound! Brilliant, in the world of fast paced sports and news! Now that I’m retired, I’m switching to FujiFilm! Their cameras are BRILLIANT! Small and light, analog dials, jewel like lenses. Even Hasselblad has dropped Zeiss for Fujinon. In the movie Biz Fujinon Premier zooms are The Best! Sony and Nikonon WHO?

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On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1379 comments in total)
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lakkot: So Fujifilm is better for video because it has IBIS and GH5s is better for viedeo because it does not have IBIS?
Which one is it?

@Lakkot ... Hand held Isn't serious?! ... go see BIRDMAN! A number of TV shows are shot hand held. Pretty serious money there ...

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On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1379 comments in total)
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Gordon7373: Removing the dedicated exposure compensation dial is an absolute deal breaker for me. Any serious photographer would realize just how important this dial is.
I intended to buy one but now I'm not!
I will wait for the rumored X-T3 and just hope the dial remains.....

The all important Compensation dial function is simply implemented differently. It hasn't gone away.

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On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1379 comments in total)

The article states that longer lens won't work as well with IBIS. This is contrary to what Olympus says about their excellent IBIS in the E-M1 mk2.

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On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1379 comments in total)
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RaghavBaijal: It might just be me, but I would really like to see Fuji shrink down the IBIS components so they can include it on the XT3 and XT30 too. I won't mind if its not as good as the one on the XH1. Even if it offers only a 2 - 3 stop advantage, its still worth having. Something is always better than nothing.

Why wouldn't the X-T3 just use the H body? There just isn't room for IBIS in the X-T2 body. You can't have IBIS without the sensor being able to move.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-H1 sample gallery sample gallery (6 comments in total)

I don't get it? What is unique about the new Fuji camera is it's IBIS. So where are the long hand held exposures?! I rented the Olympus E-M1 mk2 to try out their IBIS and was taking second long hand held exposures. Here is a 1.6 second long one:

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The world of ultra wide angle focal length and angle of view is confusing. My professional pCam app tells me that on an APS size sensor ... the horizontal field of view should be about 105 degrees for a 9 mm lens. Fisheyes for APS sensors can range from 8 mm to 6.5mm, yet they both claim 180 degrees of coverage. I wonder if the claimed 113 degrees of angle of views is for the Diagonal?

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On article Sony is working on high-sensitivity dual-camera setup (37 comments in total)
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SimenO1: The laws of physics still apply. Sensor size, aperture and lighting conditions is what counts.

But you have to add in processing these days

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras under $500 (153 comments in total)
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Badrottie: Is SuperZoom digital camera officially DEAD? I am still waiting for Canon to come out with new SuperZoom bridged-dSLR camera!

My Sony RX10 mk4 is BRILLIANT!!! And it goes beyond it’s optical 600 to 1,200 NOT BY JUST CROPPING but by adding interpolated pixels. World class AF that can perfectly follow a dog running right at you. Check out our Facebook group to see lots of samples

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras under $500 (153 comments in total)
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NicoPPC: "Very good Raw image quality expected"

X-A5. Although I pretty much trust Fuji doing something good.. isn't it a bit early to dray conclusion if you did not have the camera in office ?

There other reviews that are already out. The A3 is a known quantity, and we know it’s going to be better then that.

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras under $500 (153 comments in total)

Ridiculous that the A5 isn’t available in BLACK?! I would buy it instantly to replace my X-M1 that just stopped working. :-(

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THIS is a Rally Close Call!

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