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sunnycal: 1.6 billion units? Are these cameras we are talking about?

The initial DPR post had Billion. It has been corrected since.

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1.6 billion units? Are these cameras we are talking about?

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No mic port is a deal breaker. I was ready to ditch A6300 until I noticed this.

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jimkahnw: I was hired as a contract worker to demonstrate the QT100 to customers visiting ComputerTown, in suburban Boston. As a professional photographer, I thought the camera was completely inadequate. 24 shots, as I recall, filled the memory, dismal dynamic range, no exposure control of any kind, not even +/- compensation, fixed lens. If some one came into the store to ask about the camera I would demonstrate it, but on one did. As I look back, I should have said something to the product team and suggest improvements. Then maybe today I'd be a big-deal photo guru. But, I won't play the what-if game.

You just played it! 👏

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Why no touch screen, Sony? You have to leave a fly in ointment!

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On article Samyang introduces full-frame 20mm F1.8 ED AS UMC (159 comments in total)

NX mount!

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sunnycal: How about satisfying people who prefer Bayer filter?

I have seen dpreview samples but note my words "I only know what I can see in my files". There is a difference between 2D test scenes and real life images.

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sunnycal: How about satisfying people who prefer Bayer filter?

I have no reason to believe that XT10 or XT1 are any different as they all have same sensor. X-Pro2 and XT-2 should be better but not to the extent that equivalent Bayer sensor are.

The problem is the X-trans color filter. While a 6x6 Bayer CFA contains 18 green photo sites, X-trans contains 20. That in itself might be a minor issue though. The bigger issue is that four of those are clustered in the middle. Which means that the center 2x2 gets no color information.

Also you need to resolve a full 6x6 pixel matrix to get full details as that is the basic unit of X-Trans. If you have details that are smaller ( e.g. that might fit in a 3x3 or 4x4 matrix) it will not fully resolve in terms of color. Same applies for details that overlap small parts of multiple blocks.

Don't get me wrong, I love Fuji color rendering and lenses. That is how this discussion started. If they will just introduce X-E or X-T type camera with Bayer filter, they will be able to "satisfy" many other people!

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sunnycal: How about satisfying people who prefer Bayer filter?

1. I don't know. Didn't shoot.
2. Not a very productive way.
3. I will give you this point in terms of LR. However, the output of Fuji's own SilkyPix is not very satisfactory (not that I will use it on a regular basis). Capture One gets the details right, but color output is poor.
4. I only know what I can see in my files, and that is that whereas I have never had trouble seeing individual blades of grass, or leave veins on any APS-C or FF sensor, I have trouble getting that detail out of X-E1 files when objects are more than 5-10 feet away. Same goes for fine texture on flower petals.
5. Good for them and their users. I will be happy to get X-T2 if I can figure out a way to get good output from their files.
6. At the cost of details? Yes. I would take the details any day and denoise myself to the extent I want.

Link | Posted on Jul 15, 2016 at 23:30 UTC
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sunnycal: How about satisfying people who prefer Bayer filter?

Not true. For one the most popular Raw processor can not handle the X-Trans files.

Moreover, the X-trans gathers more luminance information then color information. While that is great for B&W or details in black/white objects (e.g. resolution charts), the color contrast (and thus acuity) takes a hit.

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How about satisfying people who prefer Bayer filter?

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bernardly: The worst thing for any public company is for it to be in the jaws of greedy shareholders. This is Yahoo's predicament. Marissa Mayer has made substantial improvements to Yahoo and they are a profitable company. What do greedy, uppity shareholders know about technology? If they are not content with their investment in Yahoo they should sell their shares and invest elsewhere. The problem is not CEO Marissa Mayer, it's large prima donna investors, and she should resist pandering to them.

I have long maintained that for a public company looking to do a successful turn around, going private is the best option (like Dell and many others did). Neurotic Wall street investment managers living on pepto-bismal will never let the company execute any long term strategy.

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Lights Perfection: Well done Michael! Absolutely love your photos! Lived here in Idaho for almost 12 years now and never looked back (lived in Abu Dhabi/Dubai). Indeed California is bigger and beautiful, but Idaho has it's own charm. Idaho is blessed to have good weather all year round (yes, that includes winter) too. We don't have a lot of earthquakes, drought, forest fires (we get them once in a while), flooding and standard of living isn't as high as Cali. :-)

So, in short, nothing interesting happens in Idaho☺

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Idaho is beautiful, but California is a big state. You don't have to go out of California to get this scenery (in Sierras and Shasta). You also don't have to go out of state to get cheap rent. Just move out of major coastal urban areas.

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El Chubasco: What's the strategy here? Can someone explain?

The strategy is that Google is not interested in updating and maintaining Nik collection. They have not released a new version since the acquisition. Now that the code base is old and really behind, they are offering it for free. At some point this will be sol old that no body will bother even for free. It will go like Picasa and many other Google acquisitions have gone.

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (273 comments in total)
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Bernard Carns: Will the Samsung talk forum go the way of the Kodak SLR talk forum?
Interesting how there is still talk there.

People still own samsung cameras and those cameras are not going to stop working any time soon, and FWIW samsung cameras and lenses are still available new at all major retailers.

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thamer08: Only 265 g for 30mm 1.4 !
thats really light prime with super fast aperture

Yes, but the Sigma covers APS-C circle (and I hope that it covers 80% of FF circle like some other lenses)

Link | Posted on Feb 23, 2016 at 07:19 UTC

"Features 9 elements / 7 groups, Minimum Aperture: F1.6, 52mm filter thread, Minimum Focus Distance: 11.8in, Weight: 9.3oz, Dimensions: 2.6x2.9in."

Min aperture f1.6? What am I missing?

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Mssimo: I think the number 4 is thought to be unlucky in Japan if I remember correctly. Maybe that is why the skipped D400 name. No idea why they kept D4 and others.

That did not stop Nikon from releasing D4, neither did it prevent Samsung from releasing Galaxy S4.

IMHO, Nikon is simply bringing the numbering to current level, or else it may sound last years model.

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On article Here at last: Nikon announces D500 (1174 comments in total)
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sunnycal: No built-in flash is a bummer. Now photographers need to carry an external flash or the wireless module for wireless control. Having a built-in flash is great advantage in a lot of scenarios.

I have never had to tape it down, whether I am using it or not. In any case, I would rather tape it down than not have it.

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