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weldonb: The default noise reduction settings in C1 are great for digital backs but way too strong for the X-Trans files. Try cutting the settings in half (or more.) You can get much better results than images above.

I'd add to that :
lower sharpening threshold to .6/.8,
enhance sharpening amount.

The images will still lack a bit of detail compared to Silkypix or the jpg, so you can increase clarity using : punch / structure about 20.

Unfortunately, Noise reduction tend to produce that waterpastel effect.

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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (620 comments in total)

Some people invest 11K$ in a Leica + Lens to take boring flower pictures (just check out flickr groups). Some people do photo books with an iPhone (check out "I Dubai" from Joel Sternfeld).

The opposite is equally true; i'm just surprised to see the same debate going on with every camera release.
If i want to be better at taking pictures, i go out and take pictures and learn by looking at great photographer's work.

Camera doesn't matter, commitment does. It's so obvious that we tend to forget it.

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