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  • So, correcting wrong statements is useless?  Explaining that each shot and each person is specific is useless?
  • What anger?
  • First of all, there's no such thing as "perspective correction".  Perspective is based on one thing only - the location from which the shot is taken. Changing projection to create a look you like ...
  • I know - I agreed. You lose pixels but if you start with a pano you might be starting with many more. You don't create artifacts unless your software is beyond terrible. And shifting a tilt shift ...
  • Perhaps for you.  It's common for me to see plenty of DOF on the rear screen (even with magnification) and not nearly enough on the final image on my 40" 4k.
  • Agreed - or maximizing it for the worst case, perhaps. I think they're closer to binary - either everything's in focus or there's some visible range of DOF.  I might not know how much, but some limit.
  • The point is, software can geometrically map any geometry into another geometry, so it's certainly possible to map any ordinary lens (including its own geometric properties) into the shifted ...
  • But you'd have to magnify it up to just the right degree to match the way the final image will be viewed. And that might not even be known at the time of shooting. It's still a matter of matching ...
  • This has exactly nothing to do with the viewfinder.
  • EVFs don't show you the DOF well. Zooming in changes the DOF (shrinks it), even without changing aperture or any other setting.
  • DOF is dependent not only on shooting situation and settings but also on the way the image is viewed.  Therefore, it's not determinable at shooting time because different viewers will see ...
  • It's actually quite easy.  You just have to optimize for positions and translations instead of the usual parameters (and there's a preset for that).  If you know how to use Hugin, it's a snap.  If ...
  • Yeah, it's like 20mm-equivalent or wider.  But is the distance fixed?  Maybe.  And 20mm isn't that wide for an ILC.  I have four lenses that could do it on my APS-c camera (10-18, 10-22, 10-17 ...
  • Well, we don't know what camera it is.  This isn't that wide for an ILC but there aren't that many 1/2.3" ILCs so we kind of need to know that.
  • This isn't small - 700mm x 300mm is within the normal range for almost any lens.  On such a small sensor, it's a magnification near 1:100.
  • That depends on what subjects you shoot. What if you're a deep-sky-astrophotographer?  That's a subject where having a tracking mount with a tracking system is pretty essential.  If you don't have ...
  • When the gear is capable of getting all the images you want to get, at the quality you want to get them, that's enough. For some, a 5-year-old cell phone will do that.  Others may need some very, ...
  • Replied in Yes - that
    Exactly, but I don't change the geometry of a person's body or add/remove scene elements, unless it's pretty minor (like cloning out a wayward hair).
  • I never started. Me neither.  Well, I'm very creative about technical solutions to technical problems, but I'm not artistically creative. Exactly the same for me. Yup.
  • No, it's not. And I don't - ever. I NEVER do that.  I shoot specific events or activities - vacations, weddings, etc.  My Lightoom library is organized by event since I never just go out shooting ...
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