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Shooting photos for about 30 years (with a little hiatus in my twenties), I am an "aspiring" art photographer with a little experience shooting products, portraits, fashion, weddings, glamor, landscapes and various other stuff.


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It would have been interesting if it worked out well and there were pet/working eagles around every major airport in the World in a few years. I think it could still happen. They just have to get smarter eagles. Maybe they need to make GMO eagles.


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HowaboutRAW: Tommi K1:

Sure seems like not having to worry about focus would help with sports photography--in some future iteration.

And another DPR doubled post, imagine in Amazon just doubled orders so easily... would have gone out of business in 1996.

That sounds pretty cool. Sony or Nikon should buy their tech and make a sports camera that roasts the competition for shooting news video and stills.

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Bobthearch: It seems spiteful to cancel the online sharing service. Considering they undoubtedly have a website server still, the cost of maintaining the sharing site was just about $0. Maybe no one was using it?

Yes, I have a hosting account with BlueHost. It cost me $150 for three years. That's less than $5 per month. I'm hosting two sites on it so far (one for a client and two for myself), and they are all faster than Amazon, if I remember correctly. (I tested the speed compared to a bunch of famous sites, like Facebook, which is really fast, Google, which is faster,, which was the fastest, American Airlines at, which is pretty slow,, and a bunch of others.) It's a shared hosting platform. The platform Lytro used might have cost them a bit more, but they still need a website today, right? I'm sure they have plenty of space on the platform they have. If not, they could have exported their sharing site and put it on a hosting server like mine, most likely. They probably just didn't want to go through the expense, which might have cost a few grand. This is all speculation though. We have no idea what they set up or how much money they were spending on hosting.

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damian5000: Hope these asses fail all together if they don't find someway to continue supporting these 2k hunks of otherwise uselessness.

Damian5000 "Are you saying their sales pitch didn't include anything about a sharing platform? (asking an honest question.) Just a guess that it was a fairly major draw to the purchase for some buyers. I could be entirely wrong."

The main attraction to the last Lytro camera was the fact that they made printable photos possible from lightfield cameras at an affordable price. I'm actually surprised the company discontinued them. If a company like Sony or Sigma were to pick them up, the cameras would be produce and improved for many years to come, I'm sure. Too bad Lytro couldn't continue with it. I'm glad they are at least considering the idea of open-sourcing the sharing platform.

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Open-sourcing it would be the best idea, in my opinion. They should let someone make a free plug-in for Wordpress at least.

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martuyn: idiot, accident my a....

Being a dick has obviously been good to him so far, huh?

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Yake: That did not look like an accident.

It wasn't an accident, obviously. He probably thought he was doing her a favor, because she would get better video and a story out of it. Well . . . she DID. This will help her to no end . . . and it will get the band a lot of free publicity. Win win for everyone involved, I'd say.

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TheDigitalDonbavand: Should be prosecuted for assault

She won't. She knows the truth and the truth shall set her free.


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ozturert: He was high, it seems...

You said "the other way" for sure! Whatever that means.


TSJ1927, what does PIG stand for?

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onlooker: Why is he making this "apology" without the cuffs on? Why is this weirdo being treated differently than any normal person would have been?

The police don't want to waste their time and the court's time and money in an attempt to prosecute something so insignificant, thereby feeding this publicity stunt with the food it needs to survive and grow.

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Aroart: Simply horrible.. but I bet she will get allot more work from this terrible act....

Sezano . . . here's a link for you:

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mcshan: Loser.

Winner, actually.

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yokochanie: He said sorry and he admits clearly that he has some issues in the sense that he has, he states, made a lot of mistakes, and that he is trying to be a good man.
First he needs to pay any medical bills for the poor photographer kicked. Then he needs to check himself in to some clinic and resolve these issues he has. Plus maybe a concert with all the money going to victims of violence would be a good thing as well. He said sorry, now he needs to back that up with actions. He also needs to ask himself how he would feel if his son or daughter was kicked in the face at a concert.

First, I like your idea about the concert to benefit victims of violence. Second . . . he didn't kick anyone in the face. That is a bold-faced lie. He kicked the camera. It's obvious in the video. This is all being dramatized, because . . . FAKE NEWS.

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Stefano Rugolo: He doesn't know difference of right and wrong. He surely thinks he haven't done anything wrong. Lack of education? Part of behavior of modern society?
What can be done to make this loser (best adjective surely) understand that he has done something totally wrong?

Did you watch the two-part video? I don't t think so. Watch it and then recant.

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barrym1966: A has-been band trying to get publicity. Should have called it a day 10 years ago...

Yes, but this "publicity stunt" is getting them more attention than ever, and no press is bad press, right?

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Monochrom: Like sportsmen, musicians tend to hate photographers and TV crews.
They don't seem to realize that without them, they would have little or no income.

Obviously this is not true. Musicians and sportsmen play live. The more people who go and see them live the better. If there were no photographers it would probably make things better for them. They would be in MORE demand, not less.

Besides, musicians record their music on audio equipment and then sell albums. No doubt they would do better without that too, these days, because people wouldn't be able to record them and listen to them whenever they want, so people would HAVE to go see them or listen to them live, in person, paying for tickets every time they want to hear the music/songs.

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GSD_ZA: That isn't a musician, that's a drunkard on stage

He plays pretty good for a drunk, huh?

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Phily: I don't think Gidon Kremer would have done that

I don't think Gandhi would have done that either.

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Bilbo_bobbins: Apology or not, the bloke is a top notch dick for doing that. Take him to court and that should give his wallet a good kicking

Yes. We need more court battles here in the U.S. It supports all those out-of-work judges and lawyers.


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crsantin: She should be pressing charges.

Yes. She SHOULD be. Interesting that she's not.

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