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I bet this will be a great lens despite the f6.3 spec. I own the Sigma 8-16 with FLD glass and it is just razor sharp.

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Taikonaut: Have you ever been stopped or asked what you are doing when using your dSLRs at an event while hundreds of others using P&S and phone cameras don't get hasselled? This is the reason to go mirrorless.

Ever tried to fire a studio strobe without a hotshoe or PC socket?

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Neoasphalt: Sad, that I never will consider this a great zoom in small cam - dividing megapixels with 2 would be another story...

Blasphemy, more megapixels makes one a better photographer, everybody knows that. I want a camera with a built in particle collider so I can break those photons down so small that it won't matter that I have a zillion sensors crammed into an area half the size of a postage stamp. Oh, and it should fit in my wallet. Kthxbye.

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You can have my prism when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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Something else absent from these reviews is color rendition at increasing depths. At 1 meter it's no big deal, but as one goes deeper you begin to lose the longer wavelengths. At 3 meters you've lost most of the red, and at 10 meters the yellows are gone too. I'd like to know if the white balance settings in these cameras are enough to restore the color since none of them seem to shoot in RAW.

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I'm in the market for an underwater camera, and being a Pentax shooter, I naturally was considering the WG-1, and out of all of them, I still think it's the only one that deserves to be called "rugged", but after this review I may also have to check out the Panasonic. But, how can an underwater camera that doesn't work underwater win a silver award? To me that's a glaring design flaw.

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Sweet, maybe the price of the standard version will drop in time for christmas :P

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