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  • Most of the time I am not noticed.  Sometimes they glance at me and then look away.  I move in to a proper distance. Then I might look away, fiddle with my hat or glasses with one hand while ...
  • Here are a few shots taken with the cable release in my pocket.
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  • The angle of tilt is tricky.  Different heights on my belly or lower chest change the vertical angle.  I can lean forward or back a bit or suck in my belly a bit.  After a while you get used to ...
  • Created discussion thread cable release for stealth
    I hang my GR I around my neck with a thin strap.  Camera is at lower chest height.  The cable release (CA-3) connects to the camera via the cord that came with the new camera.  The switch is ...
  • I move the focus pt using the multi controller and then use back button focus.   The focus pt jumps back to the center.  How do I prevent this reverting to the center?  Thanks in advance. Ed Canon ...
  • Replied in Editing apps
    DXO Photolab 3 works very well with U Point technology for local adjustments.  Have a look at it.  Not subscription based.
  • Thanks, Phil.  I will set it up the way you suggest, trying each method.  Much appreciate your clear explanation. There is a video of a Nikon with one focus point to the back of a head.  As the ...
  • Thanks.  What I would like to achieve is in AI Servo point the camera at, say, a slowly moving child at the beach and lock on with only one point.  Then recompose with the one point staying on the ...
  • With all those points firing I might focus behind the person.  I'd like to try to keep one point on my subject so the continuous focus stays with the subject and does not jump to something else.  ...
  • Created question thread 5dMK4 AI Servo focus points
    In the viewfinder in AI Servo I see the center point but also see blinking points around the center point. How can I turn off all points but the one center point in AI Servo?  In the menu, AF4, ...
  • Created question thread adaptor for filter
    Does the adaptor collar used to attach the wide angle lens also accept standard screw-in filters,  and if so, will a lens shade attach to the adapter with filter?  I have this set up on my older ...
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