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sharkcookie: Great timelapse shots, but those composit shots look poor. I don't mind pushing imagery to a hyper-real look. I love superhero moves, Transformers and all the CGI work that's done on those movies. I didn't expect a realistic look, but this looks just too fake and overdone and poorly matched.

Does any time lapse look realistic?

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2018 at 23:13 UTC

So many people here know how to do better, we are a very lucky group and I'm looking forward to seeing their work! Please share with us, no worry, nobody here will criticize your tastes :)
As for this, I really enjoyed it. It transports you to another state of mind when you see the New York skyline drifting about in the stars! Someday we'll have relatives and friends living over there...

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weisman: IBIS and a deep hand grip - nice! Now if Fuji could just offer a 200mm f2...

Too big for me. 200 2.8 is the max size/weight that I am willing to carry. But I can understand someone lusting for that kind of monster zoom ;)

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On article Fujifilm X-H1: What you need to know (239 comments in total)
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Vegetable Police: You guys are overselling the video features a bit. I don't think many video shooters will be gravitating over to this camera. It has some nice features, but too many drawbacks. It's heavy, no flip out screen, has laggy touch controls, severe recording limits, no zebras etc. I would choose almost any Panasonic or Sony camera over this, and even some Canon cameras. Ok that might have been too far ;)

"The video recording limit is because of EU tax laws." We hear that a lot, repeated by people who heard other people saying it. However, I don't think the rest of the world is governed by the EU tax law. Why is this camera limited to 30 minutes in USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.? What ever the reason is, it needs to change.
And the bigger body was the perfect opportunity for a larger battery. Why didn't this happen? It also needs to change.

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weisman: IBIS and a deep hand grip - nice! Now if Fuji could just offer a 200mm f2...

I'd much rather have a 200/2.8, but I think you will get your wish granted before mine.

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RadPhoto: No USB-C?

"Will" is the operative word. Right now, they don't. Once you have hands on experience with trying to find the proper USB-C cable for your specific application, you will understand what a mess USB-C really is. There are tens of different USB-C cables, all with different capabilities, and they all share the same physical plug. What a brilliant idea. NOT.

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RadPhoto: No USB-C?

What do you think USB-C has over micro USB 3.0 for a camera? The notch in the plug is pretty obvious, if cable orientation is a concern.

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pixelcollector: Shame it’s absolutely gigantic.

It is not. Compare it to a big camera.

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MrTaikitso: It's 2018 and it has no flip forward display for composing video footage from the front of the camera - ideal for vlogging or on site shootings, nor USB-C that is now a well established standard. (Am typing this on a Google Pixelbook that has two USB-C ports, and my Macbook Pro has 4, and so on.

Epic fail and wasted opportunity by Fuji. GH5 still way way better.

I think the USB-C on my laptop are an EPIC FAIL. Dongles for everything. Even your ubiquitous USB thumb drives require a dongle. Then you have cables that set your phone on fire if you have used them on your laptop before, and all the normally priced cables are USB 2.0 speed.
USB-C is a real mess and I am glad they sticked to the best.

As for your V-logging, try an external monitor and you won't go back. So many v-loggers trust their 3 in screens and end up with blurry noses and sharp walls behind them.

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EcoR1: Look and behold! First X-mount camera with good ergonomics. Was it so hard to add a proper grip?

Imagine if they also added a proper battery. But they didn't...

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just someone: wow.
Look at the size of that ugly camera!
Really Fuji?
Why mirrorless if this looks just as bif (if not bigger) than a pro/advanced APS-C dSLR?

Do you really need this explained to you?
When you buy this camera, you still have to option of owning and carrying a smaller ones that use the same lenses or even smaller ones. There. I tought you could have figured this out on your own... Having options is good, you know. The best thing for you is that you don't have to buy it if you don't want it.

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Ebrahim Saadawi: I don't really think this power is relevant for even video (4K-8K) production not to mention photos. Way too powerful to be an actual asset for the photo/video industry. For VR/augmented reality, neural networks, AI development I am sure that extra power comes in VERY handy.

As a filmmaker the base version is extremely fast (enough) for any type of video files to throw at it from light HD ProRes to 8K Redcode.

My point is, get the iMac Pro, it's awesome, just make sure you don't check too many upgrade boxes you don't NEED.

Faster is better when you do video editing, transcoding, etc. These iMacs can be too fast for our wallets, but certainly not for our workflow, especially editing 4k video in Resolve.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1632 comments in total)
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KoolKool: i use lightroom for free so i don't care! :D

^Theft... By Adobe or by Koolkool? Just curious.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1632 comments in total)
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Greg VdB: Agreed entirely with the article!

The first alternative software that implements the function to translate our old LR database (which is based on sql, so easy-peasy) into their own system will strike gold!

I see "Lightroom compatible" software becoming very popular :)

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1632 comments in total)
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steviewa: Everybody should cancel their subscriptions as that will almost kill them, then they will have to have a rethink of the subscription model, we the people have the power to change things if we stand together

Did you read their financial statements? From memory, I think they almost doubled their revenues with the subscription model! (or was it their benefits?) The cash cow got real fat real quick, so they will try to make it even fatter. Next they will try to make element a subscritpion software.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1632 comments in total)
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russbarnes: The comments below so far about subscription models are hilarious. Everyone pays for gas and electricity this way. They pay for TV, broadband and services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. But as soon as it comes to software it's somehow a concept and commodity that is OUTRAGEOUS, DISGUSTING and DISGRACEFUL and Adobe are greedy pirates?

Grow up and join the 21st Century. This is the model for everything around you now. Adobe provide by far and away the best product on the market. If you want to use sub-standard alternatives then that's your choice, but don't complain about it. I guarantee 50%+ users below will be subscribing with Adobe within 12 months.

You are right.
Myself, I have started charging my clients by the month for the pictures I sell them. When they fail to pay, I send a bailiff to remove the photos, they can keep the frame. It's hilarious to see their face! But hey! Don't they cut the gaz when you stop paying? Same thing for me. They should grow up and join the 21st century :)

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I couldn't help but think that as far as colors are concerned, the straight out of camera output of a Fuji X-T2 would have put both cameras to shame.

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bluevellet: Thanks, but no thanks, Sony.

Thanks for sharing that with the world. Food for tought, really.

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iZafer: Why not X-T20? same processor!

Exactly! I think the answer is "We want you to buy our most expensive cameras".

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Toselli: Why would I want to use the camera's processor to export jpgs if I have a 6 cores i7 at 4.5 GHz? Anyway I never liked that when I connect something to my pc it starts to charge, and I have to leave it there to finish the charge to avoid to ruin the battery... And also it is limited to usb 3.0 speed...

I believe li-ion batteries don't work that way. You will get maximum longevity of your batteries if you don't discharge them to less than 25% remaining and don't charge them over 85% of max capacity. So, plug and unplug without worry. Those are not nickel-cadmium!

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