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wolfie: Still about the worst gallery ever! You got a lens that is capable of more than 1000mm (35mm format equiv) and still not one shot where the bird is more than 1/8th of the frame!! Pathetic doesnt begin to describe the amateur rubbish thta is being displayed for this lens. Plus the snarky price comments - find a similar C or N that isnt twice the price with remotely similar specs. No wonder I am coming less and less to this site ...


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Bibbita: Reading on the Sony Page, a7iii Is not supported..

Sony wants just to sell new cameras and they don´t care about 2 year old cameras. That`s why I go with Olympus and I am more happy.

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Thoughts R Us: The iPhone has democratized photography and videography. Thanks to the iPhone and the smartphones that it inspired after it, there are literally billions of people on the planet taking photos and videos who otherwise would not with any camera.

That impact is profound. Many are enjoying photography and videography who otherwise would not. Some will blossom into very talented creators, and some of those will build careers out of that.

Then there is the social impact. Because everyone carries a camera with them, some events are documented which otherwise would not. The social justice movement has happened largely because smartphones captured racial injustice that had been happening all along. Years ago the Boston marathon bombers were caught in part due to what was captured with smartphones.

It was said that Steve Jobs wanted to reinvent the camera. With the iPhone he did just that.

I am sure that everybody in the world can aford a 1000$ phone but a 300-400$ camera is extremly expensive. Did you take your pills today?

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- slow lightning usb 2.0 port
- old design from 4,4s and 5
- fast craging with 18w lol
- the big ugly nodge is not gone
- no chargerr included
- no optical zoom
- telefoto lens has 62mm equivalent in comparison with p40 pro 82mm or samsung note20 ultra 120mm
- Li-Ion 3687 mAh vs note 20 ultra 4500mAh or Huawei P40pro + 4200 mAh
- and is the most expensive LOL!

+ as a plus... it has a very good procesor

Where is the Iphone that showed the world the new trend and new tehnologies that we want to see?
Who wahts to buy a new phone with 64Gb of memory ? LOL!

***I am totally disappointed ***

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They copy the design and ideea from Capture 1.

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On challenge Portrait (1 comment in total)

A lot of interesting portraits.
I wish you all good luck.

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What? No FF sensor?....and they dare to call it a sensor for low light :)))))))) (i need to mention that i have 2 M4/3 cameras and many lenses and I am joking here)

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I find these color to be pleasant to watch and not a cheep looking bling bling.
I own 1 silver camera from Olympus and 45mm, 75mm in silver and they look really interesting and not like the 99% of the black cameras on the market.

Let´s not forget that Nikon had a D500 and some lenses in the same color as part of the 100th years of Nikon cameras and they are so appreciated.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1719 comments in total)
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maxmarra: it is a great camera if only priced sub 800USD

A battery costs 70 + a sensor and a shutter costs maybe 600-700. How can you expect a camera that good for 800? Wake up man!

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When a pro photographer is taking a photo with a phone and is posting it, does these mean it was a professional photo?
I consider a device professional when you earn your living with it and when it can withstand more hazards then a normal device.
I wander how many people are in these category?

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV review (915 comments in total)
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perry rhodan: Have warm feelings for m43!

Had 5 oly bodies and 2 panny. Epl-1, epl2, omd10, 1, 2, omd 5,2 and panny gx80 and g9. And the oly interface drove me mad. It just didnt work for me. The panny was much better in this, but in The end the cost versus IQ and size wasnt right. FOR ME. As you can see I tried to like m43. Gave it several serious uses. In the end it didnt work out.
I really hope Olympus (and panny) wil prosper. The industry and we need the innovation they both bring. Fingers crossed!

The menus were a bit confusing on the old Olympus cameras but the M10 lll and these new one are much better. You should give it a try :)

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bufo vulgaris: My god, what a clunker... Olympus did it again: They launched a lens that is bigger, slower, longer and heavier than the panasonic counterpart.

Let's look at the numbers if we comapre it with the pana-leica 100-400-4-6.3

Weight: Pana: 985g, Oly:1120g
Diameter: Pana: 83mm, Oly 86mm.
Length: Pana: 172mm, Oly 206mm.
Speed is basically the same but let us point out that the pana begins at f4

What were they thinking?

I bet that Oly will not brake from the mount like the Pana is notoriously known for.
Plus the I.S. will be a nice feature along with a decent 1.4X convertor.
For the money will be a nice amateur lens.

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io_bg: "Offering an impressive 200-800mm equivalent range"
And an unimpressive F10-12.6 aperture ;)

IS a good lens for the price.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV review (915 comments in total)
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Coomer: This is just sad. I cant help but feel sorry for Olymous shooters.

I am happier then ever with my M1x and M10 lll. And my back pain from Nikon D850 plus 4 lenses, is also gone.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV review (915 comments in total)
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phouphou: ah well, if you want to stand out from what Smartphones offers you need to deliver outstanding IQ.
I don't see MFT is up to the task.
So the only thing left is supertele in a smallish form factor for a steep price.
Smartphones killed P&S in 2015, MFT and APSC will follow, maybe already in 2025 and 2030

In the era where people are getting cameras with 47Mpx just to post images on insta or 500px, I don´t get the need for ultra IQ.
Maybe Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson had the same problem with IQ in their time :))))))

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On article Olympus E-M10 IV sample gallery (69 comments in total)

I don´t understand why people are just starting with hate for everything new. If you don´t like the product just don´t buy it.
Are you people happier when you just write your hate or frustration?
And by the way, the camera is just a tool, if you are a bad photographer hoping a sigma ART lens will help you, then I understand the trolling.

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