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Fun to look back at these photos, now that I know who Markelle Fultz is. Go Philly & Trust the Process :)

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Cute little boy. How wonderful that his mother is encouraging him to observe and record his special take on things. Best wishes to them both.

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Happy Flickr user here. Love the resolution, the layout, the features, the community, the mobile app. No traffic for my pictures, & that's the way I like it, frankly. I just clicked on the "head over to the SmugMug website" link. My first impression juvenile: "Yeah, but wait...What?", Kids throwing food, clowns on a motorcycle.

At least Flickr never offended my dignity by foisting silliness upon me.

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CanonKen: I don't have a problem moving from a DSLR to Mirrorless (for FF), but it needs to have the ergonomics that are found on a DSLR.

The sensors are good, the EVFs are good, the electronics are all good, just want to see someone put them in a body that has better ergonomics.

I used an a7R III with the 24-70mm f/2.8. I liked everything, expect the ergonomics. My hope is Canon and Nikon can help solve this in their versions.

a99ii too big?! It's pretty much the same size as the aps-c a77ii. That's small for a FF camera.

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Autriche78: Once upon a time I had the desire to become a professional photographer.

I have to say I'm thrilled I didn't follow through, and decided to keep it a beloved hobby instead, with a paid gig every now and again. When I read stuff like this, and what professionals have to do these days to get noticed and to make money, and how many people are out to take advantage of them in a hundred different ways, it turns my stomach.

"...and what professionals have to do these days to get noticed and make money..."

Yes. For one thing, they have to call themselves "creatives," evidently, per the article. How pretentious. Is "photographer" or "artist" disrespectful? Or not cool enough?

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Mastering Light: Sony is so frustrating. They make cameras with great specs and the latest tech, but then add these deal breakers, overheating, lack if weather sealing, ugly skin tones, noticeable banding.

With this iteration the banding and poor skin tones are back. Testing will reveal if the lack of seals and overheating are too.

The other frustrating thing is these camera work better with Canon/Sigma EF mount lenses than they do with most A mount lenses.

The only time I thought Sony = ugly skin tones was when I was trialing Lightroom. Yuck! But when I trialed the same Sony files in ACDC & C1Pro, the skin tones were fine. So I blame Lightroom.

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Couscousdelight: Here comes the banding :

Source DPR sample :

Why would a pro photographer choose that kind of lighting knowing that milcs might have banding issues?

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GabrielZ: 28-75mm? That’s an odd zoom range IMO. Usually fixed aperture f2.8 standard zooms are in the more useful 24-70mm range no?

I bought a Sony 28-75mm lens for my full frame a-mount Sony camera because it was less expensive by far than the 24-70mm lenses. I still get f2.8, and it's light weight & fairly compact. It's a nice walk around lens with a good useful range, I find. Not tip top build quality, but image quality is excellent. The Tamron version is half the price of my Sony lens, but no microfine focus adjustment option & it doesn't utilize all 399 focus points.

I have an old Minolta 35-70mm lens that takes wonderful pictures, but found 70mm to be frustrating. 75mm doesn't sound like much difference, but the bit of extra reach makes me much happier.

And 28mm is wide enough for my general shots. If I need wider, I just got the excellent Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 at a great used price.

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MrBrightSide: No one could possibly name their company "TLDR Capital." Or "Project Boosto"? To boost is underworld slang for steal. The other clue is that Mr Abosch is described as a "conceptual artist" and we all know what that means.
This whole thing sounds like an old-fashioned hoax created by seasoned media pranksters. Did anyone call the parties involved to make sure this is a real story?

"Mr Abosch is most famous for creating and selling his iconic photographic portrait of a potato – 'Potato #345' for more than US$1 million in 2016..."

Well, heck, that means my cat picture is worth at least 20 g's.

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Good opinion piece in the NY Post about tech giants consolidating distribution to the detriment of creators. It uses authors & musicians as examples, but the same issues affect photographers too. It shows what's happening in general.

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HRC2016: I do not like it when people suggest going to other websites for ideas. It's not much different than stealing an image.

Calling it stealing is too extreme, HRC2016. Getting artistic inspiration & ideas from others is as old as mankind. If you put your work out there for the public to view, you have to expect that people will try to duplicate your style. If the style is any good, that is. If your work stinks, ain't nobody interested to try your style.

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On article The ultimate seascape photography guide (20 comments in total)

Super helpful, perhaps not so much for experienced shooters, but definitely for photographers like me who have yet to include bracketing, filters, & photo blending in the tool bag. Anton's explanations of how these things help were clear as a bell.

I've been jonesing for that Tamron 15-30mm lately, so Anton certainly isn't helping to calm down my GAS attack ;)

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"...there's a reason the Irving Penns and Henri Cartier-Bressons of the world ..."


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I'm grateful for the hay day of digital cameras ten years or so ago. I wouldn't have gotten into photography if it hadn't been for the ubiquity of digital point & shoots and the rise of DSLRs. Film photography was too fiddly, complicated, & expensive for this busy working mom, & I was content to use Kodak disposables from the drug store. Sorry to see that real cameras are in decline, but I'm glad that so many enjoy using their phones. Image making is perhaps more popular than ever, it's just the tool preferences that have changed.

p.s. I hate using phone cameras.

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On photo Going to mass. in the Your City - One color challenge (6 comments in total)

This is truly beautiful.

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xiao_xiang: Fantastic use case.

What I feel is missing is some FF options. Why? Because in this use case you have low light situations and also high movement in low light. A good quality FF with affordable fast prime is just what the doctor ordered.

Whether it's a sleeping baby, a private moment between mother and baby, or the kid running full speed out of their room not wanting to go to bed - low light and high shutter speed with best of class focus is what is needed.

I agree with mmartel. Fast prime is a misnomer, in a way. It makes you think a lower aperture will solve all your indoor toddler picture problems. But the too shallow depth of field negates the advantage of the "fast" aperture. I'm getting more keepers using flash & slightly higher apertures than when trying to use no flash & a "fast lens."

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On article These are the best cameras you can buy right now (486 comments in total)

Still no DPR love for the excellent Sony a99ii. Pity

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landscaper1: My sincere compliments to Mr. Shainblum for the incredible image.

However, I took particular note of the fact that he has a girlfriend who's not only a landscape shooter like himself, but is willing to endure the physical discomfort of that trek (most likely more than her partner) along with him.

I hope he realizes the real treasure of that night was the lady who made that trek up and down with him.

Landscaper1 is right. *Anyone* would be lucky to have a partner willing to come along on such a physically arduous trek to get a photograph. Sad to see ptox interpreted his remark in such a narrow, bilious way.

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Beautiful image. If I could make just one shot like that in my lifetime, I could die happy.

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SarahTerra: Right on, sue him good.

Frightening and maddening to me all the millenials who grew up on social media that don't see a problem with using the photo unauthorized.

There used to be a world where your thoughts, privacy and rights were respected and valued.

The programmed youth of our time now give it up without a second thought, in the name of vanity and false hopes of fame. Then whine on facebook about how they are working at starbucks for nothing, and making someone else billions.

Trump 2016

Blaming Trump for decades-old nebulous, complicated copyright laws?! Oh ha ha ha ha ha...

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