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Bobthearch: "comes with 2x optical zoom" No it doesn't. It has two cameras, each with a fixed focal length.

I have somewhere a Sharp 903 phone with a 3mPx camera (circa 2004 or 2005, I believe) which has 2x optical zoom and moveable lens AF. I remember the photos were nothing short of amazing at the time. The lens were... well, sharp!

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Frederico70x7: Where is the FW update for X100s?

That's a shame. I would pay for a fw update with most of the features the x100t has, and could be implemented on the x100s without issue or delay.

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Shame they are letting the X100S out. Same processor and sensor as the X100T and XT-1, so hardware wise is not an issue.
That camera still has more to give:
- face detection AF
- AE in the same spot as AF
- Classic Chrome
- Customisable Q menu
- Customisable buttons
- Video improvements (frame rate and manual modes)
- Electronic Shutter

X100T users would still have a better OVF, better LCD screen, 1/3F stops, Wi-Fi, better button layout, etc...

Come on, Fuji, bring these funcions to the X100S.

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jorg14: Did I miss something but with touting all the manual controls, where is the PASM.. knob?

Working with a layout live this (same as fuji cameras), makes the PASM dial one of the stupiddest and worthless things on a camera.

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davidonformosa: I'm sure it's a great camera, but is the price premium over the Fuji XE2 or Olympus E-M1 worth it? I'd say no, but I'm sure Leica will still have plenty of orders for this camera.

Light leak was an early issue proptly solved by fuji, with a customer support that olympus doesn't have. Olympus has creaking LCD bezels and didn't do anything about it. Fuji doesn't have binding issues with their lenses or third party lenses.
As you can see, bashing is not good...

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michael19843: Why did they not make this camera with a zoom lens? Pure mental concept to have two adapters. Just stick a zoom lens on it Fuji.

Try to find a constant f2 zoom lens on this category...

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Mattersburger: That's a lot of metal & glass to get to an f2 normal.

Gordon, why are you trolling?

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Digital Suicide: Fuji guys, stop toying around.
Just install a lens mount on the next gen X100SS.

Isn't that called a Xpro1?
I prefer this way. We still have a leaf shutter with all the noise and high speed sync advantages.

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That's a great option. You can get both the 28mm and 50mm converters for less than a single 50mm lens, ending up with a high quality f2.0 equivalent prime lens paired with a very nice body.

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Everlast66: The awards given to Fuji and Olympus should be renamed to the "Retro Fetish Awards"

DPR forum here, not a smartphone forum...

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OIS would be a welcome add on, as in the Panasonic 42.5 f1.2 for m4/3. Sometimes it helps a lot...

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Richard Murdey: No bad cameras in the batch, only the Sigma is perhaps a little behind. Still, it was an easy choice for me. Ricoh GR : for pulling off what us GRD owners dreamed of but considered impossible: putting an APSC sensor in that oh-so-slim case.

Yes, but only at certain ISO values, since it is terrible at high ISO...

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Alastair Norcross: Looks pretty good. Maybe even as good as the Canon EF-M 22mm F2 pancake, and only 9 times the price. I suppose you pay a lot for that extra stop (and size and weight).

I thought this was about lens, not toys.

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zinedi: External EVF in the middle only, for extra money? Forget it. No built-in VF - no camera for enthusiasts and advanced photographers.

In the middle, but tiltable. You can't get a better EVF than that...

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DElliott: Corrections to preview:
1) The G5 also had a 3:2 aspect ratio LCD, rather than 4:3 as stated.
2) The G6's battery is 1200 mAh (same as G5), rather than 1000 mAh.
3) The G5 also had the GH2 sensor, while the preview implies otherwise.

Body is certainly not in the same chassis. The GH3 is much bigger than the G6.

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VERY strange. These samples look worse than a GX1. Just compare them...

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