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noisephotographer: I much prefer a longer focal length (at least twofold focal length) instead of this extreme ultra wide angle lens (11mm field of view?) that even has a lot of distortion. I can't understand why LG did this. For the average photographer a 25mm lens and a 50mm lens would be much more versatile than 30mm and 11mm.

Having both the iPhone 7 plus and LG G5 I can tell you that the ultra wide lens is much more useful especially for travel. and that makes sense because most photographs taken by phone are for things or people that are usually very close.

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couchpotato: There are plenty of 512GB or even 1TB USB flash drives out there.

Corsair Voyager GTX has 256GB and 512GB versions with 450MB/s read and 360MB/s write on the market for more than a year. How can Sandisk claim it has the highest capacity and fastest USB flash drive?

Admittedly Corsair is not as large as Sandisk, however, it is a company known for manufacturing good quality ram modules for PCs for quite a long time.

To just dismiss them because you haven't heard of them is just pure ignorance.

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fjfjjj: Lenses with manual focus and aperture controls can be used forever. Many lenses that can't be controlled without electronics will become economically non-serviceable in the consumer's lifetime. Pretty simple.

If you put the forever comment in context I guess that the point he is trying to make was that thier new lenses can be used even with very high MP sensor cameras in the future.

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JeffGM: I upgraded from the a65 to the a77mark2. Recently I went on a hike up one of the local mountains and mistakenly brought my a65 instead of my a77 m2. The first thing I noticed was how slowly the older camera focused. It seemed to take forever by comparison. I really like the speed of the newer camera. I take a lot of photo of sports and have had some good success with action pictures. This camera is fast. I have also used it for weddings, family portraits, landscape photos and astrophotography. It is a very good all around camera. There are cameras that could do better but I do not want to pay four times the price I paid for the a77m2 to get it.

The difference between my a65 and a77 mk1 was so great that I ended up selling a65 which I initially liked in no time.

The difference between an improved A77 and A65 must be even bigger!

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SwissRapha: Now I just hope they'll make a LA-EA adapter with built-in screw-drive motor and without SLT. All my A-mount lenses are screw-drive...

In SLT cameras, it is possible to press on a lever and the translucent mirror will move upwards. Is it possible to do that with the LA-EA4/2 adapters? if it could be done then you potentially have the ability to get what you want.

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gbdz: What might be the rational behind this?
Will my Sony somehow perform better because it is getting more votes? How does it know? What about the old versions I have of Canon EF lenses...nobody votes for them, will they start growing mold?

Mindless consumerism wins mouse clicks. The two are linked. (ha-ha)

Most 'prosumers' already have equipment that far exceeds their skills.
Still, whenever anybody asks for an advice to a specific problem on these forums, nearly all of the answers suggest buying something. This instead of for instance learning to use the stuff that is already there.

I wish it would stop raining so I could go out and shoot....

No product from Canon in the list = the world is full of mindless consumerism and camera owners who never shoot.

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yesint: Another stupid example of marketing :(
1) Why on Earth they are making cameras with no grip? Even the smallest lens protrudes by 2-3 cm, so the size will not be any larger with a grip.
2) People, who are really interested in doing selfies will never change the lenses - they are mostly casual users, who don't care about the quality at all if their faces are recognizable in the Facebook post. They are happy with the smartphones.


I had the Sony RX100 which comes without a grip, adding a Richard Franiec grip have improved the ergonomics of the camera even though it was quite small.

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racketman: $899 is £556, £667 with 20% VAT not £850, welcome to Rip Off Britain.

If you buy something from the US and ship it to the UK, I find that customs and duties in addition to VAT and shipping costs usually makes something that is worth 100 USD = 100 GBP!

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I saw it on Thursday when I thought of visiting the technology section at Harrods. There was a couple of Olympus cameras in a glass display with that Vespa next to them. When I looked at the price I was so shocked that I couldn't look again no matter how much I tried.

Thanks dpreview for reminding me with that unbelievable price.

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Princess Leia: This is not innovation. Sony has been doing the phase detection autofocus with their SLT cameras for a while now. Having said that, it is nice to know Canon is playing catch up.


Sony have a dual PDAF system on its A99 model; on-sensor PDAF as well as the PDAF SLT technology. Although I have to admit that this solution seems to be half baked when compared with Canon have managed to make with this.

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vFunct: Shutters weren't synced properly (see motion flickering between frozen images), but a good start. Can go pro be triggered externally?

I think that it is apparent that the producer made that in purpose.

Whether the flickering effect was nice or not is another matter.

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Sigma, solve the problem with availability of your older models before announcing any new ones. I am still trying to find a place that stocks the 35 1.4 for the sony mount and they announce even more new models!

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Bill_Clinton: Not that exciting, Jerry Ghionis did the same ages ago and he had way nicer pictures:

Now this is the work of an artist and a real pro. Not the typical colorful Indian theme style photos above.

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