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  • I will give you a comparison that helped me. There are two benchmark processors that I use for comparison: Core 2 Duo 2.4 ghz and AMD Phenom II 1090T. First one is sufficient for normal work for ...
  • I am just in the process of buying a 2017 27" mac, and noise produced is a major issue. This thread was most helpful. There are essentially two choices: 3.4 and 3.5 models: CPU 65W TDP, GPU 120W TDP ...
  • Yes, and those vary from lens to lens, not as much from one manufacturer to another. Expensive lens usually have both solved, and images from the are usually the ones people routinely go "wow" about.
  • Re in list, below: (1) IS is paramount with any lens. I have had many, many shots ruined on my non-IS cameras on this focal length.
  • I will reply below to certain comments. Please mind that I don't particularly care about camera and lens manufacturer, but primarily look at the value of the system. (1) Oly IS is vastly superior to ...
  • Yeah, tho I am not sure how sensible is to buy that one, vs 50mm F2 which is of stellar quality and cheap. For portraits focusing speed is not that important, and quality and dof of ZD50 is almost ...
  • Update2: The photosync works normally under Windows 10; the issue for it not working was because a bug in verions 0.8 related to the download directory creation.
  • Created question thread OM-D E-M1 WiFi transfer speed
    I am looking for a way to increase OM-D E-M1 WiFi transfer speed. I use the bult-in WiFi to transfer images to my PC using " WiFi Downloader for E-M1 " program. The transfer speeds are about 750 ...
  • Some people I know already did that :-) I am also considering both 17 1.2 and 45 1.2, but for me the most important is close focus capability (on 45mm). 25 1.2 is astounding lens. It utterly spoils ...
  • Of course, it is not that you can shoot a catalogue with it, but it is more than capable for normal usage, memories and such, which is how most of the people use it anyways.

  • But you wouldn't compared a Ferrari and a Smart because it is nonsensical.

  • MyReality, your comment kind of honors Iph as a fantastic camera, given you compare it with high-quality DSL. Also iPhone is about 140 grams. You literally need to pay me to have me lug my very...

  • All this positive comments are not about fanboys. iPhone produces stunning photos, and at least for me personally, I don't ever take a DSL to vacations anymore.

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    Sorry for the late reply. I think this crew is for the lens calibration. If you want, and if I have it, you can contact me on my p.m. so I can send it to you. I don't use my dp1 anymore.

  • I don't know what this screw is for. I just never put the camera back together, because it disgusted me how bad it was made. But I might have the screw if you need it.
  • The problem with premium lens is that you can't quantify their qualities that easily. You can shoot a target, but that doesn't say too much about the lens. I had Zuiko Digital 25mm 2.8 pancake, ...
  • Replied in Image samples
    Might be; light transmission factor is higher on simpler lens. Still, I am able to photograph in almost complete darkness with this lens at ISO 25600.
  • Replied in Image samples
    Yes. Please note the images are copyrighted, and that you are not allowed to use them elsewhere. There was no denoising. There is a high res 1.2 crop here:
  • I tried 25 1.8, and used 30 1.4. 25 1.8 is technically nice lens, sharp and all, but that's it. It is not astounding, or especially fast. I guess it is an OK lens, and that's it. 25 1.2 is magical. ...
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