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Looks to be very versatile, but I would prefer the mark II as I found a cheap one on Amazon (£5500 pounds)..

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This camera is very tempting, especially with it's silent mode compared to my GF-1 which makes such a loud noise that it's very offputting.

What's more offputting, though, is the depreciation on these m4/3 bodies. My GF-1 cost about £600 three years ago and now goes for £80, which in itself represents a bargain but for an early adopter that's dreadful.

Would I notice a huge leap in image quality from a first generation m4/3 to the latest models? Silence aside, that's the other thing that would make me consider this. Given how quickly these cameras fall in value, perhaps I need to stop myself and do the intelligent thing by waiting a year or so!

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Like many, I can't help but be sceptical about the motivations of these esteemed photographers.

The camera may well be ahead of the mobile curve by some margin, but their comments seem rather over-enthusiastic.

I wonder what could have caused such excitement??

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Mikhail Tal: What's so gorgeous about these photos? They aren't nearly as vibrant, sharp, and contrasty as modern digital photos. They look just as dated as anything else from a bygone ear. Film is dead.

Ear ear!

On a serious note, having colour available turns these photos into a window to the past. Black and white is fine and has it's place, but generally speaking colour really makes an image come alive.

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My Panasonic GF-1 makes a heck of a noise when it takes a picture, and as a MFT camera surely that's mirrorless? The shutter is very loud in that case..I wonder if any of the subsequent models or the Olympus ones are quieter?

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