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ottonis: At first, phonecameras cannibalized the compact point & shoot camera sales. Next, I guess, will probably be the 1" and m43 markets to lose share to the cameraphones.
As I see it, in the not so distant future, the marjet will dichotomize and consist of advanced (multi-sensor, multi-lens) phonecameras on the one side and people carrying their FF / MF cameras.

Having a solid 1-incher ready is nothing to boast about.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Fujifilm F10 (123 comments in total)

I still have my F31fd and last used it extensively five years ago during trips to the various Canary Islands. Some of my favourite shots were taken with it, and it's only the 6mp output that disappoints me when I seek to do much cropping.

I considered selling it - up until a couple of years ago it was going for it's original cost price, which says everything about the reputation it has.

I like the quaint way it gives you some degree of manual control but not entirely...forcing you to think a little more creatively! I own an RX100 mk1 also, so it no longer gets used but I suspect with more megapixels it wouldn't do too badly for itself even now.

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Looks to be very versatile, but I would prefer the mark II as I found a cheap one on Amazon (£5500 pounds)..

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This camera is very tempting, especially with it's silent mode compared to my GF-1 which makes such a loud noise that it's very offputting.

What's more offputting, though, is the depreciation on these m4/3 bodies. My GF-1 cost about £600 three years ago and now goes for £80, which in itself represents a bargain but for an early adopter that's dreadful.

Would I notice a huge leap in image quality from a first generation m4/3 to the latest models? Silence aside, that's the other thing that would make me consider this. Given how quickly these cameras fall in value, perhaps I need to stop myself and do the intelligent thing by waiting a year or so!

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Like many, I can't help but be sceptical about the motivations of these esteemed photographers.

The camera may well be ahead of the mobile curve by some margin, but their comments seem rather over-enthusiastic.

I wonder what could have caused such excitement??

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Mikhail Tal: What's so gorgeous about these photos? They aren't nearly as vibrant, sharp, and contrasty as modern digital photos. They look just as dated as anything else from a bygone ear. Film is dead.

Ear ear!

On a serious note, having colour available turns these photos into a window to the past. Black and white is fine and has it's place, but generally speaking colour really makes an image come alive.

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My Panasonic GF-1 makes a heck of a noise when it takes a picture, and as a MFT camera surely that's mirrorless? The shutter is very loud in that case..I wonder if any of the subsequent models or the Olympus ones are quieter?

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