Eric Carlson

Eric Carlson

Lives in United States Sterling, VA, United States
Works as a Programmer/Network Administrator
Joined on Jun 9, 2001
About me:

Amateur radio operator (Ham).
Volunteer with the High School robotics team.

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  • My method is to put items in random boxes and random piles all over the house, with no semblance of order. I usually have what I need, but I usually can't find it.
  • Thanks for the update. Mine says 207 VA and Watts. I think my PC is about 65 VA and Watts. I also have 2 monitors, a cordless phone base (for 10 handsets), FIOS router (WiFi turned off), ASUS ...
  • I have a slightly older version, and it is 64-bit, so it shouldn't be an issue either way, though I will update.
  • Maybe you got some corn in your power supply. :-)
  • I also agree with the CyberPower CP1500 PFC LCD Pure-Sine. It's what I have. None of my (several) APC's work any longer, and I don't think it is just the batteries. One of my large APC's (SmartUPS ...
  • Make sure they are perfectly vertically aligned in display settings. Try dragging one monitor image up or down a little in display settings then back to perfect alignment to see if that fixes the ...
  • Make sure the images of the 2 screens are properly vertically aligned in display properties. If they are misaligned, or if the monitors have different vertical resolution, then there can be places ...
  • See example below. I add a Quick Launch folder to my taskbar, and have commonly used apps and shortcuts in that folder. It is similar to an old style start menu. Here's an example. The arrows ...
  • Replied in ALT+F4
    Also, try closing the viewer with standard Windows close command: ALT+F4. You might have to ALT+Tab to it first if your file explorer has focus.
  • Google's Find My Phone is one place to look, as 2 people have already suggested. Another place to look is in Google Maps under "Your Timeline". It might show you everywhere you phone has been since ...
  • Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear you stuck with the troubleshooting and found an obscure solution that worked.
  • I have a 7 year old system with an i7-860 2.8Ghz quad core processor, 12.GB RAM, and 1.GB WD Black hard drive, running Windows 10. It works fine, but I recently got a 1 year newer (only 6 years ...
  • Thanks for the replies so far. If I can't find something inexpensive, then I plan to try making cardboard shields for our existing monitors to see if it helps, but then wind could become an issue. ...
  • Created discussion thread Inexpensive sunlight viewable monitors?
    Are there any inexpensive options (possibly even used) for PC monitors that can be easily viewed outside in bright sunlight, and also work fine outside at night? They don't have to be weather ...
  • Synergy is great if each system has its own monitor, but not is you want to use the same monitor for each system.
  • Since the HP already has Windows 10 Pro, which already has RDP (Remote Desktop) server, then use the Dell as your main computer and RDP into the HP, since the Dell already has the Remote Desktop ...
  • And here's a full set of covers: It's not something I ever though about needing, but I could see some situations where ...
  • Heidi and I have these. We've each taken many thousands of photos with ours back in the day. And the forums here had lots of great discussions on these back then. They took much better photos than...

  • Check Windows Language Options . Make sure you have the correct language set, and check keyboard layout settings.
  • Yes, but I'd rather have the latest Firefox than NPAPI extensions, so ESR isn't for me.
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