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    Thanks for the input.
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    I use the RF 24-240mm on an EOS R too and find it works extremely well.  It is my most used lens due to its combination of extreme versatility, good IQ, very good AF/IS and reasonable size and weight.
  • Do you see any noticeable difference in low light performance between the two cameras?
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    Thanks for the feedback on how the RF 24-240mm and EF-S 15-85mm performs on the R7.  Can you expand on why you don't like the 15-85mm on the R7?
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    It seems the RF 18-150mm performs on par with its EF-M counterpart which is to be expected since their design is very similar. I have never been overly impressed with the sharpness of the EF-M ...
  • Since you own the EOS R, I think the RF 24-240mm on it would be your best choice for general shooting. I use this combo the bulk of the time I carry the R. Using a very good 10x zoom lens is ...
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    The EF-S 55-250mm is a good lens (I own one) but I don't see how its IQ will come close to the RF 24-240mm (I own this lens too) considering the APS-C sensor will use its very sharp center area.  ...
  • If you can live with a 38mm wide end then the RF 24-240mm would be a great travel lens. It is sharp in the center across the zoom range which is very good for IQ when used on an APS-C camera. ...
  • I went from the 6D to the R two years ago and there was only upside in doing so. My wife has had some issues moving to it but overcame them with time. She is a creature of habit and the ...
  • Don't forget that the R7 and R10 share the same AF system.
  • Features are always a game of give and take. The R10 doesn't give you IBIS but you do get the same AF system that is in Canon's top R system camera, the R3, which is also the same AF in the R7. It ...
  • If I were going to have just one camera it would have to be FF.  The low light noise benefits of FF over APS-C are substantial as is the bokeh (background blur) one can get.  If I had to choose ...
  • Lens IS is sufficient depending on the lens. Older EF/EF-S lenses will have hunting focus and the IS in the lens can be too noisy for video. I have the EF-S 17-55mm and EF-S 15-85mm and both are ...
  • I would take the RF 24-240mm and the upcoming RF 15-30mm for a two lens set that is small and lightweight with a 15-240mm focal range. I could live with just taking the RF 24-240mm as it is a very ...
  • Thanks for the correction.
  • Buying the 18-45mm kit is only around $100 more than the body only.  Not a big premium to pay for those that want/need an R7 quickly.
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    Can you provide links for the two reviews?
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    I am looking forward to seeing what the 24-240mm can do on the R7 or R10. I think it might be a sleeper lens on an APS-C camera considering its performance on FF cameras. Its center sharpness ...
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    I agree to some extent. I think it replaces the upper end rebel (T8i and maybe the xxD series to a degree).  IMO, there will be a less expensive R APS-C model to replace the low end rebels, SL3, ...
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    current 24mp APS-C sensors Canon uses are an older design than the 32mp sensor.  They should see a decent bump in performance if they receive the same tech as the 32mp sensor.  Less data to read ...
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