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On article Crystal clear: Inside Nikon's Hikari Glass factory (94 comments in total)

Another excellent backgrounder from DPReview. Thanks for this.

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KubeKube: Story idea for DPR - the profit margins of equipment/gear producers. It's easy to bash MOG for the prices they set for their products but will be much more interesting to see the facts and the numbers - what goes into the production of such a lense in terms of technology, materials, labors and then determining the profit margins. There is plenty of big data to do so, DPR can also make several phone calls. Then compare the results to, say, similar product of Sigma or Tamron and analyze the difference in the profit margins, which, my gut tells me, will be huge. Then we have a solid basis for comparison and comments. Because at this point - and I believe this is a shared opinion by many others - we are looking at a ridiculously overpriced toy with little or no practical purpose but to fortify our gut feeling it would be nice to be able to jiggle soime numbers here and there. Thanks.

"There is plenty of big data to do so, DPR can also make several phone calls."

What do you mean, exactly?

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photohounds: Smugmug isn't bad at all. It is much cheaper (if you value your time) than self-hosting and maintaining a web presence.

I switched to it because $12 per month represents a fraction of the value of the time needed to manually maintain a site.

Smugmug has unlimited storage and respects your privacy better than others I tried - including Flickr.

I have too little time, so I do this:

Yep, Smugmug is fine, and this is a positive move, though frankly anything is better than the dead hand of Yahoo. Let's hope Smugmug can turn it from a decaying pile into something actually usable.

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On article Fujifilm X-A5 sample gallery (112 comments in total)

Hooray, no Xtrans! All it needs now is DNG...

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Wonderful photography, and great story. Thank you!

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ojos azules: AFAIK nikon users has sworn an oath never to go mirrorless.

At least in the US.

... plus great ergonomics and a coherent UI. That's Nikon's strong point where Sony and others have failed.

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G1Houston: wish there were more shot at 12 mm wide open. At 12mm f2.8, the 12-35/2.8 is soft in the corners, and I hope this lens can do better. I wish there were more shots at 12 mm period.

Interested for exactly the same reason. However as always sample variation is an issue - I tried three 12-35's, identical scene with lots of detail - two were poor wide open @ 12mm, the third was pretty good, but unfortunately it was a demo unit. I'm making do with one of the first two, but surely an expensive Pro lens should have a guaranteed decent performance otherwise why bother.

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OneLeggedCat: I bet that next to go will be the Adobe DNG converter.

I fear it's only a matter of time.

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On article Panasonic Lumix G9 sample gallery (145 comments in total)
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Interim: Sample gallery does not really impress.. Is it not optimal lens that was used with the camera?

Lenses seem fine, corner sharpness on the 12-60 is good. The problem is noise in low light - you can't beat physics.

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M Jesper: Fullsize sample gallery:

Gorgeous images!

Link | Posted on Oct 18, 2017 at 20:28 UTC
On article Google Pixel 2 sample gallery (138 comments in total)

Remarkable - looking at these on my 1680 x 1050 monitor, it was easy forget these were taken using a phone. And that's the point, surely.

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cosinaphile: i hope they will keep the lowepro quality and design mindset

but I am pessimistic as manfrotto can churn out some junk .... it was once a venerable firm with self-respect .... let's hope they can turn it around is great ways like sigma did

once about 15- 20 yrs ago I asked a salesman friend why cameraland [lexington av in nyc] didn't carry a sigma lens i wanted to see

"we don't carry any sigma lenses only tokina and tamron lenses if yuo want non manufacturer stuff .. sigma makes junk .."[paraphrased}

id say things can sometimes change for the better....

I have an original Slingshot which is five years old and another larger LowePro bag, very happy with design and quality of boyh bags - not least the zips. Not impressed by the Manfrotto bags I've seen, poor ergonomics and zips.

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On article Opinion: DJI has abandoned professionals (404 comments in total)
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M W B G: So, people have been flying model aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters since I was a kid. As far as I know there were never any regulations other than maybe staying out of flight paths but that was it. Why is there so much fuss about drones? Basically a model aircraft Right? I never heard any news about rca' s before these drones. I'm not on either side I am just curious. Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question but I'm probably a little older than most here.

Obvious differences. Traditional RC is line of sight and typically takes place from a designated field. Drones can be flown from anywhere over longer distances. And too often their operators appear to be clueless, with little regard for or knowledge of local regulations.

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On article Photo story of the week: Green Mamba (81 comments in total)
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MarioV: Nice photo. Needs to be straightened a bit.

Optical illusion! Yep, it is straight.

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Zorak: Nice to give it back to the owner.

Does it really matter who is or was the owner, or whether they may or may not be interested in the camera? She did the right thing - and brought closure to an interesting story.

Link | Posted on Jun 27, 2017 at 16:31 UTC
On article Re-make/Re-model: Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 Samples (197 comments in total)
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Richard Murdey: The perfectly straight horizons are cool. Everything else - from the flare to the low contrast to the slightly faded color and the soft corners- can be had by anyone with $25 to spend and an eBay user account.

Have to agree, there's nothing particularly attractive or interesting about the results as displayed. I'm a great Leica fan (if only from a distance) but in this case I just don't get it.

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Rod McD: Surely all of the arguments raised here comparing FF & MF can just as well be cited between any two formats? 1" upgrading to MFT, MFT to APSC, APSC to FF and FF to MF as you see them in print here. Despite all these points, the IQ certainly looks great in online images and the early reviews seem to be dripping with enthusiasm.

To think that the systems are competition rather complementary options would be a mistake. MF will never offer the lens range or lens speed of smaller formats and it's likely to remain costly. OTOH lovers of resolution - landscape, architecture and fashion enthusiasts might just find it just ticks their boxes. Personally, I can't afford it anyway, so I've no vested interest here......

The difference is the MF is bumping against physical size constraints which don't affect the smaller sensors. As physical size increases, so does difficulty and cost of manufacture.

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (838 comments in total)
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Marty4650: A great camera just got a bit better, so that isn't anything to scoff at. And it lists for the same $1,300 that the first model did seven years ago!

For anyone who wants this sort of high quality, high styled compact street shooter than there really is no competition. You have to go all the way up to a Sony RX1R II to do better, and that will set you back $3,300.

Kudos to Fuji for creating a near perfect camera in this class. And what a shame that Nikon dropped the ball and gave up on their promising Coolpix A model.

The GR is a very different camera but also a worthy contender on account of its superb lens and super fast handling. And it has a Bayer sensor. Nice to have the choice.

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Najinsky: This has the potential to be a polarising issue between enthusiasts and imaging professionals.

IPs have to eat many costs associated with providing their service, of which this is just one. The costs are factored into their pricing and so increases get passed onto their customers and for the most part they are not unduly impacted. However, customers can also shop around for a better deal, so if IPs are forced to raise their prices, it can impact their competitiveness in an already competitive field.

But a bigger impact is for enthusiasts, who are currently seeing price hikes come at them from every angle, and who don't have a way to offset those costs as it is primarily a hobby. I think it's feasible more and more enthusiasts may seek alternatives.

Personally, I've gradually been weaning myself off adobe products for many years. Their offerings border on cumbersome and overkill for me. And they are so slow to move. Lightroom still doesn't have full support for exploiting GPUs.

> This has the potential to be a polarising
> issue between enthusiasts and
> imaging professionals.

Really, for the hobbyist, CC is a non-issue. LR and Affinity are both available as one-time purchases, and integrate well, and Adobe (surprise surprise) offer a free DNG converter to deal with new camera releases. Add Nik suite and you have a really powerful combination without a subscription in sight.

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Aroart: WOW.. Seriously can'take believe people are leaving negative comments.. probably one of the most creative, fun, photography I've seen this year....

Most art is derived, then becomes a genre. Judge each work on its own merits.

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