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On article iPhone 7 Plus real-world sample gallery (288 comments in total)

It seems good enough that it could be a half serious tool albeit in rather specific conditions (low ISO, low scene DR). It's not going to make me throw away my GR (nothing would!), but it's another dent at the low end.

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On article Leica-branded instant camera rumored to launch soon (43 comments in total)


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JEROME NOLAS: If only it has EVF or if XT10 has this Bayer sensor then I'd be a Fuji guy instantly...

And here.

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (722 comments in total)

I like the design, but the 'old' background is less tiring on the eyes than the overpowering white (one of the reasons why I tend to avoid the Connect site). A light grey would help readability IMO.

No doubt we'll get used to the new design, but the new background does smack as change for change' sake.

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As an experienced RCer I'm the first to support safe drone flying, but this guy seems to be in clear breach of the FAA proximity guidelines for hobby operation which state. "Don't fly near people or stadiums".
Despite gyros and clever flight controllers, behaviour of a four-rotor device in the event of a motor failure is not a given. Totally irresponsible demo in my view.

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Brilliant camera, ghastly makeover

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On article Pocketable APS-C: Fujifilm X70 real-world samples (251 comments in total)
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tikkypl: 16 mpix, 28mm f2.8. Where this camera is better then my Ricoh GR, which is extremly sharp, small, light weight and with excellent menu system?

Even ignoring the handling, I've seen nothing in the gallery which would get me to swap my GR for the X70. Nice try Fuji, but if you want the real thing, get the real thing...

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On article Hell on Earth: Shooting in the Danakil Depression (67 comments in total)
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Der Steppenwolf: There are a lot featured photographers here that have ONE thing in common.
Could you guess what it is ?
A tip, it's got NOTHING to do with photography at all.
DPR has changed. A lot. To the worse.

Perhaps they just don't talk in riddles. Get a life.

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Dragonrider: It looks like a very sharp lens with fairly heavy vignetting and a 16 MP sensor with no AA filter. Makes for a lot of color aliasing on fairly large details (note the text sections in the studio scene). The pictures are very sharp and clean (at least at lower ISOs) on forgiving subjects, but some scenes would be aliased to the point of being unrecognizable.

Unrecognisable? Really? Out of 1000's of images, I can honestly count issues related to lack of AA filter on the fingers of half a hand.

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Brad Sarno: I think that naysayers to the GR simply don't yet appreciate the astounding IQ and the cult-worthy handling and real world performance and feature set linked with ergonomics and pocketability. It's for a certain type of taste, but it clearly wouldn't have risen to such a cult status if it didn't really bring so much pleasure and such astounding results.

I absolutely love the GR. It's far more versatile than its fixed focal length would suggest, thanks largely to its astonishing sharpness (even at full aperture) which permits quite radical cropping. The minimalism of the design is reflected in the fast handling - those who want to pimp it up simply don't 'get' it at all.

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Giacomo Sardi: i'm very disappointed from the samples... soft corners even in the middle it's not so good.... this is CRAZY for a model with a fix lens and that could be an incredible street camera... not for me... if you see a ricoh gr or a nikon coolpix A (same size aps-c sensors and focal lengt) you can understand what i mean for sharpness..... i'm waiting years this camera from fuji and now this softness ...

Agreed - after you've shot with a GR, the sample images of the X70 don't look anything special. My guess is also that the X70 will be too slow handling to compete with the GR as a true street cam.

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X70 (263 comments in total)
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scott_mcleod: Why would Fuji do this?

- no viewfinder (so you have to hold it at arms' length)
- 1-stop slower lens than the X100
- same generic 28mm FOV as a phone
- no IS...

If it was a couple of hundred $ cheaper and used a standard Bayer sensor then I could almost see the sense in it. Almost.


Yep, it would need a Bayer sensor. In fact it would need to be a GR.

Link | Posted on Jan 15, 2016 at 10:55 UTC

The shutter shock issue is a real shame on a camera at this level.

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Qwntm: Get the Pentax K3 II for $729. Use pixel shift and convert.

If this was important for photography, Pentax couldn't keep the K3II in stock. The Leica M and the Pentax are solutions to problems nobody's got.

I agree with re pixel shift on the Pentax - for most people it's just a gimmick. But there is something genuinely attractive about an arrayless sensor if properly executed.

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On article PIX 2015: An interview with Joe McNally (28 comments in total)

Interesting, informative interview. Lots to take on board.

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fedway: Aren't all modern pp software non-destructive in their default mode these days? It's simply a matter of keeping the original file and saving the edits in a new file automatically unless the user overrides it. Putting it in the headline implying its a unique feature when just about everything works that way nowadays doesn't make sense.

You need to do a little homework...

Link | Posted on Dec 10, 2015 at 22:45 UTC

Great that it uses an LR-friendly Bayer array, but looking at the stadium shot, the patterned quality of the noise frankly looks pretty awful. I wonder if that was down to ACR?

Link | Posted on Dec 10, 2015 at 18:58 UTC as 40th comment | 3 replies

Can't get my head around the colour rendering from ACR. The reds in particular feel horribly over saturated and garish. Is this a characteristic of the Provia profile? And how well does it match the corresponding JPEG?

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Sorry, Running Late

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FantasticMrFox: I don't know why, but I find this camera incredibly tempting. What a perfect travel companion that would be.

Fantastic IQ, but as a high throughput travel cam, it's hampered by ridiculously large RAW file sizes. I suspect a lot of people will throw up their hands and shoot JPEG, with all the usual limitations.

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2015 at 11:07 UTC
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