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On article Are mechanical film cameras better than electronic? (373 comments in total)
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GeoffDS: What an ill informed article!


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Andy873: So...
1. It's too expensive
2. It's too expensive
3. It's too expensive
4. It's too expensive
5. It's too expensive
Very informative.

I had the X100F, it feels very cheap, light and plastic. The lens is horrible with huge spherical aberration when focusing close and not all that sharp when focusing far. Sure I don't "NEED" an RX1RII, but since these fixed lens premium cameras are toys anyway, I would rather get a toy that feels well-built, substantial and premium rather than a toy that's just cheap.
It's not about image quality, I shoot crop on my main system, but again these cameras are not about practicality or image quality, they're about fun, cool factor, prestige, and feel. And giant body with tiny sensor is extremely uncool.

What on earth are you chuntering on about?

It’s built like a brick with a decent sized sensor

And what spherical aberration?

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Critical Thinker: Sony in 2011: No, its impossible to put a FF sensor in emount, it will become too big and defeat the entire purpose of the NEX philosophy!
Sony again in 2013: We now introduce Sony a7 series!

Sony in 2013: I am afraid its impossible to add IBIS in an a7 body, it will become too heavy and big..
Sony again in 2014: We now announce the a7II!

Canon and Nikon in the past: It is simply impossible to put IBIS in an interchangeable lens camera, it is not necessary and not needed. It will be impossible to work successfully with lens IS as well. We will never ever do this.
Canon and Nikon today: We are now proud to unveil the Nikon Z6, Z7 and Canon R5!

Or how about an alternative explanation?

As Fuji's capabilities and industry tech has moved on (i.e. become better, smaller, cheaper, faster), Fuji now find that they can include it without damaging the 'basic concept' or blowing the price point and margin hurdle.

Additionally, consumer expectations also move on over time. A 'nice to have' feature might become a 'need to have' and the organisation is impelled to find a way of meeting the expectation e.g. tilt screen

There's always a weighing up process in product development. What do people want vs. what can we give them?

They may find that no-one buys the V without IBIS but I suspect not. After playing around with one, my F's going to be found a new home.

It sounds like there's at least another 3 generations of the X100 to come. Fuji need to save a few things for the road map.

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KevinWu: No good reason to upgrade from X100F. For one thing, nobody will shoot better pictures with X100V if they already have x100F.

I had a T replaced with an F by my insurance company only recently so I shouldn't change - but I might.

The F is a big step up on the T but I like the idea of the slightly improved lens and the improved view finder. They've changed the diopter adjustment from a max of -2 to -4. My left eye is -2.75 so that's quite a big deal for me.

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Ixoye: The lack of IBIS is the only thing that keeps me from buying this camera.

I have never felt the need for IBIS with the any of the 3 generations on this camera I've owned.

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Stefan Hundhammer: ?!? You can't make new year's resolutions for somebody else, much less later whine when it didn't materialize. Sorry, it just doesn't work like that. Call it "wishes", okay, but that's something completely different.

A resolution is something that YOU do for YOURSELF, and then you can measure yourself with your own yardstick. Please stop misappropriating terms just because the time of the year is handy.

That's a little bit pedantic, isn't it? Surely there are bigger things in the this world for you to get bothered about?

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Fotoni: Nikon D810/D850 because of ISO 64
Panasonic S1/S1H because of outstanding video (a bit late in 2010s though)
Pentax K-1 because of great value and pixel shift
Samsung NX1 because of advanced APS-C sensor.

If you think that phone cameras are the best, you are in wrong site and then there is nothing else to do than trolling here.

It's Readers' Poll. Seems that most other readers don't agree with you.

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stevens37y: "solid block of aluminum"
They should use titanium. Looks and feels much better.

That would drive the pricing even higher. The machining costs would be horrendous

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Most of these comments are taking a far too Western perspective.

The Russian and Chinese markets are huge opportunities for luxury brands. I'd guess that a very high proportion of these cameras will end up in those geographies.

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RyanBoston: I was working with capture nx2 on a macbook air and it crashed the computer hard. Apple is fixing it the computer now and I will not install Nx2 again on it.

I got lucky... My warranty ran out and Apple is fixing it for free. The service guy is blaming it on the Toshiba hard drive inside and said it was a recall on it. Hopefully it works good after.

1st gens had a HD

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