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  • Created discussion thread Macro magnification achievable om m43
    What would be the most magnification you can get on m43 (Lumix G9) before having to switch to microscope objectives? Please be specific with lenses / adapters / devices needed so I can look them up.
  • Thanks Darren, you mean this works on the 100-400? Would you have some examples?
  • I would like both, side by side. Many members here have multiple systems handy and tend to be more familiar with m43.
  • Replied in Here you go
    Oh, but that just what I'm wondering about! The photographer clearly has great artistic talent. You are attributing his talent to FF. I would happily land him my G9 to see just how much better or ...
  • Created discussion thread Macro extender for m43
    What would be my best options to get into macro photography using my Lumix G9? So far I have two lenses PANASONIC LEICA 12-60MM, and 100-400. How far would I be able to push them using an extender, ...
  • I don't debate any of the technical differences between formats. I do like higher ISO on FF, I do not like shallower DoF but that depends on each use case. I'm looking for the intangible difference ...
  • My calibrated primary monitor is still waiting for a single example...
  • No, I'm looking fort he same person photographing the same subject. We can find exceptional images taken on any format, including phones. Your examples are meaningless.
  • Created discussion thread "Full Frame Look"
    I keep reading around here about the "full frame look" which just can't be replicated in any other formats. Would someone be able to demonstrate this? I'm looking for pictures of simple everyday ...
  • I don't see any alternatives for birding. Still learning both the lens and my G9, next lesson: back button focusing . Here are my semi-decent examples:
  • For RAW conversion and adjustments I prefer DxO PhotoLab, they have a 30 day, no limit trial. For organizing and publishing (DAM - Digital Asset Management) - LightRoom 6. Did not test the later, ...
  • Replied in BIF advice
    Yes, the G9 has a single point focus where you can change the size of the box. I use that for stationary birds, yet to reach a level of tracking there I could place that box on a BIF. Not sure ...
  • Replied in BIF advice
    Thanks, I'll experiment with fewer focus points. Now if those pesky birds would just stick to one kind of background.... Aiming at the small bird in this situation, is that even humanly possible?
  • Replied in BIF advice
    Thanks ialarmedalien, I've set my C2 using the settings from Daniel, I'll go over them again. Did not try back button focusing, as it does not seem useful for BIF. One issue is that even if I ...
  • Replied in BIF advice
    I shot handheld, used AF-C but to many points (45 or so). The air was crystal clear, so the main culprits should be shutter speed and less then perfect focusing. The G9 just had a firmware upgrade ...
  • Replied in BIF advice
    Thanks, how do you put this in practice? Use Shutter priority with 1/2000th and adjust aperture, ISO and EC as needed? Use auto ISO?
  • Created discussion thread BIF advice
    Quick question, is there anything I could have done to capture this sharper? Anything I can do to fix it in PP? (I have the raw file.) Red wing chasing an egret
  • Works fine on PC, clean install of the new version: Some basic adjustments in DXO Out of camera JPG
  • Thanks for all the great advice! In summary, the merganser was a challenging situation for the auto-focus system. I would not have noticed this on my old FZ-200 because it has a much greater DOF. F ...
  • Sorry about that, but at least we have an example of the 10 missed shots which were driving me crazy. Here is the single good jpg I've managed
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