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On article Hands-on with new Sony FE 35mm F1.4 GM (223 comments in total)

Can someone explain why primes are becoming bigger and more expensive every day?

40 years ago they cost and measured 1/4th, now they are bigger than zooms...

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On article Sony a7C review: Compact size, big sensor image quality (2213 comments in total)

A small viewfinder makes all the difference in the world...

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On article DPReview TV: Sony RX100 VII review (290 comments in total)

Really don’t believe that someone can make one hour 4K video, mine version IV shuts down after 10 in full hd...

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I'll stick to an old 100$ 50 mm af 1.8 from Nikon, or Canon, or Pentax.
I can buy it new on ebay, with autofocus, true manual focus, diaphragm, auto exposure.
And it's even sharper in the corners (and I bet in the center too).

Sure, it won't have that "distinctive look", but I guess I can survive without it.

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On article Leica Q2 review (1638 comments in total)
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Imager of: Tempted to trade my iPhone for this. 🤔


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On article Nikon Z6 Review (1151 comments in total)

Will wait the firmware update before deciding, I'm mostly interested in sport shooting and I bet that the D500 is still superior regarding AF performance.

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T3: In the modern age of EVFs which displays tons of information, and rear LCDs that display tons of information, a space-hogging top-plate LCD seems quite redundant. Top-plate LCDs first made their appearance back in the 1980s, in an era where in-viewfinder information was limited, and rear LCDs did not exist. Plus, the tiny font of top-plate LCDs don't exactly make for enjoyable viewing for older eyes. But I'm guessing that Panasonic is catering these cameras towards old-school DSLR users, so they want to make the size, weight, feel, and design of these cameras as familiar as possible (ie, as DSLR-like as possible) for them.

Just take a look at Fuji Xt-3 Panasonic...

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I don't understand why the ff lenses are becoming bigger and bigger.
A 50 mm f.1.4 was tiny and light now it's a huge chunk of metal and glass...

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Actually I paid 12 euro for a pack of 4 AA Pros...
Will have a look to Ikea Ladda too.

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JCoolowski: Depending on how loud the shutter, how bad rolling shutter and how good 120p is this looks interesting to me.
But Sony's trademark euro-tax is a major bummer. 2000€ would have been much nicer.

Even counting the taxes it's crazy.

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BigBen08: This Canon user would like to give the a7III a try.
But which lens for sports photography?

70/200 f4 too.

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Aleks7: omg the size and weight, I was intrigued for a while but I'll stick to my Nikkor 50mm f1.2.
I wonder what's with this plastic looking design Zeiss started with their lenses and others seem to follow.

This lens insn't available for Nikkor mount, so of course you'll stick to your Nikkor...

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On article Should you upgrade to a Nikon D850? (646 comments in total)

Sooner or later I'll buy this one or maybe the upcoming D760.
I miss a BIG viewfinder too much.
Let's hope that I won't miss the extra reach of the D7200 for sports.

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On article Don't buy another lens, buy a flash instead (337 comments in total)

Come on, the ambient light example is heavily under exposed...
Let's do the same pic using spot exposure...

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On article Don't buy another lens, buy a flash instead (337 comments in total)

Light is everything

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I bet they announced it on April 1st.

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lapomattiabarambaniviendalmare: f 2.4, manual focus, 1400$, vs f1.8, AF and around 500$.
Really don't know which one to choose...

I was talking about Nikon 85 1.8G, that is not an old lens.
And it costs around 500$.
Let's see how this faboulous Loxia will perform, but only above f 2.4, at 1.8 or f2 we won't be able to.
Manual focus with auto focus magnification?
I will take your word for it.
Still think that AF is a huge advantage and convience.
Unless you shoot macro.
PS: dear brendon, let's stick to Loxia lens, I know you love Zeiss, but nobody talked about the Milvus or Otus series.
This is LOXIA.
Not Milvus.
Not Otus.

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lapomattiabarambaniviendalmare: f 2.4, manual focus, 1400$, vs f1.8, AF and around 500$.
Really don't know which one to choose...

This is a completely different lens, and I bet it won't outperform Nikon or Canon 85 1.8 in any aspect.
brendon1000 sarcasm is pointless.
Maybe you didn't notice but this one is called Loxia, not Otus.
Using manual focus in a modern DSLR without changing the focus screen is a pain in the a*ss.
Maybe a "different photographic strategy", but still a pita.

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f 2.4, manual focus, 1400$, vs f1.8, AF and around 500$.
Really don't know which one to choose...

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On article Zeiss adds super-wide and tele- options to Milvus line (49 comments in total)
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m_black: Nikon: "Announces 105 1.4, $2200 USD. Otus level sharpness".
Public: "Whaaaaat? So expensive! Crazy! Who is Nikon?"

Zeiss: "Announces facelift of existing lenses. Still no AF. $2200"
Public: "ooh! Can't wait! Sounds great! Me likey some Zeiss Miley Cyrus!"

Is Zeiss allergic to AF or is only a matter of technology, meaining that they aren't able to manifacture a Nikon or Canon lens with AF?

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